Best Closed Toe Sandals For Men: Outdoor & Everyday

  Looking for a pair of closed toe sandals for the summer? Well we found the 10 best ones money can buy, and we’ll tell you everything about them in this detailed review!

  Sandals are a must for the warm summer days, but it can be hard to separate the good ones from the awful ones.

  That’s why we did the work for you – all of the closed toe sandals that you’ll see in our review have the best possible ratings.

  Also, we will show you a couple of different types of sandals. You will see sandals that are designed for hiking, camping and other rugged outdoor adventures. And then you will also see fancy leather sandals that you can freely wear to work.

  At A Glance: Our Top Closed Toe Sandals for Men

  So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find your next pair of closed toe sandals!

  The Newport H2 sandals are a very popular choice among outdoor lovers. They feature washable polyester uppers, and quick-dry lining on the inside. The polyester is waterproof, which makes these sandals perfectly suitable for stepping in streams and rivers. They will dry off fairly quickly.

  The outsole of these sandals is actually designed to provide you with traction in the water. It is a non-marking, rubber outsole with razor siping and a multi-directional lug pattern for improved traction.

  It is very flexible and provides you with plenty of grip and traction on all terrain types.

  One thing that makes these sandals great is the ease of maintenance. If you get them really dirty you can just throw them in the washing machine and they will be good as new.

  The Newport H2 sandals are also very comfortable to wear, thanks to the EVA compression-molded midsole and the metatomical EVA footbed. And with the TPU shank, you will have plenty of support in each step you take.

  Another thing that is great about these sandals is that they are really easy to put on and off. The lace system is a bungee cord, which you can tighten with one hand. And there’s a loop on the back of the sandal that helps you get in these in a matter of seconds.

  These sandals run half a size small, so we recommend getting them in half a size larger than what you usually wear, for the best fit.

  Say what you want about Crocs, but Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Sandals are some of the most comfortable sandals out there. And they are water-friendly, which is perfect for summer vacations and demanding hikes.

  They’re not good-looking sandals, but they are extremely functional. The mesh uppers are lightweight and have great ventilation. And the straps are adjustable (Velcro closure), so you can easily get the perfect fit. The Velcro strap also makes these very easy to put on, and the loop on the heel strap helps with that as well.

  If you’ve owned a pair of Crocs previously, then you know just how comfortable these sandals are. They feature the Iconic Crocs Comfort ‘insole’ with foam cushioning. It provides you with plenty of support, and it feels comfortable even after several hours on foot. The massage pods on the footbed really help with that.

  The outsole is also really good. It’s the standard Crocslite outsole with herringbone, which provides you with great traction even on wet surfaces. Plus, it’s really flexible.

  These sandals run true to size, so order the size that you normally wear. They should be just a little bit loose (relaxed fit), and feel more secure on your foot.

  My only issue with these is pricing inconsistency. I strongly suggest that you first check which color is the cheapest in your size, because it could save you more than $50.

  These sandals are actually an upgrade of an older model. The biggest difference between the two is the outsole – the Omnium 2 sandals feature Teva’s proprietary Rugged Spider Original rubber outsole. It has multi-directional lugs for great traction, and it’s a very flexible outsole.

  Another difference between the old Ominum and the Ominum 2 is the upper materials. The previous sandals were made from leather, which is not the best choice for outdoor activities. The new Teva sandals have textile and synthetic uppers, which are more durable and easier to maintain.

  In addition to that, the uppers of these sandals feature several mesh inserts, for improved ventilation. Plus, the interior of these is treated with Microban – an antimicrobial technology that reduces sweating and helps prevent stink.

  What I really like about these is that they are highly adjustable. They have two straps (front and back), which allows you to make them fit exactly how you want. And the front strap is secured to the sandal with a plastic buckle, so there’s no chance it can come undone on accident.

  In terms of comfort and support, these sandals feature a nylon shank and an EVA foam midsole which provides you with plenty of cushioning. Overall, they are definitely one of the best sandals you can get, if you don’t mind the slightly higher price tag.

