Elbow Room the Cause of Latest Airline Incident

Ah, the old passive-aggressive jostling of elbows to gain dominance over the arm rest between two seats on a plane.

An argument between two passengers over elbow room on am armrest got both of them booted off a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

There was no physical altercation as there has been lately on flights, where more than 1,300 reports of unruly passengers have been filed with the Federal Aviation Administration since February.

However, the argument was vociferous enough that the captain turned back to the gate while taxiing at SFO, and the two men were removed from the plane before it continued on to Las Vegas, according to Fox News .

The two men were not identified and were briefly detained and then released. Neither were interested in taking any further action, the report said.

The arm rest on an airplane has been an all-too-familiar reason why passengers argue and fight on plane, especially for those in a middle seat. Or at least until the mask mandate was put into place.

One company, Molon Labe Seating in Lakewood, Colorado, has developed a plan to lower the middle sea t a few inches and moves it slightly behind the aisle and window seats.

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Xiangdong Lai