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Published on December 15, 2020 04:54

Words written in the front:

Macao is a healthy city without isolation

At present, the epidemic situation in Macao is relatively under control, and tourists can rest assured to come to Macao for vacation. Mainland passengers who meet the conditions of Macao epidemic prevention and carry the valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 7 days can travel to Macao without isolation.

Nucleic acid in hand, say go!

Finally, I started my first trip to Macao after the epidemic, Kaisen

D1: Zhuhai Hengqin port for Macao

D2: Melco world, Melco shadow

New world TheArsenale Perth, punch card, the luxury space, eat Michelin 3-star restaurant, the daily attendance of the 8 character Ferris wheel, Batman night spirit speeding, daily attendance, and transportation.

D3: Venetian of Macao

Punch in teamlab supernatural space, adventure Q cube, shopping and gondola experience


Punch in Shibo Plaza, a tour of art works


The Morpheus mopperth hotel is known as the world's first free form exoskeleton building! The first time I arrived, I was deeply attracted by it! Like the outside world to it, this is "a rare building, a masterpiece in the world".


Inspired by jade ornaments and breaking through a number of architectural technologies, mopperth hotel is the world's first free-form exoskeleton skyscraper, a building full of fantasy and surrealism design style!

Zaha Hadid's children's shoes should have been heard of. A heavyweight in the construction industry, Guangzhou Grand Theater, Beijing Galaxy SOHO, and Beijing Daxing International Airport are also made by him. Some people jokingly say that a city without Zaha's works is not a first tier city.


Lobby sightseeing elevator, lobby atrium about 40 meters high, 12 panoramic vertical sightseeing elevator.



The boundless swimming pool on the roof floats in the sky of Macao. The swimming pool is located on the 40th floor of the hotel (130m above the ground)




The hotel has about 770 hotel rooms, suites and villas, including three Pool Villas and six duplex villas, all designed by the world's top interior designer Peter Remedios.



New retail experience to create exclusive retail space with the world's most fashionable and cool brands.

The Morpheus

1. Sightseeing elevator in the lobby. The atrium of the lobby is about 40 meters high, with 12 panoramic vertical sightseeing elevators. The speed of one floor per second is like being in a inception.

2. Aerman shanglang, restaurant consumption per capita is about 170

3. Fengya kitchen on the third floor, restaurant consumption per capita about 300

4. The large sculpture "good ideas" of tianyihe kaws Art Exhibition on the 21st floor

5. Alain Ducasse Ducasse restaurant is one of the only 19 Michelin two star restaurants in Macao.

6. French artist Charles P é Tillon's "200 litofairhouse", a giant floating cloud made of bubble fabric in the shape of a balloon, hangs in the middle of the hotel.

7. Echoes infinity by Japanese artist Hirohito is like being in a kaleidoscope.

8. 9 seas from marhieu lehanneur, nine hand-made ceramic discs, painted according to the color of sea water in different sea areas.

9. The boundless swimming pool on the roof floats in the sky of Macao. The swimming pool is located on the 40th floor of the hotel (130 meters above the ground)


10. New retail experience to create exclusive retail space with the world's most fashionable and cool brands.


The arsenale luxury space is known as "the craziest Toy Library in the world". When you travel to Macao, please remember to open your eyes!




There are a series of unique and revolutionary mobile extreme toys, ranging from super rich toys to eye opening art collections, luxury exhibits integrating design and technology, playing with the sea, land and air, and extending to outer space.

The arsenale is the world's first global distributor specializing in all kinds of sports machinery, combining the power of professional machinery manufacturers and top famous design masters, bringing extraordinary treasures to art lovers, super fans and senior collectors.



The world's first 100 million flight manned aircraft, known as "urban taxi", is developed by using advanced intelligent technology


The A110 luxury sports car designed by alpine, a legendary brand of rally racing, is about to enter the 2021 Formula One World Championship.



Don't miss the cool NASA x anihorn store! Has a limited collection of treasures designed to celebrate NASA's Mars 2020 mission. As for the price, there are some things that can be considered, such as T-shirts, glasses, hats and so on.

During the whole trip in Macao, the most ceremonial meal was at yulongxuan, a hall level Cantonese restaurant located on the second floor of Melco world. It was also one of my few fans. Hahaha


Yulongxuan was rated as a three-star restaurant in the "Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macao" in 2019 and 2020. It is the seventh consecutive year that yulongxuan won this international award after winning the two-star award in 2016-18 and the one star rating in 2014-15. At the same time, it was also included in the list of "Asia's 50 best restaurants".



Yulongxuan's magnificent decoration is another highlight of the restaurant. It complements each other with exquisite dishes. The restaurant is divided into five areas according to the five elements (i.e. East, South, West, North and center). The design is also based on the principles of the book of changes, with appropriate seasons and colors as the main theme of each area.


