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Published on April 10, 2013 17:59

Hong Kong has always been my dream resort, so I went there twice a year. A free trip, a team tour, totally different feeling. When walking freely for three days, he was reluctant to part with the group. He wanted to leave immediately and never look back! Fortunately, for the first time in my life, my trip to Hong Kong was totally self-help, so I played high, bought delicious food, shared my self-help experience, and gave a friendly reminder: never follow the group in Hong Kong and Macao, or destroy the three outlooks with the group! The following is a brief introduction of the trip to Hong Kong in early June last year. Later, I introduced it to my two friends. After they came back, they were very satisfied with the trip.

Ready to go!

Once you get to the airport, you can feel the smell of shopping paradise

Airport waiting

A corner of the airport

1、 Hotel Hong Kong hotel prices fluctuate at any time, low from Monday to Thursday and high from Friday to Sunday. The day we arrived was Sunday, so it was 470 RMB per day (RMB), and the second and third day was 280 RMB per day (RMB). Because it was off-season, the price was low. It's more than 500 in October. Hotel booking online payment in advance, if the itinerary changes, the hotel will not return unchanged, so please check the itinerary in advance. Besides, the hotels in Hong Kong are quite nervous. We usually have rooms after 12 o'clock. We arrive at more than 7 o'clock and stay until 2 o'clock, so please make sure of the check-in time. Check in hotel: Howland Jordan hotel. Address: 92-94 Wusong street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong MTR exit a (3 minutes walk) Airport to hotel transportation: take A21 from the airport to Jordan MTR station

The airport express has WiFi coverage

Hotel gate

I dare not make the room any smaller

When you open the bathroom door, you have to close it

The hotel provides free wifi. You can get your account number and password at the front desk of the hotel. Check out is free of charge. Opposite to the hotel, there are two "7-11", which are close to Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Yaumati. It's very convenient for shopping.

Free WiFi in Hotel

7-11 can be seen everywhere on the street

Dining: there is a rice noodle shop downstairs, which is open 24 hours a day. The noodles are cheap, and the fish egg meal is delicious. Nearby many snacks, fish ball shop, spicy shrimp, Yoshino, tea restaurant, Cuihua and so on. It's a night market stall at night. Another: Hong Kong's xuliushan must taste, more delicious than Shenzhen's 100 times!

The first breakfast downstairs, fish and egg meal, delicious!

Authentic Hong Kong Style preserved egg porridge

Jiyejia beef rice

Rice noodles downstairs

Seafood night market downstairs

Spicy shrimp, such a dish is worth RMB 100. It's really expensive! But it's delicious!

I miss the taste of xuliushan

2、 Shopping Hong Kong is a real shopping paradise. Seeing the gold shops, watch shops, cosmetics, luxury goods, high and low-end shopping malls all over the street, I wish I had a Doraemon's pocket to carry all these back. The price of enjoying the fun of shopping is the hollowed out wallet and the credit card. So here's a warm reminder: consume rationally, watch your wallet... There are a lot of change shops on the street, so Hong Kong dollars don't have to be exchanged in advance. General shopping malls and stores can swipe UnionPay cards, but they need to pay Hong Kong dollars when they go to restaurants for meals. Shops usually open at 10 a.m. and do proofing very late in the evening, so you don't have to get up too early to go shopping! 1. Jinhuo and watches are all gold shops and watch shops in mandajie street, Yau Tsim Mong District. If you need to buy Jinhuo, you'd better buy it in big brand shops: Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sheng Sheng, Liu Fook and Xie Ruilin, which are the four major brands in Hong Kong. Can compare a few more, general labor cost can discount can bargain. To buy a watch, you must buy it in a relatively large shop, such as the king's watch, the precise antique watch, the prince's watch shop or in the shopping mall. I bought it in the Chow Tai Fook watch shop in the shopping mall. It's easy to buy fake goods in a small shop. The discount of big brands is fixed. The exchange rate plus discount can be much cheaper. Generally speaking, the more expensive the watch is, the greater the difference between the price of the watch and that of the mainland. The difference between the price of the watch above 10000 can reach 4000-5000. When it comes to shopping, the k-11 in Tsim Sha Tsui is the world's first Shopping Gallery. The decoration of the shopping mall is very distinctive. The goods belong to the middle and low grade, but the variety is relatively complete. If you buy more things, you can get a membership card. If you forget the exact amount, you can only get one ID card for personal use, but you can't lend it. You can exchange your membership card for gifts.

K11 shopping mall

Mong Kok Street

Tsim Sha Tsui

The noise near Harbour City

2. There are a lot of Sasa, Zhuoyue and Wanning on the cosmetics street, which are relatively cheap and have many varieties. Sasa over 3500 (HK) can apply for membership card and 10% discount for shopping. Usually these stores buy perfume, skin care products and so on. The popular products of big brands are generally out of stock here. It is suggested to buy it at DFS counter. There are two DFS stores in Hong Kong: one is Sun Plaza, next to Langham Hotel, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, and the other is Chinachem Plaza, opposite JAL Hotel, 77 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. There are also many DFS options for the airport. You can take a look when you get off the plane.


The price of cosmetics is about one third lower than that in the mainland, so sisters in need must try their best to buy them. Anyway, the shelf life of cosmetics is three years. Two times, I was pulling my suitcase...

