Take your parents on a trip to the colorful city of Macao

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Published on July 16, 2019 13:52


Me: Dad, mom, where do you want to travel this year

Mom: anywhere

Me: let me see

Me: how about Macao

Dad: Macao is OK. I haven't been to Macao

Ma: is Macao far from Hong Kong? Do you want to go by the way

Me: let's go

Since 2017, I have been taking my parents to travel. Every year, I will make plans for them to travel twice. He took them to Yunnan and Sanya in 17 years, and Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing in 18 years. Time is really fast. This is the third year. The original plan was to take them out once every six months, because there were many things to do in the first half of this year, so they were ready to go in mid June.

In the first half of this year, I chose Macao and Hong Kong as my travel destinations. In fact, for my parents, I can go anywhere, and play is the second. The most important thing is that my family can be together. In the past few trips, I took my parents with me, but this time my elder sister finally took time out, so it was also the first time for my family to travel together.

Macao in my eyes

Day1: approaching Macao Peninsula

Xi'an direct flight to Macao takes about two hours to arrive. In fact, it's very convenient to travel in Macao. You can take the hotel's free bus to the wharf and airport. For those who like to travel and sightseeing, they must take a walk to the most famous bus attraction. Although the hotel is in Macao and Parisians in taichai, it is also very convenient. Take the bus to Jinsha entertainment city and walk for 20 minutes.

There are three sea crossing bridges in Macao. Today, the friendship bridge connecting Macao Peninsula and Taipa was completed in 1993. The length of the whole bridge is more than 4000 meters. Looking out of the window, you can see the buildings on the peninsula. Although Macao is not a big city, the speed of development of the whole city and the high-rise buildings rising rapidly make people sigh. The Macao Tower in the distance is now the most representative landmark here.

Half way through the friendship bridge, you can see the Jinsha Entertainment City in the distance. Macao Jinsha, which opened in 2004, is a company owned by Las Vegas and the largest entertainment hotel in the world. After more than 10 years of rapid development, in addition to the Jinsha Entertainment City in Macao Peninsula, the Venetian of Macao (Four Seasons Hotel) in Taipa, the Parisian of Macao, and the Jinsha City Center (Reggie Hotel, Holiday Inn, Conrad Hotel, Sheraton Hotel), it is said that the Londoners of Macao are currently in preparation and are expected to open in 2020.

Take the bus of Parisian Hotel in Macao to Jinsha Entertainment City, and then walk for about 20 minutes to get to the memorial archway. Of course, if you find it a little troublesome to walk, you can also take the bus around to get to the scenic spot quickly. However, my family and I chose to walk together, because in the process of walking, we can also see a more realistic street view of Macao.

If you have the ultimate pursuit of food, it is the best choice to come to Macao. Posters of the twelve golden chefs can be seen on the streets of Macao and in the hotels of Jinsha resort. They are the chefs who stand out in many restaurants, including Justin Paul, senior chef of Huangque Indian restaurant, who is rated as Michelin, Venetian of Macao, Zeng Qihui, executive chef of Parisian Chinese cuisine, who is Parisian of Macao, Executive Chef of Chinese kitchen of four seasons hotel in Macao: Zhang Zhicai and other top chefs.

Although Macao is a small area, the road construction in the city is relatively perfect. Of course, there will be a large area of traffic jams during the peak period. Walking on the street here, you can see the most obvious buildings in the city. The relatively high buildings are mostly large enterprises or entertainment venues. Beside these high-rise buildings, there are many seemingly dilapidated houses. Perhaps it is because of the big difference between the two poles that the city has a unique flavor.

Among the numerous buildings in Macao Peninsula, the most representative one is new Lisboa, which is often referred to as the management and operation of Macao Expo owned by Macao businessman Stanley Ho. Next to new Lisboa, there is a Lisboa Hotel, which is the first five-star hotel in Macao. If the new Lisboa in Macao Peninsula represents the beginning of Macao's entertainment venues, the Jinsha resort in Taipa can be said to be the representative of today's entertainment.

In June this year, it felt as if the whole country had entered the rainy season. It rained for half of the three days in Macao, and the weather kept changing when we went out on that day. Before noon, the sun was already too hot to resist. Fortunately, it's not very far from the memorial archway. When we get to the destination, there are more and more tourists around.

The closer we get to the bus, the more road signs there are. Because I didn't apply for a mobile phone card in Macao this time, I rented a roaming treasure online in advance, so I relied on it when I went out in Macao. Of course, Gaode map is also one of the necessary artifact. According to my navigation results in Macao these days, the accuracy is still very high.

