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Published on December 15, 2020 03:37

Words written in the front:

Macao is a place of excellence. No one is not infatuated with its fashion and trend, modern and avant-garde, and no one easily ignores its past and still popular old stories. Considering the past or looking to the future, it is a city with a tone.

Macao is a healthy city without isolation

At present, the epidemic situation in Macao is relatively under control, and tourists can rest assured to come to Macao for vacation. Mainland passengers who meet the conditions of Macao epidemic prevention and carry the valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 7 days can travel to Macao without isolation.

After the epidemic, I returned to Macao and collected 10 inspirational travel photography sites, some of which are modern and fashionable, some of which are low-key and luxurious, and some of which are full of fun... There is always one that is worth you to get up and arrive.

Macao Municipal Services Department

Macao has many small, beautiful and colorful buildings, many of which are world-class heritage sites.

As one of them, the Macao Municipal Services Department is very unique, because it is one of the few government agencies that can visit free of charge, and the little fresh scenery is also very good!

Macao Municipal Services Department was founded in the end of the 16th century. It used to be known as the conference pavilion or the city hall. It used to be the office of Macao Council and municipal organizations. Due to the damage of natural disasters, it was overhauled in 1940. The building used to be used for municipal office building, museum, post and Telecommunications institution, health institution, court and prison. Now there is a library in the building. There are many historical stone carvings on the walls of the building.

If you look at the tiles on the wall carefully, it's a long time ago. It's the most classic blue and white pattern tile in Portugal. At first glance, you may think it's Chinese blue and white porcelain, but it's not the same. In fact, the tile culture in Portugal is also influenced by Chinese porcelain, and later it develops itself.

In the inner courtyard of the Urban Services Department, there is also a garden full of flowers. The green lattice is exotic. It's also very nice to take photos.

When we went, we were just in time for the children's fun and nostalgic Toys Exhibition held by the Urban Services Department. It was really an eye opener!

About 300 pieces of privately collected old toys are selected here, including glue, iron, paper and other materials. They are made from the beginning of the last century to the 1980s, with various types

From toy cars, airplanes, dolls, chess, guns, dolls and tops, they are all popular toys in the last century. Some of them have a history of more than 100 years and are very precious!

I don't know if it's easier for people to miss the past when they grow up. When I was a child, I used to play with rubber bands, little overlord games, stickers and so on. I can find them here! I feel very old

Venue: Central Peninsula, lobby District, Macao Special Administrative Region

⏰ Opening hours: all day


Take bus No.2, 3, 3a, 3x, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8a, 10, 10a, 11, 18, 18a, 19, 21a, 26a, 33

In front of the assembly hall is also a place where people gather. At ordinary times, local people will also take part in some activities organized by the government. The square is not very big. It's nice to take photos.

When we went there, the sunshine was just right. Looking up, we could see the Portuguese style buildings that had gone through many vicissitudes. Walking around, stopping and taking photos, it was the feeling of traveling that we had not seen for a long time.

The venue in front of the Convention pavilion was named after its location in the Convention Pavilion (the predecessor of Macao City Hall); In the 1970s, a new fountain was built in the center of the square, also known as "Fountain" by local residents. Since its opening, the venue in front of the convention hall has always been the center of Macao, where many festivals and celebrations have been held.

Previously, it was a square in front of the building of the Civil Affairs Department, forming a funnel shape with a wide front and a narrow back. The buildings on both sides were built at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

On the right side, there are the post office building with the characteristics of Western Classicism and the mercy hall building of neoclassicism; On the left is a row of three storey neoclassical buildings with pedestrian corridors. The buildings are of various colors and window styles

Since 1993, black-and-white macadam ground has been laid in Qiandi area, and the wavy pattern has been built, which is beautiful and characteristic; Set off the surrounding colorful cultural relics and buildings, reflect each other, so that the front area shows a strong southern European style.

The colors of these buildings are really beautiful. If you look at them carefully, there are rich geometric patterns of decorative art school in the lower part of eaves and the bottom part of the building, and the decorative patterns of iron flower railings of stairs have typical characteristics of decorative art school.

The style of Art Deco came into being in the 1920s. By the end of the 1920s, it began to be popular in Europe and the United States, especially in some big cities in the United States. Macao and some big cities in Europe and the United States began to be popular at the same time.

Venue: Central Peninsula, lobby District, Macao Special Administrative Region

⏰ Opening hours: all day


Take bus No.2, 3, 3a, 3x, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8a, 10, 10a, 11, 18, 18a, 19, 21a, 26a, 33

To play in Macao, you must go to guanye street and Bingfang alley to eat, which will greatly satisfy your taste buds!

The architecture of guanye street is also very distinctive. Portuguese style and Chinese style collide with each other. I feel very special. It's in the slant lane of Bingfang

Don't look down on the signs that look like they're all over the place! Many of them are century old time-honored brands with great future. Although the store is small, the products made have been handed down for many years, and the taste has been maintained very well.

