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Ctrip three diamond de'orei 10 day tour 2013.9.16-2013.9.28

Days: 10 days

Time: September

With whom: with friends

Play: with the group, luxury, shopping, food, culture

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NH Vienna Airport Hotel


The golden statue of Strauss

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Hofburg Palace

Meiquan Palace



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Published on November 11, 2013 10:35

As we are both still working, we can't take a long holiday. Arrange a 10 day vacation every year. Self driving tour needs to do a lot of homework. Generally, the schedule is long, and our English is poor. Team tour is the best choice. According to this year's travel plan is Europe, last year's western tour of the United States is also a group of Ctrip, I feel very good. This year, Ctrip continues. So very early often in Ctrip online shopping. Because we liked the natural scenery better, we chose the Three Kingdoms. Then, entangle between the four drills and the three drills. I had to use a stupid method to print out the two itineraries and compare them one by one. It turns out that the itinerary arrangement is basically the same, and the difference is only in accommodation and food. The list of hotels listed is different, but there are also many intersections. Group meal four drill is six dishes and one soup, three drill is five dishes and one soup. After reading the praise from the group members who came back from the trip, I decided to take part in the trip. After all, can we save money! So: pay, fill in the form, wait to start. Ctrip's service is always good, waiting for everything to go smoothly. But in the final notice, there are 34 League members in the league. I'm afraid that there are too many of them, right? I've never been in a group with so many people before. Does it take a long time to wait for a meeting every time? Later, it turned out that everything was beautiful. Under the leadership of team leader Zhang Jian and tour guide Xiao Ren, all the members of the group arrived early without being late, setting a new record. I would like to thank the tour leader Zhang Jian and the tour guide Xiao Ren, and all the members of the group for making this trip to Europe so happy. Let's go!

2013.9.19. Day one

Starting from home at 2:30 in the morning, I drove through the streets of Shanghai for the first time in the morning. Even in the early hours of the morning, the metropolis is still not sleeping. First drive to a friend's home, pick up a friend at the door of the community, because after arriving at the airport, the car is driven back by him. Arrive at the gathering place of terminal 2 of Pudong Airport on time. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. It's Ctrip's wish that leader Xiao Zhang distribute moon cakes to each group member. After checking in the luggage, wait quietly for departure.

It's getting a little bit brighter, and we're going to take the UAE flight:

Ctrip is booking a flight to UAE. Her service and plane were very good. On the flight from Shanghai to Dubai, the menu given by the stewardess is in Chinese and English. There are two main courses to choose from. My husband and I both chose fish. It's delicious. Before meals, hot towels will be delivered, which is not available on other flights. Behind each chair is a TV screen. You can choose many films to watch. You can also select the flight menu to see the route map, aircraft altitude, speed, etc., as well as the pictures taken by the nose camera and belly camera. It's very good-looking when taking off and landing, just like the take-off and landing pictures in the movie. In the middle of the voyage, the pictures of the belly of the plane are clouds, and the pictures of the nose are clear sky. There is a cable socket under the TV screen to access the Internet. There is an AC socket, which can be charged. TV screen some flights are touch screen, some flights need controller, it depends on the model. Crew members come from many different countries, which means they can enjoy services in different languages. Juice, hot tea and coffee will be delivered from time to time, and even wine can be ordered in the warehouse. It takes eight hours to fly, four or five hours to stay at Dubai airport, and then five hours to fly to Vienna, Europe. The advantage is that a long voyage can be divided into two sections. You can land in the middle and have a look at Dubai airport. The bad thing is that the whole journey is lengthened.

Look at Dubai airport. This is a picture of terminal B in Dubai. The circle in the middle shows where you are. At this time, we are in the middle of building B, which is very big.

This company sells local crafts, which are full of Arabic color. Children play on camels.

It's a very exaggerated device for pumping smoke.

Super fashion national clothing, I do not know conservative Arab man will let his wife put on, let others see the face?

