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Audrey in early autumn -- you are the most beautiful scenery in this life

Days: 9 days time: September with whom: play with friends: with group, photography

1 Pudong International Airport UAE Dubai Airport Vienna Airport

200 water apartment Strauss golden statue Hero Square

3 meiquan Palace halstadt Lake

4 Mirabel palace and garden food Hutong Munich

5 New Swan Castle

6 wegies Town, ruege hill, Lucerne

7 golden line Jungfrau Greenwald Interlaken

8lauterbrunnen Spiez Bern Zurich

9 Rhine Falls Stein Zurich

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Day 1


A ten day trip to Audrey,   Through six small towns and two peaks, you can see the pastoral scenery and enjoy the scenery of lakes and mountains. Thanks for Ctrip's company and director Liu's help.   The whole journey can be summed up in sixteen words: satisfied with the purchase, happy with the play, steady in eating and sweet in sleeping. Let's talk about the group I signed up for. Its full name is very long: Switzerland   Germany   Austrian Alps 10 day team tour (3 diamonds) · hot line, senior tour guide [No.: 62166]. Link: http://vacations.ctrip.com/grouptravel/p62166s2.html#xcjs Order number: 803789494. During the whole trip, the time spent in Germany is relatively less, with the focus on Austria and Switzerland. My personal suggestion is to buy all the things you want in Austria, because!   Switzerland is really expensive... It's expensive.... A bowl of fried rice with eggs is 26.8 Swiss francs! The box will be very heavy in the first few days. Just bear it for a while! Let's talk about the "senior tour guide" Liu Dao in the full name. It can be said that after going out to play in several places, Liu Dao is the best tour guide I have ever met. Recommend the things you buy and eat. It's really cheap and good; And the itinerary is all about us. After introducing the general situation, let's share with you the unforgettable ten day odrey tour under the guidance of the gold medal guide^_^

Estee Lauder is a must buy product for every trip.

The first day, via Dubai to Vienna. We gathered at the airport at 4:30 in the morning, but we didn't open the door yet, but we unexpectedly got a beautiful sunrise at the airport.

I saw the sunrise for the first time at Pudong International Airport.

That chair is too hard. It hurts after sitting for a long time.

The economy class of Emirates is quite spacious, but there is one drawback. The chair is too hard. After sitting for a long time, my buttocks are very painful. Later, I put the cushion under my buttocks=  = For plane meal, I like a roast chicken breast with black pepper very much, but I eat it too much. I have photos.

It's a big airport. It's not as cheap as it's said.

Our team stayed at Dubai airport for five hours, and our guide took us free meal tickets and disbanded. Before I came here, I always saw that the duty-free zone of Dubai airport is very big, but it's OK. It's enough to stroll around for one hour. Hematemesis suggests that you should have enough spirit in Dubai. Because I was excited and high when I first arrived in Dubai, when I flew to Vienna in Dubai... I'm going to crash when I'm on a plane. I can't sleep. I have a pain in my ass, but I have to eat plane meals all the time. It's very hard.

Things in Dubai are either gold or silver.

This should be a kettle. It should be.

What impresses me most about Vienna Airport is this wall, where musicians come from.

It's a small airport. It's just a few steps away.

Day 2


Because the German Shopping Village arranged in the itinerary happened to meet the weekend shopping, so director Liu kindly changed the itinerary. On the first day in Vienna, after visiting several scenic spots in the morning, drive to the pedestrian street and outlets in Austria in the afternoon. In this way, there were fewer scenic spots on the first day, and director Liu added another scenic spot to us. After the implementation of the new tourism law, this kind of good thing should be gone. Catching up with the last bus is actually quite worthwhile.

The photos are beautiful and the color contrast is very strong.

Baishui apartment is Liu Dao's additional scenic spot. It has very peculiar walls. It can't find two windows of the same color and size. It's a little philosophical.

The exterior wall of Baishui apartment.

Yes, the golden statue of Strauss. I have a picture of a flower clock. Because it's very unlucky for Strauss to read it in Shanghai dialect, so if you have a group photo and a scenery photo, you can see it.

It's a park with a statue of Strauss.

This is the last scenic spot of the day. There are many statues and carriages in the square. The carriage really stinks.

There are a lot of sculptures in the square. It's quite ordinary.

It's not necessarily prince charming who rides a white horse. It may also be a coachman in a raincoat.

It's a little similar to the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai. There is a big SWAROVSKI crystal shop. Everything is very homogeneous.

The price is really cheap compared with that in China.

The Austria version of Nanjing road pedestrian street.