To get to the bus, you have to go through a narrow road, with various shops on both sides. Many shop assistants stand at the door, shouting and holding the tourists. Here you can see clothing stores of famous brands such as ADI and Nike, but after seeing the price, you will still doubt whether these things are true or false. After walking for a while in the crowd, I finally saw the figure of the bus.

Day2: the combination of European Renaissance and oriental architecture

It can be said that the bus is the most iconic building in Macao, and it is also the place where many tourists must punch in and out when they come to Macao. It is also known as the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. It was built in 1637. It experienced three fires before and after the disaster, and each time it was rebuilt after the disaster. In the fire on October 26, 1835, only the front wall of the main entrance of the church was left, and the wall looked a bit like the archway we often said, so it was called the grand Sanba archway.

It is said that the church was originally designed by an Italian Jesuit priest and later built with the technical assistance of Japanese craftsmen. The whole architectural style combines the characteristics of European Renaissance and oriental architecture, and it is said that it was also the largest Catholic Church in the east at that time. In 2005, the grand Sanba memorial archway and other cultural relics in Macao's historic district became the world cultural heritage of the United Nations. Dashanba has a history of more than 400 years, but standing here and looking at the mottled walls, you may be able to imagine the historical picture at that time.

This trip to Macao is the first time for our whole family to travel together. Before, I would take my parents out for a walk every year. Because of my work, my elder sister missed it several times, so we cherish the time together. In fact, from the earliest time of making this trip plan, my mother said that she hoped to have the whole family together. In fact, I know what she meant. I hope my elder sister and I can accompany her and enjoy the happiness of the whole family together.

I have traveled with my parents several times, but this is my first trip with my elder sister. In recent years, I often sigh about the passing of time. In my impression, I still have the impression of playing with my elder sister when I was a child. Now we have worked for many years separately. Although we often meet each other, because of work and their own lives, we seldom have the chance to calm down and talk about our childhood stories together.

At noon, it's really difficult to take a few photos here on the bus. Originally, I planned to take a picture of the whole family on a tripod. When I saw the situation around me, I finally gave up. There were too many tourists coming and going, especially many aunts standing in the best position and taking photos all the time, so I didn't care about other people's feelings. On the top of the mountain on the side of the memorial archway of the grand Sanba is the big fort. You can walk up the path to have a look. Although it is not large in scale, it is also one of the major places of interest in Macao.

Macao fort was originally owned by the church. At that time, it was built to protect the priests in St. Paul's church. It was used to guard against pirates, and then turned into a military facility area. Because Macao was close to the sea, some countries had been beating their wishful thinking at that time. In 1622, the Dutch attempted to invade and defeated them with these cannons. It is also the largest and oldest fort in Macao. It is not easy to keep it until now. It is also a witness to the history of Macao.

Standing in the big fort, you can see the Macao Peninsula from afar. In fact, you can find that the buildings in the whole city are not too high. The intersection between the old and the new is particularly obvious, and the biggest feature is that the tall buildings and low houses here are full of color. Although Macao is a good city, its population density is very high, and now it has surpassed that of Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Day3: Macao Museum, about its past and present life

Next to the fort is the Macao Museum. I think I'd better go to the museum to visit any city, because here is an introduction to the past and present life of the city. As we often say, if you want to know a city, you should go to the museum first. And the bus, Fort, Macao Museum are all together, so you can visit here.

In the museums we visited in the past, we can see the oldest culture of the city, but the Macao Museum is different. The history displayed here is more diversified, because Macao has experienced many different stories in the hundreds of years of historical changes, and the cultural relics preserved are very rich, including the early local history, the Portuguese trade in Macao, Religious culture and so on.

Macao Museum has a large collection of ceramics. Although some of them have been damaged, it proves that China's ultra-high technology in this field at that time. At that time, in Macao's trade with the outside world, these ceramics and other items representing China were very popular. Nowadays, many people in Europe and abroad are proud of collecting these Chinese works of art.

The museum is divided into three floors, two of which are under the platform of the big fort, and the upper floor is reconstructed from the ground building of the original weather station. The exhibition area on the first floor mainly introduces the early history of Macao and the development of Portuguese before they arrived in Macao in the 16th century. The exhibition area on the second floor covers the local traditional culture and folk art, as well as the lifestyle and entertainment of Macao people. The exhibition area on the third floor is dominated by the modern features of Macao, and some literary works with Macao as the theme are retained.

In addition to the presentation of graphics and voice, there are also some creative game interactions, which are also created with the theme of historical fragments of Macao. Here also humanized design of the rest chair, tired can sit down to rest. The ticket price of the museum is also relatively low. If you have enough time or are interested in history, it's still worth walking here.

