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Published on October 28, 2014 13:14

In the center of cotang, an exquisite small city of Macao, three world-class hotel brands have created a miracle - Galaxy Macau. Galaxy Macau is not only the largest comprehensive resort in Asia, but also the five-star Galaxy Hotel The galaxy of Macau, which is jointly created by the world-renowned Japan Hotel Group and the top-level Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort Group in Cotai, is an extraordinary choice for luxury holidays.

When luxury Meets Art

In the evening, we arrived at the Galaxy Hotel in Macao, but we were deeply shocked by the luxurious artistic atmosphere. In Macao, where we are used to being addicted to money, the hall of Galaxy Hotel, inspired by peacock feathers, is a visual focus created by its outstanding, curvilinear shape and geometric structure, So that every corner seems to be telling their own story with great interest. In the touching melody, the bright giant diamond as high as 3 meters rotates slowly in the middle of the water curtain. Between dazzling and magnificent, the galaxy of Macao has more poetic charm.

The temptation of glass Island

Waiting for dinner in terrazza, the Garden Italian restaurant of Galaxy Hotel, in the gentle moonlight, I was completely fascinated by the shining glass house. The retro style fireplace was matched with the bright mirror of the Roman wind, and the white brick wall was so elegant. I drank the champagne recommended by the sommelier in the candlelight, Scallop in shell tiramisu and Baijiu are the signs of the garden restaurant. The main course, vanilla, sheep and eggplant, garlic and garlic are the most sensitive areas to the tip of the tongue. TERRAZZA is a balcony in Italy. After dinner, a gold foil shining tiramisu coffee ice cream is just perfect on the glass Island.

Hong Lian

Honglian bar is hidden in the secret place of Galaxy Hotel. The design of top master Chen Youjian makes it look like a wild night in Paris. In the smoke rendering, it looks like the golden age of Shanghai in the 1930s. Mr. Chen Youjian specially invited many of the most famous contemporary Chinese artists, such as Bu Hua, Chen man, Deng Xinli, Ling Jian and Zheng Lu, to create for Hongling, The design elements are skillfully integrated with the characteristics of Shanghai celebrities such as Zhou Xuan and Ruan Lingyu. Hong Lian is a mysterious, sexy and charming woman, which is fascinating, confusing and provocative. Red lotus bar's signature cocktail, occult, is called psychedelic. It is based on homemade citronella vodka, with strawberry liqueur and mixed berries added. The pink liquid is packed in a tilted glass. The provocative state is needless to say but slightly drunk.

Banyan tree in the sun

When the sun shines on the room through the glass window, lazily lying on the comfortable big bed, but unwilling to get up, I told the hotel service staff last night that the bedclothes they deployed were really agreeable. If you can get such intimate service when you go out, you must praise the super configuration of Galaxy Hotel. Now you have to change into swimsuit and go to Tianlang Taoyuan to bask in the sun. Galaxy Macau has installed the world's largest air surfing swimming pool in the hotel, and the 350 ton Maldivian Ivory artificial beach is irresistible. However, it can enjoy the unique tropical style in Macao's Cotai. If you don't come to galaxy, you will never expect it. The surprise created by Galaxy Macau makes you enjoy the holiday extremely.

After sunbathing, go to the Banyan Tree Spa. The soft light in the 100 square meter "Pinellia" spa instantly eases the mind. It echoes the sound of water and birds, the joy of water, and the fragrance of love oil. Under the care of the therapist, the tiredness accumulated in recent days is gradually relieved, and the day's annoyance is gradually dispersed, Then go to the spa pool full of tropical rain and dew pattern to enjoy comprehensive relaxation, and recover all the vitality in the quiet atmosphere. No wonder banyan tree has the concept of "guests come for spa vacation". A cup of lemon honey tea and a cool face towel with jasmine fragrance just let people relax.

Oyster King peron

For the second dinner in Macao galaxy, banyan tree's peron restaurant was chosen. The blue glass steps at the entrance seem to introduce people to the ocean world, and the arched corridor in the shape of whale bone, as well as the creation inspired by the ocean elements such as scallop tail, jellyfish, waves and spiral shells. The unique style of peron restaurant exudes soft charm.

Mr. Shi Zhiyun is the head chef of Bailong restaurant. The experienced Mr. Shi is the best at combining the essence of authentic food with Western cooking skills to create a unique Bailong style cuisine. Every once in a while, Mr. Shi will launch a new menu and dishes to satisfy the ultimate gluttonous guests. On this night, whether it's Crispy pomfret or not, The taste buds of slow boiled pigeon breast, or civet coffee and lamb willow are all fully experienced. Of course, the most important thing to emphasize is the roasted Hokkaido tape processed on the whole Himalayan salt, and the interesting Italian lemon flame ice cream. The feast on the tip of the tongue is the purest answer in the Bellon restaurant, Perhaps the only regret now is that tomorrow morning we are about to embark on the return flight, Galaxy Hotel, Macao. See you next time.

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