Super cute Golf Club

For couples in standard Arabic dress, we gave them a name called black and white match. Men are dazzling white, generally more fat, women are deep black, only a pair of eyes, generally petite. I was embarrassed to take a picture when I saw an Arab woman wrapping her headscarf in the bathroom. That piece of black yarn is very thin, but it is very long and long. It is twined in layers until only one eye is exposed, leaving a section floating with the graceful walking. So the UAE stewardess also had a piece of tulle under the red brim, and the color changed to white.

A shop selling camel cigarettes. The camel also has the color of desert.

Red wine shops, billboards are in Chinese.

There are watch shops everywhere. There is UnionPay logo.

The desert oasis of the terminal.

Let's fly to Vienna again.

To be honest, it's been a long day. It's about 9 p.m. local time for Shanghai to leave for Vienna in the early morning. It's six hours time difference. So today is 30 hours, basically on the road.

There was no question when we entered the customs. We kept smiling. The passport turned to the visa page, and the customs officials sealed it one after another.

Stay at NH Vienna Airport Hotel tonight. Walk through the square in front of the airport terminal and cross a small road. When crossing the road, there is no traffic light at the intersection, we enjoy the national treatment: the car stops voluntarily, and a large group of us cross the road with luggage. The result was that ten days later, when I just crossed the street, I was almost hit by a private car. Fortunately, he had the quality. He didn't yell at me, but just glared at me.

In the hotel lobby, I met our tour guide, Xiao Ren. He also distributed moon cakes, and this year's Mid Autumn Festival went from China to Europe. The environment is good and the air is fresh, so the moon in foreign countries is especially round, which should not be regarded as a fan of foreign countries. The rooms in the airport hotel are standard rooms, very clean, but there are no surprises.

2013。 9.20 the next day

Today is in Vienna. In the morning, I opened the window and saw: This is the back door of a building in front, clean and tidy.

Let's take a look at the hotel lobby first: the accommodation of Sanjiang is not bad at all. Maybe there is no red eye flight in Vienna, so there is no sound of taking off and landing at night. It was quiet.

Here comes the surprise. The breakfast in the hotel is very rich. There are salmon, sliced ham, roasted bacon, sliced ham, sausages, fresh fruits, bread, jam, juice and cheese. All in all, it's all over the place. It's totally different from what Ctrip said on its website: European breakfast varieties are monotonous. For our Chinese stomach, the only bad thing is that there is no hot food. There was a sign next to a jar that said hot milk. I poured a small cup, put some oatmeal, some raisins, walnut meat and so on, its heat can not even soak oatmeal. So I understand that our heat is actually hot. The heat in Europe, in our definition, is just temperature.

Look at our breakfast and Breakfast:

Egg cups. Erect the egg on the egg cup, gently tap the top of the egg with a small spoon, then peel a small hole with your hand, stick in with a small spoon, and take out the whole egg to eat. The glass butterfly holds jam.

After breakfast, gather and set out. As you are still living here tonight, you don't have to drag your luggage and carry your backpack.

Our car is a Mercedes Benz bus. It's very clean, carpeted and spacious. One seat for each person is available. If there are individual seats, they can take up a row of seats. The guide Xiao Ren introduced the driver to us ceremoniously. A Hungarian man. He is not tall, because of the language barrier, he seldom speaks. He wants to be very clean. Almost every morning I met him with a suit and a long sleeve shirt that had been washed and ironed on the hanger. Then he opened the special luggage compartment under the belly of the car, about one square meter, which was spotless, everything was in good order, and there was a clothes rack, which was specially used to hang clothes. Every day, he carries the luggage of our whole regiment up and down, and puts it properly. In the afternoon, all the people in the car dozed off. He woke up alone and was absorbed in driving.

Then Xiao Ren began his first discipline class. For example, you are not allowed to eat juicy food in the car, and all garbage should be taken out of the car and sorted and discarded in the dustbin. When crossing the road, we have to wait for the green light, walk on the sidewalk, don't be late, don't make a loud noise, etc.... He said to greet everyone to gather, he can't shout, he whistled for the order of gathering, and then he whistled. It was quite loud in the car at that time, but it turned out that the volume was really limited. It reminds me of the captain whistling in charge of seven children in the sound of music. Austrians grew up whistling. We do as the Romans do.