Green symbolizes peace and tranquility, and five five pointed stars arranged in an arc symbolize the resumption of the Chinese government's sovereignty over Macao. Lotus, bridge and sea water are the representatives of Macao's natural geography and landscape. They also express Macao's wish to maintain stable development after its return to the motherland. This is the regional flag of the Macao Special Administrative Region: Five Star lotus green flag.

Day4: Love Lane, colorful world

There is a colorful lane near the Da Sanba memorial archway, which is called Love Lane. In fact, this lane is very short, but the combination of various colors makes it a place where many young people like to take photos. Moreover, the buildings here are full of European customs. Walking here is as quiet and comfortable as walking through a European town.

Love Lane is really a good place for taking portraits, with colorful walls, doors and windows, and some flowers and plants in the middle of the path. It's also a very good choice for shooting in the future. Because the love lane is very small and there are many tourists, it is not recommended to take a big picture here. It is also recommended to take a vertical picture with a mobile phone or camera. Keep smiling, look back, add a variety of people's actions and expressions, which will also add a lot of points to the photos.

It's cloudy in the morning and sunny at noon. When my elder sister and I were taking photos in the love lane, my parents were a little tired and just sat on the opposite side of the road waiting for us. When my elder sister saw my parents sitting like this, she suddenly pulled me to take a misplaced photo. Later, I showed this picture to my father, and the response was laughing. During the journey, some casual photos will make us more unforgettable.

Macao rose church has a history of more than 400 years. It was built on the basis of the prayer rooms and monasteries built by the Catholic Church of Santo Domingo in the 1690s. It was burned in 1874 because of a fire. Today's Rose church has been extensively renovated in 1997. The whole church looks small, but there are a lot of paintings, sculptures and religious artifacts here, showing the history of Roman Catholic Church in Asia for hundreds of years.

The whole church is full of Baroque architectural style. From the appearance, it has three floors. It is said that it is open to the public for free. The scale of the whole church is not large, but every design decoration here is so perfect. The relief on the main altar and the colorful glass design make people admire and respect the craft here.

Like many churches, it is also free to open to the public. When you enter the church, you still have to abide by the rules and don't make any noise, so as not to disturb those who are praying. The annual parade of the statue of the Virgin Mary in huadima, held on May 13 in Rose Hall, is one of the important local Catholic festivals. It is a metaphor to remind the world not to forget that the Virgin Mary taught the three shepherds in huadima to pray for world peace.

Macao was surprisingly hot at the end of June. It was wet and damp after walking for a long time. In addition, there was no air conditioning in the church, so it was very hot after walking around. However, my smart sister, my mother, stood in front of the fan in the church and blew the cool air.

In front of the assembly hall should be one of the busiest squares in Macao. Because it is close to the grand Sanba memorial archway, and there are many shops and benches around, a large number of tourists gather here. In the center of the square stands a fountain, which is the representative sign here. You can see that the buildings here are colorful, yellow, pink, green and so on, but these are specially added colors due to the later restoration. The mercy hall here is the oldest charity in Asia.

In front of the assembly hall is located in the central area of Macao. The governor of Macao, who has always been in office, has to hold a ceremony here to review the sea and land forces stationed in Macao. Nowadays, many buildings in front of the assembly hall have been rated as monuments and buildings with architectural art value, and listed as buildings under cultural relics protection. It is said that the facade of the shops here can not be changed at will, and the government only allows the interior structure to be changed.

Day5: Macao Municipal Services Department, an exhibition of intangible cultural heritage

The predecessor of the Macao municipal administration is the Macao Civil Affairs Department, which was officially established as the Municipal Administration on January 1 this year. Today, it is also one of the places that many tourists must visit when they come to Macao. In fact, it's a bit like the Civic Center in our mainland cities. It's basically responsible for urban planning and construction, public health, cultural and recreational activities, environmental protection and residents' living standards. It's basically related to Macao citizens.

In fact, many domestic government units generally refuse outsiders to enter, but the Macao municipal administration can allow visitors, which is very humane. 2019 is the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland. When we come to the Urban Services Department, we just catch up with the "roots and souls - Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of Zhejiang Province". In fact, I know something about some intangible cultural heritages in Hangzhou, but I'm more excited to see them in Macao this time.

Zhejiang is a grand gathering with many intangible cultural heritages, including folk opera, folk quyi, folk dance, folk music, folk plastic arts, folk literature, traditional handicrafts, folk customs and so on. It is said that 40 participating projects and 59 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage participated in the performance. They were very interested in Chinese folk art, especially when they went to Shaoxing before. They still remember the local traditional handicrafts. Those seemingly simple and ordinary works of art have very complex crafts.

