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Frontier Airlines Opens New Base in Tampa

Frontier Airlines on Tuesday opened a brand new crew base at Tampa International Airport (TPA) in southwest Florida and will base approximately 250 flight attendants and 140 pilots there this year.

“Tampa has become such an increasingly important part of our route network and, as our company continues to grow, along with the number of destinations we serve from TPA, it made perfect sense to establish a base here,” Jake Filene, SVP customers, Frontier Airlines, said in a statement .

“This is a happy day for many of our flight attendants and pilots who have been hoping we would establish a base in Tampa for some time given its attractiveness as a place to call home.”

Frontier currently offers 21 nonstop routes from Tampa International Airport with a wide range of additional flight connection opportunities within Frontier’s domestic and international network.

The carrier said it hoped to have more employees based in Tampa next year.

“We would like to extend our thanks to our partners at Tampa International Airport, Tampa and state leaders, and all of our loyal customers for their continued support,” Filene said. “We are extremely pleased to bring additional economic benefit to the Tampa Bay area through the establishment of our new crew base.”

“Frontier has been an important part of Tampa International Airport’s growth in recent years and we’re beyond excited to see our ties continue to deepen,” said Tampa Airport CEO Joe Lopano. “This new crew base is a win for Frontier's pilots, flight attendants, our Airport and the Tampa Bay region."

The airline serves more than 100 destinations in total and has 149 new aircraft on order and scheduled to enter its fleet between now and 2028.

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