The road is picturesque.

Today, Xiao Ren told us: because the day of shopping in the itinerary is a rest day, the store is not open, we adjust our itinerary today and go shopping in otterlet first.

Is it like aotelet in Zhaoxiang, Qingpu, Shanghai?

We like to see the cutlery shop, colorful, delicious. I can't help but wonder what kind of warm home the European housewives with such high-end equipment will create.

Shuangliren tool shop

Shuangliren metal soap. After reading the English instructions on the outside of the package, I know it's called metal soap. I still have doubts. I can't imagine that metal can be made into soap. He also specially consulted the guide Xiao Ren. He said that there was something in the metal, and there was fishy smell on his hands. Once he scrubbed it with this metal soap, the smell disappeared when he washed it with clean water. It is a high-tech product. Never wear. The price is 9.95 euro.

Clothing store: on the left side is the firewood for the fireplace in winter. It feels warm in the cold winter.

A chocolate shop, a wide variety, even the same variety also has different chocolate content. We bought a lot of them in this shop. They are all for relatives and friends. This kind of food is not refundable.

If you buy goods in Austria, you can get a refund if you have an invoice of more than 70 euro. Team leader Xiao Zhang has already handed the copy of his passport to every family. After you buy something, show the clerk the copy of your passport before you issue the invoice, and tell the clerk to issue the tax-free form. So you can stamp the invoice and tax-free form when you go through the customs, and refund the tax when you leave the country. Generally about 10%. How to operate the tour guide will tell you in detail. Afterwards, Xiao Ren would read every list of every family one by one and help us fill in it completely. It was very serious and hard. So when we leave Zurich, the tax refund of our whole regiment is very smooth.

Take care of your lunch. In the famous Beihai fish shop. It's a chain store. Attract customers with seafood. There are many houses on the streets of Vienna. Today, we bought a salmon hamburger for each person, and my husband took another bottle of coke. It's delicious. There's a lot of salmon in the bread. Lettuce, onion and tomato slices. The hamburger seems to be 3.49 euros.

Beihai fish shop:

After lunch, it's assembly time. Get on the bus and head for downtown Vienna. We began to appreciate the European culture that the rise is culture, the bow is culture. Of course, along the way, Xiao Ren continued to give us European culture lessons.

Vienna Street:

Go to the city garden first. The golden statue of Strauss is in the park.

Flowers can be seen outside the garden.

Statue of John Strauss: the movement played by violin echoes in human history forever.

Flower clocks in the park:

Open air dining seats in the park:

Out of the park, we came to the Golden Hall: is the facade not as luxurious as imagined.

As like as two peas in the square, the Museum of art is located at the Museum of art in Maria square.

The guide took us through an underpass to the new Hof Castle palace.

A carriage passed in front of the palace

Then we began to roam the pedestrian streets in the old city, and slowly understood the low-key luxury of Europe.

Before the dissolution, the tour guide told the meeting place: at the door of a luxury watch shop:

Tour guide Xiao Ren will tell us where there is a free toilet. This shop has it. Later, we figured out the way to free toilets: large supermarkets, larger restaurants, large department stores and tourist service centers.

Pedestrian street in the rain

Ruins of the ancient city of Vienna:

Close up of the Black Death Memorial Tower:

Stephen's Cathedral in the downtown: This is Austria's most important masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

The old church is interwoven with the modern fashion window:

The facade of the church has gone through many vicissitudes

The sculpture of the church facade: its exquisite and amazing.

Enter and hold your breath.