In fact, guanye street is not long. There are so many delicious things in a small alley, such as crab porridge, pork chop bun, wood bran pudding, egg rolls, ginger sugar and so on! You can walk and eat all the way

Come across the graffiti wall.

Starbucks is here, too.

Wenji pie house.

Mo Yiji

Per capita consumption: 43mop

Business hours: 11:00-21:00

Address: shop a, No.9 guanye street, old town, taichai

There are different graffiti on the wall of Chengpin coffee in the inclined lane of the military room, which is suitable for taking photos.

Jiamo hall at night.

During the Macao light and shadow Festival, there are also gorgeous lighting decorations, which attract many people to stop and watch.

At night, the colorful lights are swaying with the wind, and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Little flying elephant Portuguese Restaurant

Per capita consumption: 177mop

Business hours: 12:00-23:30

Address: 2 / F, Sheraton Plaza, Diebao street, taitsai, Macau

Every time I come to Macao, I have different discoveries and surprises. This time I punch in the supernatural space of teamlab, and I am shocked by the cool light and shadow device and the surreal dream space!

The supernatural space of teamlab is a complex three-dimensional interactive space with height difference of 5000 square meters, which is created by the art team teamlab and composed of super huge works with height of 8m.

Must punch in sports forest

In the complex and three-dimensional space, the human body is completely immersed in an interactive world with powerful body functions. It's cool to take pictures!

This space is full of free floating spheres.

People move away from the sphere and into space. With the continuous change of color, space changes repeatedly between the solid and the plane through the aggregation of balls.

The sphere changes color and emits a unique timbre because it is impacted when people push it away with their hands or when they are patted.

With the change of color, space is constantly crossed and shuttled between the solid objects formed by a pile of balls and the plane formed by color.

The infinite crystal universe

This work is a three-dimensional work created by accumulating light points; The way of creation is similar to stippling painting, that is, drawing images with various color dots.

People can choose elements and input through smart phones to create three-dimensional objects, and then these groups can create work space. The interaction between the three-dimensional objects in the space will also be affected by the existence of the people who put into the place.

Share a set of very shocking scenes.

Ticket price (MOP)

Standard (over 13 years old) mop 238.00

Children (3-12 years old) mop 168.00

Free for 0 to 2 years old


Pavilion F, golden light exhibition hall, Venetian, Macao

Macao Road, Jinguang Avenue, Wangde Notre Dame Bay Road

⏰ time


Rest Day

Closed on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month

In MGM, there are not only food, room and play, but also very precious works of art worth appreciating!

In order to let the guests have a better understanding of the art treasures of MGM and provide an art guided tour, interested friends can make an appointment at the hotel lobby Concierge department.

The art collection of MGM includes more than 300 top art treasures, which are perfectly integrated with the internal public space of MGM. Here, you can enjoy the antique carpets of the Qing Dynasty, modern and Contemporary Asian Paintings and sculptures by famous artists, and commissioned works by local and nearby new artists,

M art lion space

Two Macao artists are specially invited to draw the wonderful scenic spots of MGM with their personalized strokes, and form a memory card of MGM.

Lion space is very popular with children, they can come here to draw, write and so on!

Chinese royal Carpet Collection of MGM lion

The 28 pieces of Royal Carpet Collection of MGM, the lion, have something in common in style, age and design image, forming a unique collection series.

During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), carpets made of silk and gold and silver thread were indispensable decorations in the Forbidden City of Beijing. Now there are only about 300 pieces, which are collected by museums or private collections.

It's shocking to see the details!

Venue: MGM MGM Macau

Transportation Strategy: at Macao port and Airport ✈️ There is a free shuttle bus to the hotel

During this trip to Macao, I found a place that is super suitable for walking children - Adventure Q cube!

This fun and creative playground is equipped with amazing climbing facilities, all kinds of slides and rope nets, as well as computer games that children can't put down.

Sign slide must play! Here is a vertical slide, two small slides, vertical slide is the most exciting, like to challenge their own children super love!

Because of the epidemic, there will be a comprehensive disinfection every day, parents can rest assured to walk the baby!

When you come to adventure Q cube, the children will be free to play, and parents can "free their hands". Intimate staff prepared different colors of bracelets, they will distinguish the items children can play according to the color of the bracelets, and take good care of the children throughout the whole process.


Hotel guest entrance: take the south wing suite elevator to the 5th floor

Visitor entrance: 3 / F, Grand Canal shopping center, next to shop 2610 of Santa Luca canal section

⏰ Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

I went to the fisherman's Wharf just in time for the rain, which did not affect our happy mood.

Fisherman's Wharf is adjacent to the wharf of Hong Kong and Macao. There are many architectural styles here, and many imitative European buildings. If you like to take photos, you can come here for a walk, and you will have a good harvest. The most popular Colosseum in ancient Rome always gives people the illusion of being in a real Roman city, which is very shocking.