To understand the history and culture of a place, we should also understand the traditional folk culture, because the evolution of anything comes from the environment in which people live. The culture of different regions is also quite different, but it is people who inherit and carry forward these cultures. The diversified folk culture has formed a kind of splendid culture. It is not easy for China to survive for 5000 years.

Intangible cultural heritage exhibition can not only let more Macao compatriots understand China's profound cultural background, but also deepen the cultural exchanges between Zhejiang and Macao. Through the way of pictures and videos, tourists can also participate in it. Under the guidance of these inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, they can try to make these exquisite works of art by themselves.

This kind of cultural exchange is a better and more comprehensive way for Macao people to understand Zhejiang's intangible culture. In fact, we hope that more mainland cities can hold it in Macao and Hong Kong. Of course, the Macao government can also bring their history and culture to the mainland, so that more people can understand different Macao. I hope my little wish can be realized as soon as possible.

The buildings of the Macao Municipal Services Department are also full of characteristics. The style of white walls and green windows is rare, but it's not because of time. I really want to feel here and learn something about Macao people's life. As a matter of fact, you can only simply know some culture in scenic spots, but if you want to really understand and integrate into this atmosphere, you have to change a way.

Day6: Macao's streets, walking here, reading here

Every city has its two sides, including Macao. When we see the high-rise buildings and magnificent hotels, there is a completely different side in some parts of the city. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the city, it's hard for people to remember the miniature of witnessing historical changes. If you like to feel the flavor of Macao's old city, you must walk every street here.

Originally, I planned to take a walk to Hedong library, but when I got to the front of Gangding near the inclined lane of the theater, I forgot about it. It's also a very good place. Among them, the Gangding theater, Hedong library, St. Austin church and St. Joseph's monastery are all representative works of Chinese and Western culture, which belong to the oldest western architecture in Macao's world cultural heritage.

The biggest feeling when I come to Macao is that the city is really beautiful. Colorful buildings can be seen everywhere, and each one is a good place for taking photos. Every time I took my parents on a trip before, I would take a lot of photos for them. But when I came to Macao this time, I basically took photos of my elder sister. Ah, it's true that a girl who loves taking pictures can't afford to hurt her.

Dad likes to take photos every time he goes out. I remember when he took them to Yunnan for the first time in 2017, the memory of his mobile phone was full on the first day of the trip. Ha ha, but I can understand that his parents have been busy all their lives, and they didn't go far when they were young. Now they can come out for a walk when they have time, so I hope everything is OK with them.

The civilization of the city can be felt in both the city center and the streets. The cars and motorcycles parked on the roadside are orderly. Compared with the fast-paced life in Hong Kong, Macao is much more comfortable. However, because the population density of this city is relatively high, the buildings built here are very dense, basically one by one, so sometimes I feel that my life is quite happy.

Xiwang Yangshan garden belongs to the high-end residential community in Macao Peninsula. Now it has become a small scenic spot. It is named after the Church of Notre Dame on the top of the mountain. However, most tourists come here because of its high geographical location. Standing on the top, they can see the scenery of Macao Peninsula from afar, and many young people will choose it when taking wedding photos.

Mom: I don't want to

Sister: listen to me. It's absolutely beautiful to take photos with you

Dad: ha ha ha

Me: click

In the distance is the Macao Tower, with a height of 338 meters. It is the tenth independent sightseeing tower in the world and one of the members of the world tower alliance. Now it is also a new landmark of Macao. Many variety shows will come to Macao for recording. If you are a person who likes to be full of challenges, it may be the most unforgettable moment for you to experience the world's highest 233m bungee jump here.

Day7: Fisherman's Wharf, buildings with Roman flavor

Fisherman's Wharf is divided into three theme areas: Tangcheng District, which shows the ancient Chinese culture, and five East-West convergence areas, which are composed of representative buildings from many European countries. However, because it rained here, I chose the nearby ancient Roman performing area. Through these mottled walls, I can feel the rich flavor of history, which is also very good.

The performance area of ancient Rome has a vivid architectural system, which makes people feel the real historical flavor of ancient Rome. There is also a multi-purpose stage which can accommodate 2000 people and covers an area of 190 square meters. The architectural design imitates the Roman arena, and the stage is equipped with high-quality audio-visual equipment. It is said that there are performances here at special times. Maybe it's also because of the rain. When I came here, it was empty.