  If you are just looking for a cheap pair of sandals, these are probably the best ones you can get. They cost some $30, and they actually perform really good for the price.

  The Gubarun sandals feature synthetic uppers, with a quick lace bungee system. They are very easy to pun on and take off, thanks to the Velcro heel strap and the loop on the tongue.

  The outsole of these sandals is made from rubber and it is slip-resistant. You will have great traction on slippery surfaces, which makes them very water-friendly.

  However, they don’t feature regular lugs, so you won’t have the best traction on rocky and uneven terrain. It’s also unclear if these have a shank at all, which is why I would not recommend them for any difficult hiking trails.

  They are pretty comfortable to wear. The footbed is designed to provide you with lots of arch support in your adventures, while the midsole offers excellent shock absorption. And they have good ventilation, with a perforated footbed and several mesh inserts on the uppers.

  The Gubraun sandals fit true to size, so you can get them in the size that you usually wear. If you have really wide feet, we recommend going a size up, since they are not available in wide versions.

  The uppers of CAMEL CROWN Men’s Waterproof Hiking Sandalsare made from washable and quick drying polyester. They are also waterproof, so you can safely wear them in water.

  What’s great about these is that they’re anti-slip on the inside and on the outside. The footbed features non-slip massage texture, which helps keep you stable if you’re walking through water. And the outsole is made from anti-slip rubber, with lots of multidirectional lugs.

  This gives you great traction not just on water, but also on many different terrain types. And you have great grip in these sandals, because the lugs are fairly deep and because the outsole is quite flexible.

  There is some issue with adjustability. Just like the Newport H2 sandals, these don’t open up fully. Instead there is the bungee lace which allows you to tighten and widen the sandal as much you want. But you still need to push your foot through that opening – and if you have wide feet or a high arch, this will be an issue.

  And they are not available in all sizes. As of now, you can only get these in size 8 or 8.5, which is pretty ridiculous. Hopefully they will be restocked soon, and you’ll be able to get them in your size.

  These CMM Men’s Sandals are a great choice if you’re looking to stay stylish when it gets really hot outside They have just enough slits to help your feet stay cool, but they’re also closed enough that they still look rather professional.

  You could get away with going to work in these sandals, which is awesome. Their uppers are made from leather, which is pretty easy to clean. Just wipe them with a wet towel and they should be good as new. But you will need to maintain these regularly if you want to wear them for years.

  The interior of the CMM sandals is lined with mesh that wicks away moisture. This enhances the breathability of the shoes, and helps reduce sweating.

  These feature a Techlite midsole that provides you with good cushioning and helps keep you comfortable. They don’t have a proper insole, which is a bit disappointing. And their outsole is not that remarkable.

  It is made from rubber and it’s patterned, so you will have decent traction on even terrain. But I do not recommend these for off-road adventures – not just because of the outsole, but also because you don’t want to damage the uppers.

  The sandals fit true to size, so your usual size will probably fit just right. But, definitely check before you order – go to the Amazon page to be recommended size based on what you normally wear.

  The Maizun sandals are a good option if you want something different. Their design is rather unique and you can wear them as both sandals and slippers.

  The heel strap of these is designed to that you can step on it and wear them like slippers. That particular component is separate from the rest of the sandals, so when you bend the heel strap you won’t bend any other part of the shoe. Not only is this really convenient, but it also extends the durability of the sandals.

  The insole of these sandals is soft and anti-microbial, so they should be comfortable to wear. However, there are no added features for ventilation (no mesh inside, insole is not perforated), and that is disappointing.

  They feature a non-slip rubber outsole, so you should have just enough traction when you’re running around town. But definitely not enough traction, and barely any grip on uneven or rocky terrain.

  Also, you don’t really have arch support in these – another reason why I don’t recommend them for outdoor adventures.