There is an arched fruit wood barbecue area in the restaurant. Separated by glass windows, you can have a glimpse of how the barbecued pork that you ordered has become an immortal. It uses Spanish black porpoise meat, which is thinner than ordinary pork. The first taste of caramel in the mouth run open, unexpected joy.


The tableware is very exquisite.


Serve cold dishes.


A mouthful of black pepper sauce and beef pastry

The first snacks are black pepper sauce and beef pastry. The pastry is crisp, airy and not greasy. Inside the M8 and beef stuffing fried very fragrant, endless aftertaste.


Japanese hairy crab and Chieh qua soup

The overall taste is delicious and harmonious, the taste of crab is very fresh, with Chieh qua is also very healthy, very innovative.


Deep sea bluefish stewed with flower glue

This dish is made with the classic Cantonese cooking method. The bluefin fish is fried with ginger and scallion, then the tangerine peel is added to make the soup, the flower glue is used as the simmer button, and the black fish roe is used as the embellishment to increase the flavor and taste.


Spanish black porpoise barbecued pork with Yulong honey

It's one of yulongxuan's signature dishes. Yulongxuan's barbecued pork is made of Spanish Iberian Black Pork. It's really much softer than ordinary barbecued pork, and it's delicious. The meat is not woody, tender and juicy.



dessert platter

The desserts after the meal are Huamei / milk tea Xueba and a platter made up of several small desserts. The form is relatively novel and the taste is very good.

Address: the second floor of xinhaotiandi Road, Liantong Road, lujicheng

Business hours: Lunch: 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm (every Sunday, 11:00 am to 3:00 PM)

Dinner: 6:00 to 11:00 p.m

Come to Macao to play, of course, don't miss the cool Ferris wheel! Overlooking Macao from the clouds, a new perspective presents a different landscape. From day to night, the scenery of the city is constantly changing. Let's meet the moment of interaction between reality and dream!


This is the world's tallest "8" - shaped Ferris wheel, 130 meters high, standing between two hotel buildings full of artistic taste.



This unprecedented facility is designed and managed by the world-class team in Lichtenstein, intamin entertainment rides int. Corp., which is internationally renowned for its innovative and exciting rides.



There is this super cool Ferris wheel in the once popular movie "shame iron fist". The design concept of the eye-catching landmark "Yinghui star" towering between the two hotel buildings is derived from the shocking scenes of Hollywood blockbusters. It is like two hot planets impacting the exterior wall of the building, leaving an almost perfect "8".


Girls are fascinated by this huge ferris wheel. The theme of each box is different. There are 17 retro science fiction themed viewing boxes, and each box can accommodate up to 10 people.


The view from the ferris wheel.

Venue (ticket office): 3rd floor, Yinghui shopping avenue, Xinhao

Service time:

Monday to Friday 12 noon to 8 pm

11 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

While shopping in Macao, I ran into a very popular restaurant named joyride. This restaurant is very modern and retro. With the old car dining table in makaron color and American decoration, you can easily make retro movies.



The seats in the dining room are very interesting. Macarone's sports car seat, transparent glass table, you can see the mechanical components of the car! In addition to sports car seats, there are striped seats. The wall decoration is also Coca Cola wallpaper and road travel posters, plus neon lights and gas stations, full of western highway style.


The kitchen of the dining room is translucent. You can see the busy figures of the chefs from the stall.



As a net red restaurant, the food products here are also very good. The signature beef cheeseburger is super large. The beef tastes good! Special to boast about French fries, super large super delicious! Pasta is delicious, too.




Drink order of milk tea and strawberry milkshake, milk tea love, milkshake sweet Da, used as a photo prop is also very photogenic!

Restaurant name: joyride

Location: first floor, Yinghui shopping avenue, Melco, Macau

Per capita: 50-80

Sweet & sticky is a candy shop full of girl's heart! Very good! It's on the first floor of Yinghui shopping avenue, Melco, Macao. Remember to punch in!




The shop is full of all kinds of candy, girls really love it! These candies are colorful, with fantastic packaging, it's really lovely

There are many kinds of candy here, domestic, imported and local in Macao. There are too many to count! You can buy the packaged ones in gift boxes or sell them in bulk.



Photo strategy:

one ⃣ You can stand or sit at the candy can in front of the counter

2⃣ White candy Ferris wheel can shoot, pretending to pick candy

three ⃣ Rainbow candy wall is also very popular

It is suggested to wear white skirt. It's a sweet girl's style to clap freely!

Restaurant name: Sweet & sticky

Location: first floor, Yinghui shopping avenue, Melco, Macau

Per capita: 50-80

Every time I come to Macao, I have different discoveries and surprises. This time I punch in the supernatural space of teamlab, and I am shocked by the cool light and shadow device and the surreal dream space!


The supernatural space of teamlab is a complex three-dimensional interactive space with height difference of 5000 square meters, which is created by the art team teamlab and composed of super huge works with height of 8m.




Taking photos here is also very shocking, just like a dream. It is recommended to punch in "carving of light - plane", "sports forest" and "endless crystal universe"!