There are almost all famous places to pick up cabbages. Some European brands have never heard of their names, but they are very good. Home appliances such as pots and so on, here is also very complete, see the Fissler and WMF. Lindt chocolate in Switzerland also has a special store here. If you want to give it away, it's good.

Day 3


Heaven is not beautiful, this time to play in ten days, only one or two days have the sun. On the day we went to meiquan palace, it rained, but we got another kind of beauty by accident. Especially in the rainy evening, halstadt is like a fairyland.

If it doesn't rain, the back garden will be wonderful.

Since we have always been more interested in the natural scenery than in the humanities, we strolled in the back garden of meiquan palace for a long time, and the relative visit to the palace was a bit of a casual experience. If you are interested in human history, you can follow the Chinese interpreter to taste the history of meiquan palace. It is also a good choice.

Super beautiful pruned trees.

Climb up the back garden and overlook yuzhongmeiquan palace and the whole of Vienna.

The building in the back garden of meiquan palace has a sense of seeing that Xingya saves Athena. Shajia can come out with his eyes closed^

Halstadt, known as the most beautiful lakeside town, was in the evening when we went, with misty rain and a sense of mystery. It doesn't matter if you miss the hot noon. There is not only one kind of beauty in the world.

It's a beautiful town with a special flavor in the rain.

How I want to have such a small house, facing the big lake and blooming in spring.

Here comes the best steak ever.

The fish in halstadt lake also became my dish.

Day 4


On the morning of the fourth day, after visiting the scenic spots in Salzburg, we will leave for Germany after lunch, saying goodbye to the low prices in Austria. This lunch group meal is the most delicious one in the whole process. I'm full of beef~~~

It's just a small garden. If there is no sound of music, no one will go.

Mirabel garden is actually the shooting place of the sound of music, but when you get older, the sound of music forgets the birds, so you can visit it as an ordinary park. It's very small. It's just a walk away~

The flowers are still blooming.

It's almost panoramic. It's a small park.

The scenery on the fortress is unique. I haven't seen it anywhere else.

We chose to take the cable car to the fortress of Salzburg. The scenery above the fortress is very unique. On one side, it is a small town, on the other side, it is an idyllic place.

If you have enough time, you'd like to sit on the open platform on the right and have a cup of coffee.

Small objects in the grain alley.

Grain Hutong, a small street, is full of distinctive signs.

Dog, don't be so proud.

I don't have time to go shopping. It's a pity.

Farewell to Austria, we set out for Germany, the sky finally began to clear up. After arriving in Munich, director Liu took us to the famous HB raucous restaurant during dinner time. The beer was very good. Pig elbow was hoof hoof hoof. After the old wine, it was wonderful to finish the day's journey.

Day 5


After visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, we set off for Switzerland. By the way, the trip was relatively easy. So on this day, in addition to the new Swan Castle, director Liu also added another scenic spot of Fusen town to us. Unfortunately.... At that time, I saw a supermarket selling health care products. I bought a basket of this essence and that essence, so I didn't have time to visit the town. It was a pity of my trip.

Majestic, the appearance is more beautiful than the interior.

Beautiful swan castle.

On the left side of the ridge, there are peaks, with different heights. The other side of Neuschwanstein.

This bridge is the best place to take photos of new Swan Castle. There is a shuttle bus to get there directly. It has the feeling of Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon.

Yellow is the Old Swan Castle, there is a kind of "even if you don't come to visit me, I'm also beautiful and miserable" sense of pride.

Day 6


Unconsciously, more than half of the trip, we finally ushered in the highlight of this trip, Switzerland. Because the free time of the itinerary design is relatively long, we simply bought a Swiss pass and decided to travel freely throughout the journey. Because of this decision, the whole trip to Switzerland was extremely enjoyable. If you want to use three words to summarize the impression of Switzerland, it is beautiful and miserable! What a tragedy! What a pity! The first day we went to Ruiji mountain, the weather has been foggy, until on the way down the mountain, the weather suddenly improved, and the train brother's warm-hearted guidance, inadvertently took a beautiful scenic hiking path, this life unforgettable.

It's a beautiful city, clean and bright.

Lucerne was our first stop in Switzerland and the weather finally began to clear up. During the whole process of ryuksen's Lake tour, the beautiful scenery came, and the camera was soft.

A small town by Lake Lucerne.

Downtown Lucerne, swans are fat.

The corridor bridge is actually an overpass with flowers.

The scenery along Lake Lucerne.

Ruiji mountain has the reputation of queen in the mountain. Originally, I thought it was just a small mountain with idyllic scenery. As a result... It's freezing at the top of the mountain, it's snowing, it's altitude sickness. We took a few photos in a hurry and the train went down the mountain. As a result, halfway up the mountain, the clouds dispersed, the beautiful scenery suddenly bumped into the eyes, half an hour of walking, deeply imprinted in the heart.