  Overall, I like the hand-stitching and the appearance of the shoe. They are very easy to put on and take off, thanks to the elastic laces. And they are very soft and flexible, which really enhances how comfortable you feel.

  The Maizun sandals fit true to size, and your regular size should fit you perfectly fine.

  The upper part of these Dockers Men’s Searose Sandal is made from PU leather, which explains their inexpensive price tag. It also means that they are very easy to maintain and that they will be pretty durable.

  Unlike the two previous pairs, these have an open heel. So, they are a bit less professional – maybe not the pair you would wear to work, but definitely stylish enough to wear with jeans or Bermuda shorts.

  These Dockers feature a memory foam insole that conforms to the shape of your foot. In addition to that, they also feature a Fusion Footbed that adds an extra layer of cushion. Therefore, it’s safe to say that these are very comfortable to wear.

  The outsole of these sandals is rubber and a bit disappointing. It barely features a pattern, and I don’t think you will have good traction on wet surfaces.

  They can’t be opened fully – they have one Velcro strap on the outer side, which allows you to partially open the shoe. So, if you have wide feet or high arches, you might not be able to get these on your feet.

  Additionally, these sandals are not available in half sizes, so getting just the right fit might be a bit challenging. In that case, we recommend going half a size up, for the best fit. Also, you can choose between regular and wide fit.

  If you’re looking for a stylish sandal that you can also wear all day long, that is a pretty good option. They have very comfy cushioned soles, and you know you have quality when it comes from the feet specialists – Dr Scholl’s.

  Additionally, these Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Gaston Fisherman Sandals are really flexible and provide you with moderate arch support. They are not great for very difficult hikes, but they are perfectly fine for some light off-road adventures.

  The ZHShiny sandals feature a single velcro on the side, and they can’t be opened fully. Because of that, I don’t recommend these if you have very wide feet. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to get them on your feet, and you’ll just waste time returning them.

  They mostly fit true to size, but make sure to check the size guide in Amazon’s product description to avoid any surprises. Some people claim you need to buy at least a half size larger.

  The uppers of the Dr Scholl’s shoes are leather, so you will need to take care of them properly if you want them to last long. The sandals are lined with textile on the inside, and they feature a heavily padded insole for your comfort.

  However, they don’t have really have any features that improve the breathability of the shoe. So, excessive sweating might be an issue.

  Here’s another really unique shoe. What I really like about Moodeng Men`s Closed Toe Leather Sandals is that they don’t really look like sandals – more like a regular shoe that just happens to have cutouts. But they are airy just like regular sandals, so they’re a great choice for the warmer days.

  And because of their unique exterior, you can wear these to work and get away with them. You will also pick up lots of compliments on them!

  The uppers of these are made from cowhide leather, so they do require some maintenance. I recommend you clean them with a wet towel if you get them dirty, and apply some sort of cream/oil for leather from time to time.

  The Moodeng sandals fit true to size, and I think most of you can easily get these on your feet. They do have a tongue and laces, so you can open them widely.

  The insole of these sandals is perforated and padded, so you will have plenty of cushioning and ventilation in them. And all the cutouts on the uppers certainly help keep these shoes breathable.

  However, I was really disappointed by the outsole on these. It is patterned, but the lugs are very shallow. Don’t expect amazing traction in these sandals, and don’t take them off the beaten path.

  But the outsole does have some redeeming qualities, like the anti-slip feature. Meaning that you will have decent traction on wet pavements.

  Outdoor sandals are designed for active people. They offer better traction and support than regular sandals, which makes them the better choice for hiking, camping, and similar adventures.

  Everyday sandals are not designed for rugged environments. You won’t have excellent traction or support in them, and you should not wear them out in the wild. But they are the better choice if you’re looking for something that you can wear on a daily basis. They are more stylish and a little fancier than outdoor sandals.

  So, which do you want? Sandals that you can wear while you’re being active, or just regular leather sandals that you can wear with most of your clothes?