Originally, I wanted to have a good trip to the fisherman's Wharf. At this time, it was raining more and more. After looking at the weather forecast, it was raining for the next few days, but I had to go back to the hotel by car. After three days in Macao, it rained half of the time, so I didn't finish my first destination. However, putting the rest of the time in the hotel can make my parents more relaxed. As for guanye street and other scenic spots, I'll leave them to feel when I bring my parents to Macao next time.

Day8: Parisians in Macao, Paris style through time

This is my third visit to Macao. What attracts me is not only the scenery, but also the food and sense of life. It has been said that Paris is the romantic capital. In fact, today's Macao also has such atmosphere and elements. Parisians in Macao are one of the most popular hotels in Macao. The iron tower in front of the hotel is its business card. This time I bring my parents to Macao, I hope they can feel the luxury and romance here.

The tower of Parisians in Macao is one of the places where many tourists have to punch in and out when they come here. The hotel and tower behind them have become the best background at this time. The dream once dreamed of under the Paris tower can be realized in Macao today.

Macao Parisians not only own the Paris tower built according to the proportion of 1 / 2 of the Eiffel Tower, but also walk into the lobby of the hotel to really feel its luxury. The most eye-catching is the Poseidon fountain in Florence, Italy. It is to celebrate the wedding of Francesco, the son of cosmos, and Joanna of Austria. It is also to highlight the naval achievements of cosmos I. now Parisians in Macao can learn its story.

It's no exaggeration to compare the lobby of Parisians in Macao to an art paradise. It's full of classic and modern design elements. It's said that the Poseidon fountain in the center of the lobby has been pondered by the designer team for a whole year. The fountain alone was built with nearly 20 tons of clay. The top of the hall is round. If you look carefully, you can also enjoy the murals of the Twelve Gods of Olympus in ancient Greece.

Parisians in Macao are one of the most luxurious hotels I have stayed in so far. The front desk is on both sides of the hall for check-in. There is no need to queue up because there are too many people at many desks. Moreover, the staff here can communicate in Chinese, English and many languages. More importantly, Parisians in Macao have won the golden key award from meetings & Conventions magazine.

The scale of hotels in Macao is absolutely among the best in the world, and Parisians in Macao are the most classic of many hotels. Walking here is like being in a palace full of art, with huge chandeliers shining in the corridor, and luxury shops at home and abroad gathered on both sides. In this environment, how about shooting a group of fashion blockbusters?

The most humanized service of Parisians in Macao can be reflected when they check in and check out. There are two receptions in the hotel hall square, and there is a free luggage storage desk in the north wing of the hotel. If you want to check out quickly, there will be a quick check-out box at the entrance of the floor, and you can leave after putting the room card in. If you are a VIP customer of the hotel, you can enjoy the service of entering the VIP reception room. There are free coffee and snacks in it. After checking in, the staff will also deliver the luggage directly to the room.

Macao Parisians have more than 3000 rooms and suites. I remember staying in Eiffel's room last time, so this time I chose a unique champagne suite for my family. The whole room is designed in French style, with silver gray and champagne lights in the room. It has 72 square meters of super large space. There are mobile doors on both sides of the living room and bedroom, which enriches the layer side feeling of the room. The most praiseworthy thing is that the bedding in the bedroom is very comfortable, and I have a good sleep in Australia these days. Oh, by the way, there is also a free massage machine in the room.

There are all kinds of modern facilities in the guest room, such as coffee capsule, private safe, free WiFi and flat LCD TV of international satellite channel, which make the time in the hotel no longer boring. For me who often travel and carry more electronic equipment, the number of plug holes in the room is very important. There are many sockets from the living room to the bedroom and bathroom, It greatly solves the problem of charging equipment, and Parisian rooms do not need plug converters.

The Parisian's champagne suite really makes my sister grow grass. What she likes most is the cloakroom in the room, the super large round clothes mirror, the separate dressing table, the soft bathrobe and other items. In my words, I don't have to go to the washing table to make up in the morning. Really, if you are a girl who loves beauty, you should have the champagne suite of Macao Parisian.

The bathroom is made of gray marble, which is spacious and bright. The shower and bathtub have the function of water pressure massage. The exaggeration is that the shower here actually comes out from three directions. This is the first time I have seen such advanced equipment. It's the Italian light luxury brand Roberto Cavalli. It's fresh and fragrant. Toilet is equipped with automatic cover opening and heating cleaning function, very convenient.

In Macao, Parisians can not only enjoy the pleasure of shopping, but also feel the delicious food on their tongue. Friends who love food must be familiar with jade Ramen buns. The specialty food originated in Singapore has more than 100 stores in more than 30 countries around the world. Since 2009, it has been recommended as Bib gourmand by Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macao every year. Now Parisians in Macao can enjoy this delicious food.

