DragonSlayer App Aimed for Travel Advisors Officially Launches

September 22 marks the official release of DragonSlayer , the innovative, new mobile and desktop app designed to empower travel advisors as they endeavor to rebuild clients’ trust in travel in the COVID-19 pandemic ’s wake.

The app works to encourage that confidence by providing a seamless, one-stop resource for finding the reopening status, restrictions, requirements, risks and local conditions present in all 50 states and 124 countries worldwide, updated in real-time.

DragonSlayer is a powerful tool that will enable the travel professionals who stand to play a key role in the industry’s recovery to focus on their client interactions, knowing that they have instant access to reliable information at their fingertips.

Current Release:

Using proprietary analytics and machine learning to inform its propriety SAFE-T (Smart Analytics For Educating Travelers) system, DragonSlayer also ranks these destinations and assigns them a zero-to-one hundred score to reflect their current travel-ability. This function can even be customized to the individual user, factoring in any particular risk-tolerance factors (e.g. age, health conditions, etc.) and displaying results based on unique filtering options.

DragonSlayer Founder and CEO Peter Wells said that, since travel advisors have begun to discover the app, many of the inquiries received by the company have surrounded the release of a desktop version, which is handier for the travel professional who is already in front of his/her computer. That desktop version launches today, although the mobile version is already available on Google Play for Android devices and accessible directly through the Safari browser for IOS devices.

Ongoing Development:

Moving forward, the software is set to receive monthly updates and will constantly be reshaped to best fit the needs of its users, largely based upon their own input. “This is not going to be a static app. We’re going to be very active in receiving feedback and we really encourage people to participate,” explained Wells. “We’re hoping to build sort of a community, if you will. We call them ‘Travel Slayers’…because we’re only as smart as the collective, is our philosophy.”

Users are welcome to submit their own findings for review regarding real-time updates to travel data, as well as provide insight into the types of new features they’d like to see included in the app. “We’re very attuned to listening to them and we want their feedback on the app itself,” Wells affirmed.

Future Releases:

Wells hinted at a new feature that’s already in the works, consisting of a filter for displaying destinations according to their quarantine and testing requirements, as well as narrowing a search to only those countries that, for instance, are accepting travelers from the U.S.

Another current feature that will eventually evolve even further is the ‘watchlist’ capability, which allows users to essentially subscribe to updates about their chosen destination as they are released. Those update notifications are currently sent via email, but a future version will offer the option to receive them as SMS messages.

DragonSlayer is currently offering a free, two-week trial on the app, after which the subscription cost is $9.99 a month or $69.99 for a year. For the travel professional whose time is better spent attending to clients than rummaging around the internet seeking credible, up-to-date information about various destinations, it’s certainly a sound investment.

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