One of the builders of the church: the self portrait of Anton pylgham, who is still holding tools in his hand, is quietly watching everyone's admiration for his masterpiece at the foot of the organ. He's definitely a genius. Close up:


It is no exaggeration to describe the pulpit he built with uncanny craftsmanship

Main altar:

Side hall:

Behind the church is a huge organ:

It's time for us to have dinner out of church. Outside the restaurant where you eat authentic Vienna roast pork ribs:

The front of the restaurant is very small

The dining room in the basement is very big, with warm lights

Here comes our roast pork rib. It's actually a whole piece. After cutting it, I thought of taking photos

Each of us has a cup of green tea, a roast pork rib and a fried noodles. The extra tip for the waiter is about 35 euro. After a while, such a large rib was wiped out by us, leaving only bones. Isn't it horrible? Afterwards, I was also very surprised. How could I eat so much meat all at once?! At home, small pieces of meat are only two pieces per person. But pork is really delicious. It is said that the pigs here drink mineral water, eat green food and keep running.

After dinner, the lights are shining. Those beautiful buildings are more exquisite and transparent in the dim night under the light, the details of the facade are more concave and convex, and the charm is endless.

New Hofburg Palace

Black Death Memorial Tower:


Museum of Natural History:

Stay at NH Vienna Airport Hotel tonight.

2013.9.21 the third day

Breakfast is as good as yesterday. It's just that people who eat breakfast know better.

It's usually nine o'clock in the morning. Dragging the trunk, the driver arranged it properly one by one. As soon as I got on the bus, Xiao Ren's touch exercises began. Touch left, right, up and down. Glasses, jewelry, mobile phones, earphones, wallets and cameras should be touched one by one. While he was talking, he was dancing and demonstrating. Suddenly, someone jumped out of the car and jumped out of the car. As expected, he forgot the power converter, charger and a plug-in.

In the future, we will do touch exercises again and again before driving every day.

This morning is meiquan palace.

Meiquan palace is the palace of Austria. People who have seen Princess Sisi will remember: beautiful princess Sisi; Her diligent husband of the emperor; Her critical mother-in-law; Her deaf father-in-law used to live and work here where they needed to be. In fact, her emperor's husband's ancestors began to build meiquan palace, and ruled and lived here.

In front of meiquan Palace:

The back garden of meiquan palace and the Arc de Triomphe in the distance

If you buy a ticket to visit meiquan palace, you can get a commentator at the entrance and adjust to the Chinese channel. No photos are allowed during the visit. You'll be fined 200 euro if you catch it.

Splendid hall: This is the only picture of meiquan palace. My husband's camera is hanging in front of my chest, taking pictures blindly, but there will be a shutter sound. My heart beats faster beside me, so please don't take pictures illegally.

The ceramic fireplace for heating is no longer in the visiting area

Postcards sold by souvenir shops, etc

On both sides of the back garden were well cut Woods:

Fountain sculpture in back garden:

Behind meiquan palace in the back garden:

Guard post:

Out of meiquan palace, walk to the Chinese restaurant for lunch:

After dinner, shop at Swarovski duty free shop.

Crystal Swan: the symbol of Swarovski.

The golden dragon is full of crystal

Exquisite Earrings:

We're going out of town to the lake district.

All the way is still picturesque and idyllic

To the lake area, it is more beautiful, with green mountains, clear water and white sails

Green grass, inlaid with cottages.

On the way through the flowery cemetery, there is no sorrow

Arrive at the most beautiful town: halstadt.

This is the dock for the cruise ship:

There are many dwellings built on the mountain

Reflection in water:

Town Center Square:

Fruit trees growing on buildings:

Sculpture of workers in zhenkou salt mine

Swans swimming in the lake:

All kinds of colorful salt bottles remind you that salt is produced here

Monument to the town's residents who died in World War I and World War II:

Dinner was at a Turkish roll shop near the town ferry. Six euros each. Very delicious.

It was getting dark. A little light from the town:

My husband still refuses to put down the camera:

Here we want to show that the only toilet in Europe that has been used for a fee is at the entrance of the town.