Xiaolongbao is a famous brand here. Its appearance and taste are similar to those of xiaolongbao in Shanghai. Its skin is thin and it leaves the soup after a bite. It's very rich and the meat is very fragrant. Gently lift, slowly move, first open the window, then drink soup, full of fragrance, this is the real way to eat, do not worry, easy to burn the mouth.

From the name of the restaurant, we can know that in addition to xiaolongbao, Dandan Ramen is also the main product. According to the staff of the restaurant, the soup of ramen has been simmered for more than eight hours with pig bone, Jinhua ham and other materials, and the Ramen is also very strong. This should be the most delicious Ramen I have ever eaten.

Macao is an entertainment city for many people, but it is also a shopping paradise. Whether it's Parisians or Venetians in Macao, there are all the first-line fashion and luxury brands in the world. From clothing to cosmetics, from bags to souvenirs, it can be said that as long as you want, here can satisfy your shopping heart.

Now that you have come to Paris, you must visit this place where global luxury brands gather. Although it's just a hotel integrating dining and shopping, you can also feel the romantic atmosphere of Paris. The Champs Elysees Avenue and St. onore road are the fashion indicators in Paris. Parisians in Macao can find their figures. Walking here listening to the beautiful melody sounds, it seems that I have passed through the Paris in my dream.

Both Macao Parisian and other hotels in Jinsha are now able to use WeChat and Alipay. They can buy and buy them without cash, and there will be some small activities at irregular intervals. In addition to shopping, Parisians also have conference hall, special restaurant, spa, children theme water park and swimming pool, fitness club, Parisian theater which can hold 1200 people to watch world-class entertainment performances, etc.

Parisians in Macao have many restaurants with excellent reputation. Whether it's a variety of cafeterias, the romantic Paris pavilion or the imperial lotus palace, they are the best choices for gourmets. Recently, the twelve golden kitchen series is very popular, among which Zeng Qihui is the executive chef of Chinese food in Paris Restaurant, but this time I chose the French restaurant of Parisians.

The French restaurant is located on the third floor of the Parisian Hotel. It opens from 10 a.m. and supports reservation. The environment of the restaurant is comfortable and elegant, full of French style, so that you can have a feeling of being in France. Here you can choose a set meal or a single dish. If you are a vegetarian, you must try the organic seasonal vegan menu "green cuisine" vegan menu. Foie gras is one of the most classic dishes in French cuisine. The roast time of foie gras is just right, and there is no fishy smell. With the combination of Tricholoma matsutake and butter, it tastes delicate and has a little milk flavor.

French baked snail is my favorite dish. I have been to the French restaurant of Parisians twice, and this dish is my must order. Because the Burgundy snail in the restaurant is airlifted from France, and it is rich in high protein, low fat and low cholesterol. It tastes rich and juicy, which really makes people want to stop.

Beef fillet with black pepper is also a signature dish of French restaurant. Because my parents are old, I chose medium rare. The size of the steak is very big. You can see how well it is fried. Dip it in the black pepper sauce and the meat is tender. Don't miss a nice dessert and order a glass of French champagne after finishing the appetizer and main course.

After dinner, take advantage of the time is still early, to the outdoor swimming pool to feel the cool summer. Walking in the lounge beside the swimming pool, looking at the Paris tower not far away, this kind of long lost slow time is the most enjoyable. Life can be very busy sometimes, but don't forget to reward yourself at any time.

The Venetian hotel was built earlier, and now the Parisians and Venetians in Macao have realized the intercommunication. It takes only 10 minutes for tourists and hotel guests to walk from the Parisians to the Venetian along the signboard. You can also walk directly to Jinsha city through the overpass outside the Venetian Hotel.

Day9: Venetian of Macao, Oriental water city world

Venetian Macau hotel is located on the avenue of Notre Dame Bay in Taipa, separated from Parisians in Macau. Although entertainment hotels are blooming everywhere in Macao, Venetians still play an important role in Macao, and they are also one of the places where many tourists come here.

If you are a variety show fan, you can see the figure of Venetians in Macao in the 11th issue of the third season of run bar broadcast on July 5, because the program recorded in this issue was selected to Macao. Less than a month after returning from Macao, when I saw the Venetian Hotel behind the star on TV, I suddenly felt an impulse to visit Macao.

If the Parisian Hotel in Macao is full of modern art, Venetians can be described as extremely luxurious. The main color of the hotel lobby is retro beige. It is matched with gold-plated solid columns of macular stone and imported Italian ceramic tiles. Finally, it is illuminated by the light on the wall, which makes people feel like they are in a castle palace in Europe. And the top of the 16th century renaissance style murals into it, so that the entire hotel lobby is full of luxury style on a little more artistic atmosphere.