  Naturally, outdoor sandals also function as everyday sandals, but not the other way around. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, I definitely recommend getting a sporty sandal. But if you just want a pair of shoes that looks nice and elegant, then go for the fancier sandals. Especially if you don’t plan to go off the beaten path any time soon.

  Do You Want Water Friendly Sandals?

  If you plan to wear your sandals in water, then you need outdoor sandals. And ones that are water-friendly.

  There are two things you need to think about here – how are the uppers going to behave and how much traction does the outsole have.

  Good water-friendly sandals will have waterproof uppers. This means that the sandals won’t get soaked and that they will air dry fairly quickly. There’s nothing worse than walking in wet sandals that slosh, and you want to avoid that.

  You also need great traction, since you don’t want to slip. But you need traction both inside and outside the sandal – it is very easy to twist your ankle if the inside of your sandal gets very slippery. And it’s even easier to twist if the sole has zero traction and you can’t get a firm grip on anything underwater.

  Most of the outdoor sandals I will show you in this review are water-friendly. Check the pros and cons section to make sure they are, if I haven’t stated that specifically in the mini-review.

  Sizing And Fit

  The most challenging thing about buying footwear online is to get just the right fit. Especially if you’re usually between sizes, or if you have wide/narrow feet and a high arch.

  Some of the sandals in this review are true to size, some run small and others run large. I will tell you about the fit in the mini-reviews, so be sure to check for that info.

  In case you can’t find any info about the fit in the reviews, then you can assume the sandals in question fit true to size.

  There’s another thing to consider here, and that’s sandals that don’t open fully. There are a couple of pairs in the review that stretch, but don’t have Velcro straps or buckles. To get them on your feet, you need to push your entire foot through the opening – avoid these types of sandals if you have wide feet or a high arch.

  You probably won’t be able to get them on your feet and you’ll just waste time and money returning them. Instead, go for a highly adjustable model – I will show you several of those types of sandals.

  Materials & Maintenance

  Make sure to check what the sandals you want to get are made from. There are a few different materials, but you’ll mostly see polyester, webbing, synthetics, and leather.

  Some sandals (webbing uppers usually) are machine washable, and I will make sure to indicate that in the pros section when possible. Polyester uppers are not always machine washable, but they are easy to clean and maintain. You can usually just wipe them with a damp towel or hand wash them.

  In general, you don’t need to worry too much about the maintenance of water-friendly sandals. But you do need to worry about the maintenance of leather sandals, especially if it’s genuine leather. You will need to treat them with either oil or cream from time to time, to ensure that you can wear them for years to come.

  Anyway, if a particular pair of sandals require special maintenance, I will make sure to list that in the cons section.

  Best Closed Toe Sandals For Men: Our Top Picks

  Still not sure which closed-toe sandals are the best option for you? Go for one of our favorite choices!

  The best outdoor sandals would have to be the Teva Ominum 2. They feature a very rugged outsole with deep, multidirectional lugs, which gives you lots of grip and traction on all types of terrain. Additionally, the EVA insole is very comfortable, and gives you good arch support, with a little help from the nylon shank.

  These sandals are highly adjustable, and they are true to size. So, you can customize the fit however you like. Overall, I highly recommend these sandals for all adventurers that are looking for something they can wear for some serious hiking.

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  I had a hard time choosing the best everyday sandals. But I would have to say that those are the Dockers Searose sandals. They have amazing cushioning, and they are the most comfortable out of the bunch. Also, these sandals aren’t made from genuine leather, which makes them very easy to clean and maintain. And on top of that, they’re pretty affordable as well. However, I do not recommend these for people with wide feet and high arches, since they do not open fully.

  The Gubarun sandals don’t really excel in any aspect, other than having a remarkably attractive price tag. If you’re looking for a cheap sandal that you can wear whenever I recommend these. They look good enough that you can wear them with jeans and Bermuda shorts, and they are rugged enough for some light outdoor adventures. Just don’t wear them on any really demanding hikes.


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