Shopping Shasha

Wanning is similar to Watsons

3. High grade commodities are mainly concentrated in central and Admiralty. There are also many port cities in Tsim Sha Tsui. Apple's authorized flagship store is in phase II of the international financial center. If you need to buy some new popular Apple products, you need to book online in advance.

There are many tall buildings in central

Air passage connecting major shopping malls

Looking up at Bank of China Building

The real apple licensing store

It's really big. 3. Entertainment 1. Ocean Park time: half a day - one day transportation: take the subway to Admiralty in Jordan, and take the bus 629 to Ocean Park at exit b of Admiralty Station. Tickets and meals: buy tickets on Taobao in advance. If you are going to play for a day, you'd better bring some food, or buy meal coupons on Taobao in advance. The meals in the garden are more expensive. But there are also McDonald's and the like. If you don't want to trouble, just buy it there. After entering the park, take a free map at the gate and choose to arrange entertainment. Take the cable car to the place where the entertainment facilities are concentrated. Dolphin show has a fixed time every day, this time in advance to see a show. Other entertainment facilities can be selected as you like. Recommend skycar and roller coaster, very exciting. There are two kinds of roller coasters. It's better to sit down, and you have to sit the whole ride with your eyes open. There will be a juggling show in the square at noon.

Ocean Park

Kawai's hot air balloon

Hong Kong Old Street

Retro flavor

Take the cable car to the amusement park

Overlooking the park

The cable car has been sitting for a long time

Overlooking the playground

Here comes the playground

Sea Jelly Spectacular

Swollen, medium and beautiful

Dolphin show time


hello everyone

Lovely sea lion

Square show

It's very difficult

Dining in the park

If you hurry up, you can take a cable car to Taiping mountain in the afternoon. Tickets can also be purchased online. There is a wax museum on the top of the mountain. It's not recommended to see it. It's not interesting. You can have a panoramic view of Hong Kong at the sightseeing station. There will be telescopes for swiping cards. You don't have to use them. You can't see clearly at all.

Xiaoruan children's shoes look a little bit 2

Huazai superstar

This one doesn't look like much

Are you happy

Mrs. Tussauds

Taiping mountain overlooks Hong Kong

Can't you see through a telescope

2. Disney time: one day transportation: take the subway at Jordan station, take the Tsuen Wan line to Lijing station, transfer to Tung Chung Line to Xin'ao station, and then transfer to Disney special line. Tickets and meals: buy tickets and meal coupons online in advance. Meals in the park are very expensive, and meal coupons can enjoy many discounts. Get a free map at the gate of the park to learn about the structure of the park. First take a small train to visit the whole hospital, and then choose entertainment items according to different areas. Lion King sitcom and Mickey King Award ceremony are theater performances. They have fixed time. After choosing, they will queue up to watch in advance. The performance effect is great! In the afternoon, there is a Disney character tour in the park, which can take photos. Recommend space roller coaster, very exciting. Because many projects need to queue up, we can arrange the project order according to the length of the team. There are many souvenir shops in small American towns. If you need to, you can buy them when you leave the garden. There is a fireworks show at the castle at 8 p.m., which is very nice. If you're not tired, you can wait to see it.

Disney train

It's all Mickey's hands. It's very loving

Disney, I'll come too!

The fountains are very happy

Take a small train to visit the whole garden

Small train waiting room

Along the way, the scenery is fake, children scream one after another, that is called an excitement!

The aliens are coming

American town street

Little mermaid in animation Gallery

Animation character mold



Wild animal rice with beautiful woman

Animated characters

Demonstrate the principle of animation

Dream Castle

Lion King Musical

Roll! Simba!

The animals are very happy!

Grand occasion

Mickey Gold Award musical, beauty and beast

Prince appears

Family photo of Mickey


With the description of fat pig flow, you can say: you can't see my tears...

Kingdom of little people

The United States is here

Entering China


Goodbye to languages


It's like jumping off a building

The castle lights up the night sky

Eight o'clock fireworks show

Fireworks smile in the dark

The end of the song

3. Tsim Sha Tsui pier is the best place for night view in Hong Kong. At 8 p.m., there is a light show - the magic colors chanting the fragrant river. After watching the night scene, you can go to the avenue of stars. On the way, there are fingerprints left by the stars, as well as an introduction to the development history of Hong Kong films. It is suggested to take Star Ferry in Victoria Bay as the most economical way to visit.

The Star Ferry

Endless Night

The more beautiful the night is

Enjoy the prosperity on the other side

Sightseeing Ship

4、 Although many transportation strategies have introduced the transportation of Hong Kong, as a complete strategy, I'd like to say a few more words! As we all know, Hong Kong is one of the most developed cities in the world in terms of transportation. With the subway in all directions, you can feel that travel is no longer a headache. If you've been in Hong Kong for a long time and have a lot of places to go, it's recommended to have an octopus card. You can swipe your card in subway, bus, convenience store and even dining. You can refund the deposit when you leave. You can do it at all subway stations. If the time is not long, subway self-service ticket can also be. In addition, there are buses, minibuses, dingdingche, ferries and other means of transportation. You can choose your own travel routes, but I personally think the subway is the most convenient.


The MTR is very convenient

Ding Ding car

Hong Kong - a place that haunts me. I have accumulated enough money to look forward to the next meeting!

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