At the toilet toll gate, insert 0.5 euro coins into the coin slot of the control box, the green light of the control box will be on, and the entrance wheel can turn to the toilet to enter a person. From the toilet out of the direction, the wheel rotation is unrestricted. There is also a coin changing machine on the left side, which is convenient for changing coins.

For the hotel I stayed in tonight, the next morning, I made up the following photos:

We were assigned to an extra large room with two chocolates on the pillow

Take a hall, the curtain is full of notes, it is the country of music.

Barrier free toilet is much bigger than ordinary toilet. Remember not to press the help button by mistake

2013.Day 4, 09.22

Except for the salmon, the breakfast was equally rich.

This morning is Mirabel garden in Salzburg. We went from Princess Sisi to the sound of music. Maria, the tutor, was singing and dancing in the garden with the captain's seven children.

Mirabel Garden:

The rose garden in the garden is fragrant.

Garden, the castle of Salzburg in the distance.

The seven dwarfs are also here, with a charming naive manner.

The branches of this big tree can carry so many people

At the front gate of the garden:

Out of the garden to Salzburg's old town.

Food hutong is famous for its various shop moves

Mozart's former residence:

Ancient doorbell beside the former residence:

In the former residence:

That day was a local festival. Tents were set up everywhere. All kinds of traditional skills were shining here, which made my husband intoxicated.

This is to make traditional paper and print pictures on it, which is similar to printmaking. The technique of making paper is similar to that of making rice paper, but the paper is thicker and coarser than rice paper. The barrel is for pulp.

Children who take paper seriously:

Strawberry chocolate made from fresh strawberries:

Carpenter's work:

Sunshine girl on tricycle

Young potters:

Aunt selling fresh and elegant porcelain bottles:

Is this basin and basin stand a little familiar? It's similar to the modeling used in our past "song of youth" and "early spring in February". However, the material of our washbasin is copper, and the washbasin frame is wood. It seems that the cultures of the world are often interlinked.

Uncle of mounting flowers:


Tailors for Ethnic Costumes:

Colorful tablecloths:

All kinds of ham:


Hedgehog made of grass:

Tin vessels:

People who wear national costumes to celebrate the festival:

Tents were set up outside the Bishop's Cathedral in Salzburg:

The organ is played in the church, and the sound is very rich

Mass makers in church:

The bishop in green is giving out the Communion:

The church is magnificent and exquisite. We sit on the side seat quietly, listening to the preaching of the bishop, the sound of the organ, and people saying Amen. Although we know nothing about it, we can feel the solemn atmosphere strongly

Lunch was a group meal in a Chinese restaurant in the grain alley: five dishes and one soup. His braised pork is very delicious.

Street View of Salzburg:

In the afternoon, I leave Salzburg for Munich. Roadside scenery.

Get to Munich.

Munich's city hall was damaged in World War II, leaving only its facade. Now it's old on the outside and new on the inside after World War II.

In the middle is the famous puppet clock.

Entrance to Munich City Hall:

City Hall inner court:

Shop windows selling ethnic costumes:

The little boy in national costume is in high spirits. His trousers are leather trousers made by traditional techniques.

Old people, traditional hanging decorations:

Adult men, also plaid shirt, leather pants:

Architecture with blooming flowers on every windowsill:

Everywhere we go, we visit churches. I don't think time allows us to visit museums. Churches are also the essence of culture.

Outside Munich cathedral:

Satan's footprints:

The colored windows of the church:



Exquisite carving:

Side hall:

Model of the whole church:

Another church.


The interior is also exquisite and magnificent

Munich Street View:

We took care of our dinner tonight. We chose the famous HB beer house in Munich.

Beer house, 1907 in the middle, has a long history.

Inside, roof: there are beautiful pictures, below: the crowd, the voices.

There is a band in the middle of the restaurant

We are sitting at this table. There are reserved seats in the back. We are not allowed to sit. Blondes are waiters.

Our friends across the table drink to us.

Here's our dish: a huge pork hoof, crisp outside and tender inside, with two potato balls. The last half of the beer is from the group.

