N new ways to play in Macao! You can't imagine that this old landmark still has some tricks!

Published on August 31, 2019 00:04

How many ways to spend a holiday in Macao? If you want Huahua to give the answer, you can write ten thousand words draft properly! Today Huahua is going to dig something new in the "old" landmarks for you to enjoy an ultimate original European holiday!

Located on the Golden Avenue, Macao Jinsha resort is the largest comprehensive entertainment resort in Macao. With seven world-class high-end hotels, it provides a variety of entertainment experiences such as accommodation, shopping, food, conference, performance and so on. Among them, Macao Parisian Hotel and Macao Venetian hotel have long been famous both at home and abroad. The wives of "huameili" family, cash and CaoHua, recently came to the two major resorts of Sanshu in Macao, collecting many new attractions for you! This strategy is definitely the best one for planting grass!

Macao Parisian Resort

The perfect vacation is to immerse the body and mind in the wonderful beauty, which often brings the source of amazing creativity. Macao Parisian resort design inspiration from the luxury and unique "city of light" Paris, France. The 30 meter high outdoor large screen outside the resort is modeled on the monument of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. The design inspiration of the hotel's porch is the north railway station in Paris. The "Poseidon fountain" in the middle of the Parisian Hotel's lobby is a replica of the French landmark building, built with more than 20 tons of clay. It reflects the golden dome built with reference to the exquisite and elegant Legionnaire in the seventh district of Paris, The pedestrian roads on both sides are covered with French limestone and marble. When you are in it, everything you can see is magnificent and dazzling.

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