From June 8 to October 9 of this year, we can see the exhibition of contemporary ceramic art in the golden age in Jinsha City, Parisian, Venetian and four seasons hotel. The exhibition is planned by the internationally renowned ceramic artist Ms. Zheng Yi for Jinsha China, and is also one of the grand events of art and Culture Expo 2019.

The golden age contemporary ceramic art exhibition is one of the largest and highest level international ceramic art exhibitions in Dawan District in 2019. It is said that more than 90 world-class contemporary ceramic artists from 13 countries and regions are specially invited to participate in the exhibition. Although I have visited many museums and seen many art exhibitions in recent years, the contemporary ceramic art exhibition in the golden age still amazes me.

At that time, when the Venetians were looking at the collection, they didn't know much about Zheng Yi, an artist. After they came back to read the materials, they had a deep understanding of her background. In the 1980s, he received a bachelor's degree in painting and zoology from Michigan State University and a master's degree in sculpture from San Francisco University of the arts. But for other reasons, she finally chose pottery.

Every piece of art has a profound story behind it. It is said that most of the works in this exhibition are tailor-made for this exhibition. She combines traditional Chinese ceramic technology with modern aesthetics, creating a new trend culture. This exhibition industry is to let more people know about Chinese ceramic culture. On one side of the Venetian hall is an art collection like clothes. This is Zheng Yi's most outstanding art series: Fu. Most proud of all, some of her works have even been purchased and collected by the British Museum.

The golden light art gallery of Venetian Macao is one of the most comprehensive indoor multi-purpose exhibition and performance venues in Asia. The whole venue can accommodate more than 15000 people at the same time. It should be noted that the honghom stadium in Hong Kong can only accommodate more than 12000 people. Many stars come to Macao to hold their own concerts, and they will choose to hold their own concerts in the golden light variety art gallery. This is my third time to come to Venice. When I came here, I saw the posters of stars such as Sidious Lyon, backstreet boys, Mayday, and Tam wing Lin. Ah, sometimes I envy Macao's friends. It's good to see many stars' concerts.

If you are a person who likes to buy, Macao Parisians and Venetians are really shopping paradise. Many brands here are more preferential than those abroad. You can buy your favorite brands without going abroad. And if you can always pay attention to the official website or micro-blog, WeChat official account, there will be some preferential activities at irregular intervals.

Entertainment is one of Macao's business cards. How can we miss it here? If you are interested, you can go to Venetians or Parisians to experience it. Because there are clear regulations in the entertainment center that you can't take photos, so there is no way to show you here. I believe you can imagine the scale of it when you see the luxury of Parisians and Venetians.

Like Parisians, Venetians also have many special restaurants, such as Huangque Indian restaurant, Bitao Yiguo fishing village, Jizhu cafeteria, North Pavilion, Xiyue and so on. As we are northerners, we seldom contact with Southern food, so I brought my family to the emperor's dim sum, which is mainly Cantonese food. This restaurant is famous for its authentic Cantonese cuisine, so do not miss it if you like, and it is open 24 hours a day.

Although northerners have a stronger taste for delicious food, the honey barbecued pork and curry beef brisket rice here are my favorite. Barbecued pork is one of the most classic Cantonese dishes. It uses pork tenderloin, with barbecued sauce, oyster sauce, honey and other accessories. The gravy tastes sweet, and now it makes my mouth water when I think about it. People around Guangdong and Hong Kong also like beef brisket rice very much. However, as a northerner, I have a special preference for Indian curry, so this curry beef brisket rice is also one of my preferred dishes in the emperor's snack restaurant.

Steamed spareribs with minced garlic and Emperor fresh shrimp dumplings are the signature dishes of the restaurant. The fresh shrimp dumplings here are more delicious than those I've ever eaten before. The thin skin is wrapped with huge shrimp, and it tastes full and elastic. I still remember that I went to Lianxiang restaurant in Hong Kong once. At that time, I made a special trip to eat some snacks such as steamed spareribs with minced garlic. However, I didn't get them because of my slow start. But this time, I had my little wish in Venice. I really want to explain that this dish must be ordered, must be ordered, must be ordered. I'll tell you the important things three times. As for the taste, just go to eat it.

Blue sky and white clouds, gondola's boats floating on the green water, the shops on both sides are all kinds of luxury brands. When you are tired, you will feel that everything is so enjoyable and comfortable. In Macao, I think Parisians and Venetians are really good choices. You can have a one-stop experience of eating, living, traveling, playing and shopping here.

