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[Jiayou station] follow Xiao V to a section of romantic Avenue

Days: 10 days time: October per capita: 30000 yuan and who: play with parents: photography, free travel, humanities, luxury, petty bourgeoisie, weekend travel

1 Heidelberg Hotel Victoria, bad mergentheim

2 Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg courtroom rottenberg rottenberg boutique

3 New Swan Castle

Day 1


It takes 11 hours to take Lufthansa from Shanghai to Frankfurt, then follow the bus all the way south into the Romantic Road of Germany. Romantik Avenue is one of the famous scenic spots in Germany. It starts from Wurzburg, goes along Rothenburg, Augsburg, Landsburg and ends at Fussen, with a total length of 350 km( It took us four days to finish. Romantik Avenue includes the most beautiful castles, palaces and villages in South Germany. Along the way, there are many ancient towns and small castles. You can enjoy the unique scenery of Germany and enjoy its long history. For this line, the recommended level is far greater than that of Berlin Hamburg line. This is the beginning of the real deep tour. What you can see is not the tall buildings, but the blue screen. There is no end to the field, standing on the top of the pagoda in the sky, is the top of the country church, the white mountain of Alps, nestling in the blue sky. If the light is in place, it's beautiful ~!

Before opening the romantic Avenue, viva visited Heidelberg, the most famous Castle around! Heidelberg, this place should be familiar to everyone, and it is also one of the must visit scenery in Germany. After arriving in the city center, walk to the ride point of the castle cable car. If you just go to Heidelberg, you can buy a stop ticket. There are not many people waiting for the cable car. You can take the road of Shanghai Debao in 5-10 minutes. Heidelberg is an ancient cultural city and University City on the banks of the Neka River, about 80 kilometers south of Frankfurt. It's the epitome of romantic Germany. Although it's not on the romantic Avenue, we made a special trip to Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, between Stuttgart and Frankfurt for a glimpse. The winding and quiet alleys connect the ancient castle and the river, full of poetry and painting. The castle is located on the throne hill on the Bank of the Neka river. It is a reddish brown castle, which is the site of the ancient imperial palace. It is mainly made of neika river sandstone with complex structure and changeable style. Although it is broken now, it still has the spirit of king. As early as the 16th century, Heidelberg University has become the center of science and culture in Europe. Today, Heidelberg enjoys the same reputation as it did in those days. Tourists come here one after another. Although Germany is not a popular choice in Europe, Heidelberg is very popular, and the photos are full of people~~

Castle cable car ride point

Heidelberg is a place where Goethe has forgotten his heart( In fact, people who know deeply know that he has forgotten his heart on a girl. His novels sparked a wave of suicide at that time. Goethe, 66, met a Jewish beauty in Heidelberg, so he came to see her eight times. They were walking in the garden and chatting in the castle. So in memory of Goethe, we can see a statue of Goethe's head in the garden, and some of Goethe's poems are passed down as a good story.

I can't understand all kinds of things-  -

What to visit in Heidelberg? 1. A huge oak barrel on the hillside  &  "Why" guarding the wine barrel   The footprints on the balcony of the castle



Nowadays, Heidelberg is incomplete, but it was not bombed in World War II. It is an ancient castle left after wars (religious wars, etc.) of all ages, so it has become a castle with different architectural styles. Gothic / Baroque / Renaissance and so on... Kings of different periods have rubbed their preferences into the architecture. The world once wanted to repair it according to the previous appearance, but later they found that the incomplete beauty was the most beautiful, and the castle was preserved as it is now.

Athena and the elector at the end of the Old Heidelberg bridge must pay attention to it and take a photo as a memento! In Heidelberg, a statue similar to a stone lion was used as decoration. At the end of the old bridge, there was a statue of a monkey. Later, it disappeared. The local people brainstormed and designed a monkey like this. In their left hand, they held a bronze mirror, and next to them were two very small mice. They could feel it and pray.