The extra tip to the waiter cost about twenty euro. The table with a long history is full of knife marks

Check in at this hotel tonight. The lady in black has been waiting for us for a long time.

The room has a sloping roof. I like it very much. Two chocolates on the quilt, warm and sweet.

Outside the window is an open-air dining seat, only the light is invisible.

Today, I drank black beer, and the jet lag was almost adjusted. I fell asleep and had no dream all night.

2013.9.23 the fifth day

I stayed late last night. I'll have a look at the town this morning. It turned out that there was a coffee shop across the window.

The sunrise of the small town is beginning to appear, showing the growing autumn, especially clean and tidy.

Tombstones are sold here:

Arts and Crafts:

Fresh bread has just come out of the oven. The scarecrow welcomed the guests with a smile.

Selling household appliances:

See also tableware shops:

Unfortunately, I still don't know the name of the town.

Today: New Swan Castle.

The scenery on the road is like a cabin in a fairy tale

The sound of cattle Bells:

The road stops in the small town of fosson. Girls are playing water fights: do you recall your childhood?

The girl reading a book, her shoes aside:

Town center:


Shops selling Mini pottery houses:

Store clerk receiving customers:

At the foot of the new Swan Castle, you can see the Old Swan Castle first

Waiting in line to get up the hill:

Get out of the car and walk through the dense woods:

Come to Marianne bridge. This is the best place to photograph new Swan Castle

The new Swan Castle appears in front of us like a dream. It is said that many of the rooms were designed and built by the prince himself: he wanted to make a warm home with his beloved girl,

He raised his children here, looked at his land from his castle every day, and guarded his people. Unfortunately, he failed to realize his beautiful dream, leaving only the castle to tell the story of the past. Disney built a fairy tale castle based on him.

In the distance, there is fertile soil and residential spots

There is a strong man on the bridge

Marian bridge is built between two high mountains, which is extremely steep. See bridge name plate:

The profile of Neuschwanstein Castle:

Entrance to visit New Swan Castle:

That's where lunch comes in. About 20 or 30 meters down from the entrance, there is a postcard kiosk next to another kiosk selling all kinds of hamburgers. We resolutely listened to leader Xiao Ren's words and bought two of the fifth meal. The actual number five meal is: a piece of bread is divided into two parts, and a meat cake is sandwiched in the middle. The meat cake is about 15 cm in diameter and 2 cm in thickness. The meat cake is hot and fragrant. The meat is mixed with potatoes. It's very delicious. So it's right to listen to the leaders and it's necessary to follow them.

You can't take pictures inside the fort. Only when you enter the kitchen can you shoot:

This is a food mold, like a pigeon:

There are also tours here:

Overlooking the Old Swan Castle on the mountain:

Drive to Zurich.

Dinner: group meal in Chinese restaurant. His food is very delicious. First come up with a big pot of hot and sour soup, thick and solid, with green chives and coriander floating on it. Lao Ganma's chili sauce and Zhenjiang's vinegar are put by himself, which is called a fragrance. Their braised pig feet and vermicelli are very delicious.

Stay at NH Airport Hotel Zurich tonight:

When you see a BMW with its door open, there is a BMW light sign on the ground

2013.9.24 the sixth day

Live in the airport hotel, the room is a unified standard room, the best is its breakfast, and see salmon, happiness!

After breakfast to the supermarket shopping: bought bread, tomatoes, ham.

The bag of bread is equipped with a tie rope, which can be tied tightly after putting in the bread, clean and sanitary.

By the way, I went to the flower shop next door

Pass the bus stop. When the bus comes, there is a sign on the stop board: the No. XX bus will arrive in a few minutes.

Today we are in Lucerne.

Lion monument: carved on the whole cliff. In memory of the Swiss mercenaries who died defending the French emperor.

There were mercenaries in Swiss history. Today's prosperity is the result of the blood and sacrifice of that year. From then on, he gave up his career as a mercenary and devoted himself to the study of watch and clock technology. Finally, he mastered the technology and dominated the world. From then on, he stayed away from the war and became an eternal neutral country. The people lived and worked in peace and contentment.