Venetians in Macao can enjoy the Grand Canal by gondola, which many people will experience here. Adult tickets: 108mop, children: 80mop. There's a special window for you to buy, but you have to go to the ticket office to exchange the tickets. The tickets are also exquisitely made, so you can keep them for a memory.

There are three different routes to gondola in Venice Grand Canal: Grand Canal, Santa Luca canal and Marco Polo canal. These three routes are not interlinked, so tourists can take them anywhere. Boatman is one of the highlights of the experience, most of them are foreigners, and everyone has unique skills, singing, playing piano and interacting with tourists.

A gondola boat can take four tourists at the same time. When it is full, it begins a short trip to the water city. I remember when I took my parents to Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province in 2017, I took a boat. At that time, my father was still a little seasick, so when I took the gondola boat, I specially asked my parents to sit in the direction of the boatman, so that the center of gravity of the boat would be more stable, and our boatman was still a little fat brother.

With such a big artificial blue sky, colorful houses and arch bridges connecting the two sides, gondola boat is driving slowly on the river. This time I went with my elder sister, my family enjoyed the happiness of family reunion. I like to record the time when my family was together with the camera, because it was the happiest moment in our life.

The whole round-trip time of gondola is about 20 minutes. Here, we must praise the staff for their careful and enthusiastic service. When the boat pulls in, someone will help the tourists off the boat. However, gondola's tickets are only valid on the same day, so those who buy tickets should not miss the time to avoid expiration.

My dad and I miss our northern food a little because of the Cantonese food for several days in a row, so for the last meal in Macao, I took them to the Venetian northern Pavilion. From the name of the restaurant, we can know that it is mainly northern cuisine, and the restaurant environment with Chinese elements also gives people a pleasant mood.

As a northerner, noodles are our favorite, so we ordered a bowl of noodles. When the service staff brought it up, they found that the bowl of noodles was too real. There were several large pieces of beef, and the noodles were just thick and generous. In fact, the highlight was the soup, which was full of delicious flavor. After finishing the meal, I learned that the chefs here were specially recruited from various cities in the north.

Although it's only a few days since I came out, I really miss my hometown's rougamo, which seems to be specially prepared for us. The mutton is well processed, and there is no smell of mutton. The lotus leaf cake should come out of the oven, with some burnt yellow on the dough. Moreover, this dish is accompanied by a secret sauce, which tastes delicious when eaten together. Oh, by the way, the North Hall restaurant also has organic season, the best choice for vegetarians.

If it wasn't for the map navigation in the Venetian Hotel, maybe I would get lost. It was afternoon outside when I walked out of the hotel. At this time, the lagoon square reflected the opposite buildings, which was amazing like a picture scroll. From day to night, there are different charms on the Golden Avenue, which is Macao and Jinsha.

The three-day trip to Macao is coming to an end. I spent an unforgettable time with my family. Some words from my heart still want to say to them: elder sister, when we were children, we played together and quarreled together. Now we are already adults, and each has a different life. No matter at any time, you are my closest person and my forever elder sister. I hope everything is OK with you.

My mother is the person I love most in my life. When I was young, I always thought she was nagging. As I grew older, I gradually understood her concern for me. Now her hair is white, and her body is not as good as before, especially her eyesight is getting worse and worse. But every time she comes home, she always takes my hand and asks me if I have eaten, whether I am well recently, and don't stay up late. When I was a child, I always thought that time was too slow. I always wanted to grow up early to see the world. Now I hope that time can be slower and slower, because I will spend more time with her.

Any relationship between father and son is always more silent. My father and I are stubborn people. We don't communicate a lot from childhood. When we have many wrong problems, he will deal with them in a way that I don't like. During adolescence, I was rebellious, absent from school, fighting and so on. Now I feel silly. All these problems have happened to me. Now think about it, I used to be a son who made him worry. Most of the time, I always ask my mother if my father doesn't love me, why every time I see him, I'm very upset. In recent years, I gradually understand that the love between men is very simple, in my heart.

As night falls and the lights begin to shine, Macao seems to have changed into a glittering coat at night. From afar, Venice looks like a splendid palace, and the music on the lagoon square makes the night of Macao full of unique atmosphere. On such a romantic night, you might as well go to Macao. Parisians can take the iron tower to enjoy a beautiful and dreamy night view of Macao.

The city of Macao has given me too many surprises. Walking through the streets, I feel the real breath of life. Everything that has been preserved in the long history seems to tell us the story of the past. Because of the weather, I didn't finish the rest of my trip, so I'll leave these regrets for my next visit to Macao.

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