If you choose romantic Avenue, the accommodation cities recommended by little V are bartmey and teheim. German bad   Mergentheim's "bad" means "hot spring" in Germany. It is said that the town was originally called mergentheim. In 1826, a shepherd found a mineral hot spring near the town, which can cure diseases. From then on, it was named "bad" and became a hot spring resort; In fact, before that, the town was more famous, because historically, it was the stronghold of the Teutonic Knights (renamed German knights in 1929). As early as the early 13th century, megantheim was the property of the Teutonic Knights. In 1340, megantheim obtained the city privilege. In 1525, megantheim became the residence of the head of the knights, and it continued until it was banned by Napoleon in 1809------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

***Hotel Address  —— Poststraße   2-4,   ninety-seven thousand nine hundred and eighty   Bart meganteheim,   Hotel transportation in Germany   Victoria Hotel from bad   Mergentheim   Train   The station is only 20 meters away from the hotel( Yes, you're right! 20 meters! It's next door! So watch your stuff!) 2. The hotel is close to bad   The old town of mergentheim is a five minute walk from spa park. Easy access to Roman from Hotel   Romantic towns and castles on road. A81 highway is 15 kilometers away from the hotel, and we can reach w ü rzburg within 40 minutes.

***About the hotel room rate - this is a four-star family hotel, the price of 600 + can only be said that the cost performance is not high, not low ~ ~ it depends on personal preferences~~~~

***About Victoria hotel facilities and services - 1. Internet connection - free! The room is also free ~ ~ ~ but you need to link to the hotel's home page and register. It's better to have a little German! Parking lot - hotel parking is charged, every day   EUR   6。 3. Comprehensive facilities - safe deposit box,   No smoking rooms,   Elevator.   Heating,   Smoking area 4. Language used - Russian,   Hungarian,   English,   German (so it's still that sentence, it's better to know a few words of German!) Check in time     15:00  -  22:00   Check out time     06:00  -  12:00   Time

It's not easy to have such a simple gym in such a family hotel. Maybe the boss will come to exercise in his spare time~~~

The dim restaurant is especially feel at night

It's a real experience to take such an old elevator up and down. Every time you go up a floor, there will be a "rattling" sound. Somehow, it always reminds Viva of some suspense drama. Is that ok~~~~  - _- ||| Family run hotel   The history of Victoria Hotel can be traced back to 1927. The rooms are equipped with flat screen TV, marble / wood bathroom with unique decoration, idyllic sofa and tea table, and small balcony with window style.... It looks like a small suite.

Turn on the wall lamp, shine on the sheet, with the back of the grid wall appears particularly idyllic atmosphere.

*Tips: again   When staying in a hotel in Germany, it is recommended to check the items in the room first, and contact the lobby if they are missing or damaged. 2. Generally speaking, the size and rooms of European hotels are smaller than those of American / Southeast Asian hotels of the same level. Of course, the bed is also smaller, so be prepared( I need to praise this hotel for its spacious space, a big sofa, packing boxes, a spare seat in the middle of the room, and two small window balconies. It's very comfortable to live in.) 3. Most hotels in Europe have no air conditioning. 4. When taking a shower, we must carefully adjust the water temperature, pull the shower curtain and close the bath door so as to prevent the water from soaking the indoor carpet, because they don't have the hole in the sewer ~ ~ ~ if it's bad luck, we have to pay 200 euros for the bobbins, pay attention to it~~~~~~ 5. Due to environmental protection, almost all hotels do not have toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, comb, towel and bathrobe. Remember to bring it by yourself! 6. The cold water from the tap water can be drunk directly. Generally, there is no electric kettle. If you want to drink hot water, it may be feasible to practice German in the lobby downstairs. 7. Hotels are not allowed to wear pajamas or slippers in elevators or public places( I gave up the idea of going downstairs in slippers. hohoho~~~~)

Shampoo, shower gel and soap are available in some hotels. This family hotel is very humanized, except toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers! Even the hair dryer~~~~

Guests can eat in the Zirbelstube and vinothek restaurants of Victoria Hotel. The hotel serves buffet breakfast every day. Breakfast environment is very quiet, in a relatively opaque but very warm room to enjoy, food and other hotel breakfast is basically the same. It's rare to eat green leafy vegetables. The favorite breakfast for the Germans is to drink juice, especially the freshly squeezed one. It's also available in this family hotel. I learned the lesson before, so I didn't take the liver and intestines again. Snow sausage is very distinctive, but also to eat, not used to eating, I prefer.