I didn't take a good stroll.

From Rigi cable station to weggies Town, it's getting late, but I can't help sighing again that it's enough to have a small house in the town.

Day 7


In fact, the whole day of the trip is around Jungfrau, but I personally feel that Jungfrau is a vast expanse, far less attractive than the surrounding towns. To sum up, the snow mountain is more suitable for overlooking, really stepped on, the wind, the snow, the grassland hero little sister has wood.

If it doesn't rain, the scenery along the way is absolutely reluctant to close your eyes.

To Jungfrau, we choose to take a two-hour golden train from lucerne to Interlaken and then transfer to Jungfrau. But God really didn't help. It rained for two hours, and the rain was quite strong. Therefore, the most beautiful scenery of the golden line is only about 30%. The biggest regret of this trip is that.

How lucky it is to have such a beautiful view.

The weather is really bad.

It's in the rain.

When I went to the Jungfrau peak, the weather was not very good. All the entertainment facilities were closed, so I had to do concave modeling outdoors. As a result, it was windy, snowy and altitude sickness. It was really messy. However, I have seen the snow mountain, and I have a wish.

In fact, it's just like that.

The weather finally cleared up when we went down to Jungfrau peak. With the elimination of altitude reaction, we had beautiful scenery all the way and took photos all the way. It was so cool.

The town at the foot of Jungfrau mountain, surrounded by mountains, is very beautiful.

I come from the snow mountain and sing.

Next time, I'll go by myself and live in Greenwald, facing the mountains and blooming in spring.

There are many watch stores and many Chinese people.

End of the day, back to Interlaken to sleep, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Day 8


According to the schedule of the team, it was supposed to leave for Bern in the morning. But! There is no play around Jungfrau peak. How can we just leave? So we discussed with Director Liu. We went to play baa by ourselves and gathered with the team in Zurich Hotel to baa. Director Liu agreed without saying a word and recommended us a super shocking waterfall by the way. How can a general tour guide be so kind? So Liu Dao is really a good man. In this way, we added two scenic spots for ourselves. After playing well, we can go to the city scenic spots lacking interest, Bern and Zurich.

The air in the valley is so fresh and comfortable.

Lauterbrunnen is a small town at the foot of Jungfrau. The waterfall mentioned above is here. In the early morning of heavy rain, the air in the valley is so fresh that people want to cry. Seize the time when the waterfall hasn't opened yet, and it's the only way to suck. The name of the waterfall is very long. You can refer to the picture. Liu Dao said that it is a waterfall formed by melting three snow capped mountains and converging in a cave. The water potential of the waterfall is very large. Coupled with the echo effect in the cave, it's necessary to roar when talking with colleagues. It's a pity that the picture can't capture the charm of the waterfall. I can only keep such a spectacular scenery in mind.

The valley of heavy rain.

The full name of the waterfall is silent and choking.

There is a kind of trance feeling that little dragon girl will appear.

It's a waterfall that doesn't reflect momentum at all.

The valley waterfall is the most beautiful.

Leaving Lauterbrunnen, we went to Spiez by boat and visited Lake toon by the way. Tuen lake is so beautiful. The water is green. It's sad to think of saying goodbye to Switzerland's beautiful scenery.

There are mountains, water, vineyards, the most beautiful town.

In the old city, there are some lovely bears.

From Spiez, he basically said goodbye to the scenery of Switzerland. Bern has the feeling of Jinling Road in Shanghai. I like the tram very much.

I was very tired when I arrived in Zurich. I took a few pictures and went back to the hotel. However, these do not hinder my love for Zurich, beautiful moat, clean and peaceful streets on both sides.

It's a big city, but it feels very quiet and comfortable.

Day 9


This is the last day of the whole journey, the tenth day is spent on the plane, in the airport. Because we had to take a painful long-distance flight, we cut back on the trip and went to Rhine Falls and Stein.

This waterfall is so short. It's better to grow higher.

After looking at the cave waterfall of Lauterbrunnen, and then the Rhine waterfall, it's a little light. The momentum is not enough, and the sound is not loud enough. But do not hinder the good interest of tourism, waterfall, more is always good.

You can experience it by boat.

A waterfall, ah, ah, flows eastward~~~~

It's a town where the photos are better than the real scenes.

Stein is very small. It's enough to walk around for half an hour. The murals are amazing, and the photos are better than the real objects.

Stein's murals.

From Stein to Zurich via Schaffhausen, we set out for the airport, and Audrey's trip ended. But I think the beauty will always be in my heart and mind.

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