Macao! A brief account of the happy time of Macao tourism with your family!

I always want to take my mother to a walk on the trip. Before I take advantage of the annual leave, my mother has just retired. I'll book a hotel and go straight to Macao! Although it's important to enjoy the happy hour, shopping in Macao is the most important thing. Fortunately, as soon as my mother hears about shopping, she is walking fast. Shopping and play can be carried out simultaneously, and the long-awaited journey begins!

Stay at the Venetian Hotel in Macao and start the carnival mode!

Last time I went to Macao with my best friend, I stayed in the Conrad Hotel under Macao Jinsha. I felt very good. This time I chose the Venetian Hotel. By the way, it's cost-effective to book online. Book two days in advance and enjoy a 20% discount. Stay two nights and enjoy a 70% discount!

When you arrive at the hotel, the western architecture under the blue sky and white clouds gives you a sense of crossing. You are used to seeing the high-rise buildings in the mainland. Come here to experience the western culture. The integration of Chinese and Western culture makes the world culture really inclusive.

There must be some pictures of the hotel scenery, which I am very proud of. The blue sky and white clouds are integrated with the Venetian Hotel, and the world seems to have stopped.

When I was a child, I saw this kind of building in a TV play. I thought I would go to see it with my own eyes one day. Now it's a dream come true. The lines are smooth and the western characteristics are at a glance.

After arriving at the hotel, the doorman will immediately come to help us open the door. No matter how much luggage we have, we don't have to worry. The concierge will deliver it to the room. It feels super nice~

Into the hall, completely stunned. The hall creates a sense of resplendence, with Western lines, high roofs and luxurious European style. It seems that Prince and princess will appear in the next second.

I regret that I didn't study history and aesthetics well when I went to school, otherwise I can describe it with very beautiful words now.

I'll give you a taste of this tall decoration. The dome arch and the statue in the middle of the hall are self-contained. The golden color created is breathtaking and impressive.

My reservation is a deluxe royal suite with a large double bed. It can be very spacious for four people. It is totally different from the design style of the hotel lobby. The room design belongs to the European simple style, and the color is relatively simple and elegant, mainly white and brown, making people feel comfortable.

There are many small lights in the room, this design feels very intimate, the light is soft, easy to reach, very convenient and practical.

Sunken living room design super like, both spacious and luxurious. The sofa is super soft, and the room is also equipped with tea table and seat, which is very warm and feels like at home~

Venetian hotel's bathroom, luxurious marble bathroom, super large bathtub, and the handle design on the edge are very considerate. You don't have to worry about slipping when you enter or leave the bathtub. Take a comfortable bath at night, and the next day it's lively!

After a short rest in the room, I can't bear to drag my mother to the mall! The Venetian Hotel in Macao is surrounded by four shopping centers, Grand Canal shopping center, Parisian shopping center, Jinsha square and four seasons stores. I prefer the Grand Canal shopping center. In addition to nearly 400 brand shops, there are also super beautiful scenery to watch. It can be called a holy land for sightseeing!

From the hotel lobby escalator up to the third floor, is the Grand Canal shopping center, and the other three shopping centers are interlinked, the distance is very close, it is very convenient to walk!

Grand Canal Shoppes

The sky above the Grand Canal shopping center is a man-made sky curtain. The sky curtain can cooperate with the computer-controlled lighting effect to create the clouds and sky color of dawn, dusk, sunrise and sunset. Around the Grand Canal, walking along the river, different landscapes and shops are also in sight. It's all beautiful when you take a picture.

Before I came here, I was looking forward to a gondola boat ride. Gondola is a feature of the Grand Canal shopping center. Sitting on the gondola, listening to the boatman singing along the river, wandering in the western culture, can be released in the short journey, free and happy.

After a small turn, we have gained a lot. There are too many shops. It's impossible to introduce them one by one. In order to satisfy you, I'd like to introduce a few personal favorite shops for your reference only~


It's a little surprise to meet this shop here. The discount card at the door attracts a lot of people. When it comes to discount activities, they don't hesitate and rush forward!

The store is super large, with a wide range of clothes and shoes, and the shoes are about 100 yuan cheaper than those in the mainland~

Floating shoes, here I come~


When I met a super lingerie brand store, I never thought it would be able to get a discount. The 70% discount is too much~


There are too many tourists in Adidas shops. Although there are many Adidas shops in the mainland, it's hard to get a 60% discount. Without hesitation, they rush in, explore crazily in the crowd, and finally find what they like!

Look at the discount. Do you need to hesitate? Go!

I'm going to choose a kind of comfortable and breathable sports shoes for my father. I'm really at a loss if I don't buy them!

Look, it's a shoe of conscience price. The praise is not discussed!


Cosmetics shops that have to grow grass have all kinds of brands of cosmetics, and their prices are much cheaper than those in the mainland. Lancome and Estee Lauder are basically two or three hundred yuan cheaper than those in the mainland, which is very cost-effective~

The 70% off brand is very eye-catching. OMG, buy it~


Japanese popular girls ranked first in women's clothing brand, I like it very much. There are a lot of women's clothes in the shop, some of them are 50% off, the shopping guide is also very enthusiastic, and they will introduce suitable clothes to you according to your figure, sweet girl is online!

Parisian cafeteria

Its price is not high. There are many dishes, including Cantonese food, Southeast Asian food and Japanese food. There are also many seafood, which are quite fresh.

The environment in the store is very good. Although there are many tourists, the seats are reasonably designed and will not feel crowded.

There are all kinds of small cakes, my favorite! I don't feel particularly sweet and greasy when I eat it, and the taste is light and fragrant. I couldn't help losing weight and ate four at a time. It's a crime!

The roast duck is really delicious. It's crisp outside and crisp inside. It's fat but not greasy. It's really comparable with the authentic Beijing roast duck!

Let's have some seafood~

Bitao, a fishing town in Italy

If you like the taste of Italian food, you must not miss Bitao's Italian fishing village. The traditional Italian food, including carpaccio, spaghetti and risotto, is quite brilliant, so that you can enjoy pure Italian taste without going abroad.

The tone in front of the restaurant is very Italian, romantic and mysterious~

Nice environment in the store, very exotic~

Bison long bone meat is a favorite side dish for my mother and me. The beef is very tight and tough. The chef shows the delicacy of the food itself. The cherry fruit and lemon serve as a combination of dishes, which can relieve the greasiness and have good appearance. It can kill two birds with one stone~

The heat of the pizza is just right, the skin is golden, the hardness is moderate, and the thickness is just right. With the strong milk aroma of cheese, the combination of Chinese and western is very subtle.

Seafood spaghetti, noodles, shrimp meat, and the rich sauce, the three blend, full flavor~

With my favorite cappuccino, perfect!

That's all for today's share. You must also be looking forward to the delicious food and beautiful scenery of the Venetian Hotel. In fact, there are not only Venetian Hotel and Conrad Hotel on Macao's Jinsha avenue under Macao sands, such as Parisian Hotel, Sheraton Macau Hotel and Reggie Macau hotel. They are all excellent. The comments on the Internet are very high. Five stars recommend them!

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