Day 2


Vilzburg is a city ruled by bishops for hundreds of years. During the Bishops' rule, many magnificent castles were built in this place. Among them, Fort Mariah is the most representative. The main bridge connects the old city with Fort Mariah. There are many sculptures standing on this bridge, which is the best place to look at Fort Mariah*** The main scenic spot of vilzburg -- 1. Fort malinberg   Festung   Marienberg 2. Vilzburg Palace   Residenz

In the morning of that day, we visited the medieval fortress of Fort Mariah, where we could see the view of the city street. Viva's current visit is the Bishop's palace, which was originally the residence of the archbishop and is also the masterpiece of Baroque architecture in Europe. It's necessary to send a package to the inner palace. Sometimes, there will be some explanation services. Unfortunately, there is no Chinese service.

Bavaria's second largest city (the first city, no doubt - Munich!), It is also Nuremberg, the residence of the famous German painter. When you visit the old city square, there is a fair on that day. You can also enjoy the fun of German shopping. The appearance of the "Nuremberg Trial" court is the finishing touch of this trip.

Nuremberg was originally the place where the German Emperor lived. The one we went to was called "imperial Castle". When you look up, the original appearance has been destroyed. What you see now is that it was only built in the 15th-16th century. You can overlook the old city of Nuremberg (or inner city) from the castle of kings. After all, another purpose of going to Nuremberg is to see its old city. Another reason why Nuremberg is famous is that it is the place where the Nazi Party Congress is located, and the original Hitler's parade ground was gradually replaced by the market. Therefore, during World War II, Nuremberg was heavily bombed by the Allied forces, and basically the whole city was gone. Nuremberg is also the birthplace of Siemens. Nuremberg is now famous for its toys. Every year Nuremberg's toy exhibition is a world exhibition. When you have time in Nuremberg, you can visit the Doll Museum (if you have time), and you are also famous for the Christmas market( Indeed, in the doll shop in the old town of Nuremberg, we experienced a real fairy tale world. The market square in Nuremberg is not only decorated here for Christmas, but also dressed up as gorgeous as Christmas in summer to show its leading position in the Christmas market. So when you get to the center of the city, you can basically walk around for an hour, walk around the market, and have a panoramic view of the castle of God. It's beautiful!

There is a Gothic style Cathedral in the center of the city. There is a beautiful spring in the center of the city. There are many statues in the Bible. There is a legend in Nuremberg about this beautiful spring. If you read your wish three times around the beautiful spring and touch the copper ring with your right hand, it will bring you good luck. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found that there were more people around, so we gave up the idea of circling~~~


Overlooking the old city from the imperial Castle

The military court in Nuremberg held the grand trial of Nazis in Nuremberg between January 1945 and October 1945. It is said that it was going to discuss how to put these Nazis to death. The Americans suggested that they should pass the trial first and then kill them, so as to show the seriousness of the court. All people were convinced by his suggestion before the International Court appeared. The location of the first International Court of justice was actually Berlin. Stalin's proposal was to be executed immediately, but the United States did not agree with it, so the second trial, the Nuremberg court, was held. The reason for choosing here was that Nuremberg was the place where Hitler's Party Congress was held every year. Thus, the Nuremberg court came into being, The rest of the Nazis are also being brainwashed. Countless evidences have been published. Now when we come to the International Court of justice, we can only see a big iron gate, and we can't get in. According to the local people in Germany,   The Germans like to set up files very much, so they set up files for all the Jews killed at that time and numbered them. All the information was put in. At the end of World War II, it was too late to destroy all the files, which were completely intercepted by the US military. And these archives may be available in some archives today.

*Tips - if you don't drive yourself, you can take a train from Munich to Rothenberg. It's about 40 kilometers from rottenburg to bartmegendheim, and it's an hour's drive.