Must punch light sculpture - Flat

Through the collection of light on the plane, the space is reconstructed and the three-dimensional sculpture is formed. Space and three-dimensional sculpture surround and immerse the body. Photography is very futuristic and technological.



Must punch floating balloon


Will punch endless crystal

In the complex and three-dimensional space, the human body is completely immersed in an interactive world with powerful body functions. It's cool to take pictures!


Ticket price (MOP)

Standard (over 13 years old) mop 238.00

Children (3-12 years old) mop 168.00

Free for 0 to 2 years old


Pavilion F, golden light exhibition hall, Venetian, Macao

Macao Road, Jinguang Avenue, Wangde Notre Dame Bay Road

⏰ time


Rest Day

Closed on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month

During this trip to Macao, I found a place that is super suitable for walking children - Adventure Q cube!




This fun and creative playground is equipped with amazing climbing facilities, all kinds of slides and rope nets, as well as computer games that children can't put down.

Sign slide must play! Here is a vertical slide, two small slides, vertical slide is the most exciting, like to challenge their own children super love!


When you come to adventure Q cube, the children will be free to play, and parents can "free their hands". Intimate staff prepared different colors of bracelets, they will distinguish the items children can play according to the color of the bracelets, and take good care of the children throughout the whole process.


Hotel guest entrance: take the south wing suite elevator to the 5th floor

Visitor entrance: 3 / F, Grand Canal shopping center, next to shop 2610 of Santa Luca canal section

⏰ Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

The Grand Canal shopping center of Venetian Resort in Macao is the largest indoor shopping center in Macao. The whole shopping center is covered by a huge sky curtain, gathering hundreds of shopping merchants.



Full of Venetian characteristics of the arch bridge, canal and stone road, as well as a variety of buildings.


With characteristic streets, canals and the 157 foot Riad bridge, the environment is elegant and magnificent, making visitors feel like they were in the streets of Venice in the past.




There are three indoor canals in the Grand Canal shopping center, which are the Grand Canal, the Santa Luca canal and the Marco Polo canal. These three canals are not connected with each other. There are many gondola boats in each canal, and customers can pay to visit each canal by boat.



It's not only foreign tourists who come here to shop and play, but also many local people like to play here. What's more surprising is that the first hi tea shop in Macao has opened here!!


During the trip to Macao, I stayed in MGM for three nights. I went to eat and buy every day. I would pass the hotel's signboard square - Shibo square. It's really a place full of technology, cool and easy to shoot!


This huge indoor Plaza has 25 indoor permanent LED screens, which play 24-hour works of art created by world-famous artists and photographers of National Geographic magazine.



The hotel rooms are elegant in layout, full of fashion and strong sense of space, presenting unprecedented vacation experience

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city and fountains



The bathroom equipment uses MGM's own brand, and the bath salt is specially designed to present the natural fragrance, which makes people relax physically and mentally

Since September 23, the visa for mainland residents to visit Macao has been fully restored. Under the conditions of Macao epidemic prevention, mainland tourists can travel to Macao free of isolation with a valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 7 days.

Nucleic acid in hand, say go ~ (please refer to the latest guidelines issued by Macao Health Bureau for details)

At present, the epidemic situation in Macao is relatively under control, and tourists can rest assured to come to Macao for vacation.

About endorsement handling:

At present, the self-service endorsement machine in the mainland is suspended, so I need to go to the manual counter of the public security exit entry center in my city. Manual counter is also very fast, personal test more than ten minutes. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, new certificates can only be sent home; For endorsement, you can choose to send it by post or pick it up by yourself.

How to go to Macao after the epidemic?

one ️⃣ See if your pass has expired? Booking endorsement

2. I have to go to the immigration hall

3. Make an appointment for nucleic acid test in the hospital two days before departure

four ️⃣ Fill in the information before entering Macao, and convert the code manually

five ️⃣ Aokang code (the result of synchronous nucleic acid) ➕ Enter the Customs by endorsement

About nucleic acid detection:

At present, in and out of Macao need 7 days of effective negative nucleic acid test proof!!! Very important!!!

Nucleic acid is also very simple. What I do in medical institutions is throat swab. The nurse will take a swab and take a sample in the mouth. The whole process is less than one minute, so there will be no discomfort.

Entry to Macao:

Note: as long as you enter through Zhuhai, you need to register yuekang code first and then switch to Aokang code

I enter the customs from Hengqin port. First I show the yuekang code, then I transfer it to Aokang code, and then I pass the customs step by step with fingerprints. Finally, there will be fully armed quarantine personnel to check the nucleic acid certificate. If I do the test in the hospital, I must remember to seal it! I did the test in a medical institution and asked me to sign my name manually. After all the inspection is correct, it will be released.

When you leave the country, you can transfer the Macao Hong code to the Guangdong Hong code according to the original method, and you can also scan the code out of the country.


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