Famous flower bridge and water tower:

Swan by the bridge

Huaqiao, rebuilt after the fire, is as old as ever. Painting on the bridge:

People resting by the lake, we do as the Romans do, sit on the ground, take out the morning supermarket bought bread, ham, tomatoes to eat.

In the afternoon, we took the city sightseeing train for a tour around the city. The whole journey is about one hour, with Chinese introduction. Ten per person.

The modern glass curtain wall clearly reflects the old cottage across the street. The old and the modern interweave into brilliance

Lucerne church gate:

Inside the church:

Take a cruise to Lake Lucerne at 3pm:

Swiss flag flying at Stern:

All the way:

When I got off the boat, I realized that the setting sun had already set in the West. The setting sun pulled the street lamp and our shadow long and left us silhouettes on the streets of foreign countries

There is a sluice downstream, which is very old

There are Arabic numerals 1626-1635 in the sluice name plate:

Downstream of sluice:

Under the setting sun, the flower bridge and water tower are dressed in gold

People have dinner in the setting sun by the lake, and swans swim nearby

The hotel you stayed in tonight: it was made up in the evening.

Our room key:


There are three small windows

Open the window, stand by the window and ask my husband to look out the window

Outside the window:

Wooden revolving stairs and stained glass windows of the hotel:

Hotel lobby:

This is our hotel. There are so many surprises.

2013.9.25 the seventh day

Our breakfast:

Today's highlight is Jungfrau.

At the foot of the mountain is Interlaken. In the distance is snow mountain

Paragliding in the air:

The government decided that buildings could not be built on this land

Star hotels:

Church spire:

Take the gear train up the mountain

Between the two rails is a gear:

Amiable ticket checking uncle:

Let's go up the mountain

On the way up the mountain, there are many beautiful sceneries

Change to gear train with higher gradient in the middle of the way:

Continue to climb the mountain, the scenery is more desolate:

Through a cableway:


The view of the tunnel is very spectacular

When you get to the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the mountains and valleys. The telescope is free:

Peak weather station:

Weather station appearance: cold wind:

Overlooking the weather station, it is built on the steep mountain

Invincible mountain scenery:

There is also an indoor viewing platform, warm as spring, with snow capped mountains close at hand

Lunch was at the indoor viewing platform, with hamburgers with ham slices bought at the bakery beside the hotel in the morning, two for each.

There are also many entertainment items on the mountain, such as skiing

Slide down the hill and take the elevator. It can be repeated:

Liusuo: just listen to the screams.

Ice cave line: there is a long ice tunnel with various ice sculptures on both sides.

Snow shoveling car:

At the tourist center, we each bought a cup of hot chocolate. Four euros a cup. Outside the window is an invincible mountain view. In the warm sunshine inside, the aroma of hot chocolate is overflowing, and happiness is also rippling. Team leader Xiao Zhang said: he went up the mountain four times. Today's weather is the best. It must have been yesterday that our guide Xiao Ren was successful in meditating with beads (beads of various colors he collected from all over the world and wore by himself). Ha ha.

Let's go down the mountain!

The scenery is still magnificent:

At the foot of the mountain, the snow on the snow mountain turns into gurgling water, nourishing this beautiful land

Interlaken in the evening:

At night, the shops are not closed and the lights are shining

Stay in Interlaken tonight. Our room, authentic tiger window:

2013.9.26 the eighth day

In the morning, the scenery outside the tiger's window:

breakfast restaurant:


Today in Bern:

Scenery on the road:

Old city of Bern:

The roads along the river are full of names. They must be people who have contributed to the old city

The bridge hole covers the small bridge hole

Houses under the bridge:

Outside the city is a Green Avenue

Standing high, overlooking the old city:

Old town entrance:

Old town center:

The drainage ditch is built in the middle of the road

Exquisite watch, transparent case, all the mechanical rotation, at a glance:

I bought ham hamburgers in the old town for lunch. Nine francs.