Rothenberg is located on a high dry land along the coast, and also on the lowland where the three rivers, vimer River, vidao River and rodao River meet. Rotenburg is surrounded by large forests, pristine swamps and lakes. In Rothenburg, people can feel the atmosphere of the middle ages all the time, which is a real "treasure of the Middle Ages". The city's intact medieval streets and homes are still rare in Europe. There are also a lot of foreign friends who come from their own cars. They pick up long poles and pound under the apple trees, waiting for the ripe apples to fall from the trees. surprise! Maybe we looked at the tree chin for a long time, a German brother jumped up, picked a red apple and handed it to me. Viva, who couldn't speak English, could only weakly say "Danke" to express his thanks ~ but the apple is really sweet and not astringent! Praise! There is a wall clock in the Municipal Center. At a certain time, the two windows on the wall clock will open, and two puppets will come out to drink. This kind of puppet wall clock extended to many small towns in Germany. We also enjoyed it in Nuremberg. At the same time, we also looked up at the clock performance at noon in Munich. For nearly 30 minutes, there were not many people leaving in the middle of the performance, which was very popular. As soon as you enter the city gate, it is like crossing the time tunnel and entering the romantic world of the middle ages. You can enjoy the town hall and the Council hall, and experience this antique street style leisurely. It's an ancient town fairy tale style.

Foreigners picking apples and small apples picked by foreigners~~~~

It is a true portrayal of the leisurely life in the old age of Germany.

Today's Rothenberg is still full of the romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages in Europe, which is why people love this small city so much.




The city of rottenburg, you can see such a vast landscape, anxious and excited feeling drowned my reason, unfortunately was secretly photographed, excited sunglasses also want to drop! Just want to rush to a better perspective to take photos ~ ~ ~ ~ is this a common problem for travelers~~~~~

After all the first half, I finally saw the true face of Lushan Mountain

You will never get lost here. Any alley can lead to the central market. After walking back and forth for several times, strangers become friends.

All kinds of boutiques on both sides of the road are displayed in the window. When you look at them, you will be attracted to them. For a long time, you don't want to come out. In particular, there is a puppet shop that specializes in buying Christmas products. The design of the whole shop is really like entering the world of fairy tales, with three rooms on the left and three floors on the right, Until the salesperson on the first floor to the upstairs to close, just reluctantly from the fairy tale was pulled back to reality~


Day 3


The end of romantic Avenue is Fussen, who owns Neuschwanstein Castle, a small town in southern Byrne. New Swan Castle is located on a small mountain in the suburb of Fuessen. It was designed according to the dream of Ludwig II of Bavaria and took 17 years to build. The castle is permeated with the atmosphere of the middle ages. From different perspectives, the castle shows an ever-changing face* Tips - I must remind you that when you go to the Lanqiao bridge to see the new Swan Castle, you must remember to go to the end before you start taking photos. If you just stop in the middle of the bridge, you will see only a small side of the new Swan Castle ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Viva Sang's heart is drifting by ~ ~ ~ waiting for the complete photos of other gods. Ludwig II is a lover of art. He was influenced by Wagner opera all his life. He conceived the place where snow white once lived in legend. Inspired by Wagner's musical "the Swan Knight", he began to build the new Swan Castle. It is reasonable that he is called "the king of fairy tales". From a certain point of view, he did not seek his position in office, but he did leave a valuable artistic wealth for Germany. When Ludwig II conceived the blueprint of the castle in his heart, he had already integrated the castle with the natural landscape. In the castle, you can see countless pictures of swans, gold inlaid, painted, or other... In addition, the lakes surrounding the castle outside the new Swan Castle make the building really like a fairyland in the world. The castle of the dream Knight emerges in the mountains and forests, and the elegant posture makes us blind! The explanation tells us that the Alice castle in the modern Dinis paradise is also built on the basis of the new Swan Castle, which has brought happy time to countless children*   Tips - you need to buy tickets to visit the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle. Each ticket has a time point, and you can only enter at this time point (10-15 minutes), so you must go to the gate early to wait for admission, otherwise the outdated ticket will not be photographed. Don't count on the accommodation staff, because the gate is an automatic machine, Don't talk to the German Oh ~ ~ ~ remember!

Castle in the middle of suspension bridge-  -  I hate myself. I'm afraid I didn't walk the whole suspension bridge-  - ~~~


Overlooking New Swan Castle


So to Swan Castle, it also came to the end of the Romantic Road.

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