This is a very unique scenic spot, as if in Rome, how to shoot can be a blockbuster!

The architecture with ancient Roman style is amazing when it goes through Europe in one second. The film rate is very high. It's beautiful everywhere! It's a blockbuster.

In addition to catering and entertainment facilities, the fisherman's Wharf also has a variety of shops, which is a good place to take photos and watch the sea view.

Venue: Sun Yat Sen Road, lobby District, Macao Special Administrative Region

⏰ Opening hours: all day


1. Macau route and Taipa route run every hour from 10:00 to 22:00 every day.

2. The circulation line of Hong Kong and Macao docks runs every 30 minutes and ends from 10:00 to 22:00 every day.

Don't miss the art museum when you travel to Macao.

Macao has preserved rich traditional and historical buildings. Although Macao is small, it is highly respected in contemporary art. It has artists and venues from all over the world, from large exhibition space to small but influential independent galleries.

Macao art museum is the largest museum of cultural relics and art in Macao. Macao art museum is a five storey building with various exhibition spaces: the fourth floor mainly displays Chinese traditional art, the third floor mainly displays the collection of Art Museum, and the second floor has a large special exhibition hall.

Looking at the paintings on display, we can learn more or less about the current situation of Macao's art.

Address: Xian Xinghai Road, Macao New Port

Museum opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm (admission will be closed after 6:30 PM)

The museum is closed on Mondays and open on public holidays

I think that the memory of Macao light and shadow Music Festival still stays in 2018. At that time, the light carving performance at the grand Sanba memorial archway was really shocking and left a deep impression on me. This year, after Macao was finally opened to mainland tourists, we clocked out the "Macao light and shadow Festival 2020"! The theme of this year's light and shadow Festival is "light and shadow Carnival". The high-tech light carving performance, gorgeous lighting devices and interesting interactive games have attracted many citizens and tourists to take photos and play.

The theme of this year's Macao light and shadow Festival is "light and shadow Carnival". For the first time, a large-scale light carving performance will be held in Tashi square. With the background of four cultural relic buildings, including the Cultural Bureau building, Tashi health center, Central Library and Macao archives, the festival will present a unique light carving experience combined with images and music.

The 6th Macao light and shadow Festival is divided into four routes according to districts: "dream circus" in Huadi Matang District, "time tunnel" in Wangde hall district and huawang hall District, "candy kingdom" in Nanwan and Xiwan district and "light and shadow music box" in Jiamo hall District of taichai.

Share the light carving performance in the Tashi square building complex. The dynamic music, combined with the colorful light and shadow changes, is projected on the buildings, which is very attractive!


The time of the performance is from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock every night, once every half an hour, about 5-6 minutes each time.

2. The lighting installation of "time tunnel" in Tashi square is very cool, and the photos are wonderful.

3 another interactive area for strolling children, with large lighting dolls and game interaction, where many children play happily.

Since September 23, the visa for mainland residents to visit Macao has been fully restored. Under the conditions of Macao epidemic prevention, mainland tourists can travel to Macao free of isolation with a valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 7 days.

Nucleic acid in hand, say go ~ (please refer to the latest guidelines issued by Macao Health Bureau for details)

At present, the epidemic situation in Macao is relatively under control, and tourists can rest assured to come to Macao for vacation.

About endorsement handling:

At present, the self-service endorsement machine in the mainland is suspended, so I need to go to the manual counter of the public security exit entry center in my city. Manual counter is also very fast, personal test more than ten minutes. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, new certificates can only be sent home; For endorsement, you can choose to send it by post or pick it up by yourself.

How to go to Macao after the epidemic?

1. Check if your pass has expired? Booking endorsement

two ️⃣ I have to go to the immigration hall

three ️⃣ Make an appointment for nucleic acid test two days before departure

four ️⃣ Fill in the information before entering Macao, and convert the code manually

five ️⃣ Aokang code (the result of synchronous nucleic acid) ➕ Enter the Customs by endorsement

About nucleic acid detection:

At present, in and out of Macao need 7 days of effective negative nucleic acid test proof!!! Very important!!!

Nucleic acid is also very simple. What I do in medical institutions is throat swab. The nurse will take a swab and take a sample in the mouth. The whole process is less than one minute, so there will be no discomfort.

Entry to Macao:

Note: as long as you enter through Zhuhai, you need to register yuekang code first and then switch to Aokang code

I enter the customs from Hengqin port. First I show the yuekang code, then I transfer it to Aokang code, and then I pass the customs step by step with fingerprints. Finally, there will be fully armed quarantine personnel to check the nucleic acid certificate. If I do the test in the hospital, I must remember to seal it! I did the test in a medical institution and asked me to sign my name manually. After all the inspection is correct, it will be released.

When you leave the country, you can transfer the Macao Hong code to the Guangdong Hong code according to the original method, and you can also scan the code out of the country.

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