In the afternoon, back to Zurich. Yachts by the lake:

opera house:

Sightseeing boat on the lake:

Pit for planting roadside trees:

We didn't have much interest in luxury stores. We spent some time in the cafeteria on the top floor of this big supermarket. The so-called self-service is like shopping in a supermarket. You take food by yourself. There are various kinds of coffee buttons on the coffee machine. You press the button to pick up the cup and take the tray to the cashier. We had coffee and cake.

As night falls, Zurich in the rain:

The dinner was still the Chinese restaurant where we had dinner the day before yesterday, but the hot and sour soup was replaced with radish chop soup, and the braised pork claw was replaced with double cooked meat. Other dishes have also been changed. They are still delicious. Old Ganma and old vinegar are still used by themselves. Finally, I wanted to ask the boss to order more soup. The boss said that the soup was gone.

Stay in Zurich NH airport hotel tonight:

Hotel lobby: a group friend asked the front desk and took back the charger left the day before yesterday

Room. It's pasted.

2013.9.27 the ninth day

Early in the morning, I still went to the supermarket to buy bread, ham and tomatoes. The river beside the hotel is foggy:

See the children go to school, everyone is wearing a striking orange vest with reflective strips.

Today is Rhine Falls:

A huge sound of water was heard from a long distance. By this time, the fog had gradually dissipated, because Xiao Ren succeeded again

The mainstay in the middle of the waterfall can get on people, and the yellow one is the ferry;


Downstream of the waterfall:

There are a lot of fish at the bottom, and they are very big

In the afternoon, shafhausen. Shafhausen literally means sheep pen. We enter the sheep pen.

Walnut trees have borne fruit:

Luyuan under the castle:

old castle:

Vines planted outside the castle:

Overlooking Schaffhausen in the castle:

There are ancient guns on the top of the castle. The girl has a good time

Old fire hydrant:

Entering the old city, you can see frescoes again

The government has funded the construction of many seats in the pedestrian street of the old city, which is the most unusual one

The children were playing by the fountain

Barber Shop:

Jewelry shops:

Big music box by hand:

Why do so many policemen go to church?

In the evening, we set out to return home, and the flight is still through Dubai, which flies to Shanghai Pudong airport. Thousands of miles, thousands of miles, we go back to our home.

At Zurich Airport, tax refund, farewell to tour guide Xiao Ren.

2013.9.28 day 10

Dubai airport is still luxurious. After getting off the plane, leader Xiao Zhang took us to a corner of the airport to get a free meal coupon with the ticket of the last flight and the ticket of the next flight. We found a cafeteria for breakfast. Later, when I entered a supermarket, I met a very lovely girl who could speak a little Chinese. We put all the change on the cash register and told the lady to buy chocolate if we could. The change is all coins, there are a lot of euros and Swiss francs. Miss picked out one by one and kept taking small pieces of chocolate from the shelf beside the cash register until she could not buy anything else. She was sorry to say that she couldn't spend it. So in our family's small tin pot with small change of various countries, we have another collection.

Flying in the air today, we spent six hours more when we set out, and we have to spit it out today. Back to Beijing time. It is commendable that before getting off the plane, I ordered a bowl of instant noodles and ate it very comfortably. This is a special service of UAE flights, which can provide instant noodles during non meal time.

Arrive at Pudong Airport at 11 pm, take the airport bus, and then call a taxi to go home. It was two o'clock in the morning on the 29th when I got home. By the way, before you say goodbye to the tour leader, you should give your passport and return flight ticket to the tour leader. Ctrip will complete the signature of the consulate, and then the passport will be delivered to your home by Ctrip express, which is very convenient.

The ten day European cultural feast is over, and the ten day European cultural crash course is over. We will learn from the European people. If we have a more stable attitude, a more leisurely pace, a more careful and serious work, and gradually learn to observe discipline, learn to be clean and tidy, and learn to protect the environment, we will certainly be elegant in all aspects.

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