let's go! Take your mother-in-law and baby to Macao for a foraging trip!

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Published on 15:04, August 6, 2020

Preface to parent child tour and mother in law daughter in law Tour

It's said that there's no true love that can't be tested by travel. A couple can get to know each other better by traveling together. If they are suitable, they can know by traveling together.

I said that there are no conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that cannot be solved by travel. At home, no matter what the relationship with my parents in law is, I believe that if you are willing to take them on a trip, the relationship between them will be more harmonious.

As a good daughter-in-law who is not only diligent and thrifty, but also deals with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, she decided to take her mother-in-law and baby eaters to Zhuhai and Macao for two days.





Precautions for parent child tour and mother in law daughter in law Tour

* belongings

Babies under one year old can't go out without milk powder, tableware, complementary food, diapers, shoes, clothes, cleaning supplies, toys, medicine, pram and strap.

Recently, the weather is hot. When you take your baby out, you must take a sunshade, enough water and a small rechargeable fan. As soon as you go indoors, there is an air conditioner, so you should take your baby's thin coat and silk scarf with you!!



Maybe a lot of people will ask you what you eat along the way? It's a shame to say that my family didn't forbid eating adult food before one year old according to the parenting experts. So when I go out, besides formula milk powder and rice flour as the staple food, I also order some fish, steamed eggs, tofu, green vegetables and so on. Then I wash the salt and oil of meat or vegetables with hot water and give them to the women, It's really funny to see the curious look of nvhanzhi when she eats something new.


Of course, everyone's family habits are different. You can bring rice noodles, puree or buy a stewing beaker to make a small porridge. Put rice and boiled water in the night before, and you can eat the porridge for nourishing your stomach the next day, but the taste must be worse than the one cooked now, ha ha.


Take a bath

The IU hotel I stayed in this time is a chain Express Hotel, and there is no bathtub, so I specially brought a small plastic basin for women to take a bath.

If it's not convenient to take a plastic basin when going out, you can also buy a foldable portable basin on Taobao. In terms of shower gel, I specially bought a 10 yuan bottle of halo flash shower gel, which is convenient to carry every time I go out. So it's good to take your baby out and stay in a star hotel, but there are other solutions.


Work and rest time

When it comes to travel with children, what worries me most is that it affects the baby's work and rest time.

But in fact, the babies are not hard to "serve" in imagination, as long as they are tired, they will still sleep. Therefore, the itinerary of taking the baby to travel must be easier. When the baby wants to sleep, we stop to find a quiet and comfortable environment (such as shopping mall) to let them sleep enough before they go.


Mother in law and daughter-in-law travel slow down

Take your father-in-law and mother-in-law to go out. The route you choose should be as leisure and comfortable as possible. Don't eat after a little. Take a rest for a while before you continue to walk. If you are really tired, go back to the hotel to have a rest.


Why Zhuhai IU hotel

As a good wife who is diligent and thrifty, living in Macao is a luxury that will not happen to me. Macao is a small area, as long as the arrangement time is reasonable, a day tour is enough time to play, so living near Gongbei port in Zhuhai is a good choice. I used to live in the Express Hotel opposite Zhuhai station before, but the environment and management of the hotel are not very good. The most important thing is that the car whistle on the downstairs of the hotel is very loud, which greatly affects sleep!!! After horizontal comparison and vertical comparison, the hotel was confirmed as IU hotel about 8 minutes' walk away from Gongbei port.


IU hotel is a part of platinum group. It is the same group as seven days, but it is more high-end than seven days.

The IU hotel in Zhuhai was only opened in February 2016, so all the facilities are still very new. The location of the hotel is quiet in the middle of trouble.

Or that sentence, as a thrifty housekeeper, his wife is very concerned about cost performance. And Zhuhai IU hotel is very suitable for my taste, 200 yuan or so can stay one night! Absolute hematemesis recommended!





Must eat food in Macao

Princess egg tart

Address: 66 Ma Tong Ling Wai, Macau

Highlight: freshly baked egg tarts are very fragrant, and the layers of egg tarts are crisp.


Yishun milk company

Address: 60 Xinma Road

Highlight: double skin milk is a brand with instant melting and strong milk flavor.


Huangzhiji noodle shop

Address: next to Watsons in the assembly hall of Xinma Road

Highlight: in the time-honored noodle shop, it's necessary to order fresh shrimp wonton noodles and signature shrimp noodles!


* dalilai Cafe

Address: the head office is located at No.35, sherihua street, gaoliya, taizai, and the branches are located at No.25, Dasanba street, 2505a, Grand Canal Food Plaza, Venice and No.12, banzhangtang lane

Highlight: pork chop bun, which has been on "Twelve flavors", is tender, juicy and crisp.


Hengyou fish eggs

Address: 12 Da Tang Lane

Highlight: fish eggs, zhixinbao and crab dumplings can be eaten in many places, but the secret curry sauce poured on them can only be eaten in Hengyou.


Mo Yiji

Address: 9a guanye street, taichai

Highlight: durian ice cream is as fragrant as eating a whole durian. The fragrance of durian can last for a long time.


Flying Elephant

Address: 1 / F, Sheraton Plaza, Diebao street, taichai

Highlight: if you want to eat authentic grapefruit chicken, curry crab and red wine oxtail, you can eat it with flying elephant.

(similar Portuguese restaurants include jiurufang and albergue 1601)


Yangliuji beef porridge

Address: 1b caodui lane, Guanqian Main Street

Highlight: put the full flavor beef offal into the porridge. The white porridge absorbs the flavor of beef offal. There are many kinds of beef offal.













As the road condition from Guangzhou to Zhuhai is getting better and better, we will arrive at IU hotel in about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

After arriving at the hotel, nvhanzhi is immediately attracted by the colorful colors of the hotel. Although the lobby is not big, it has comfortable sofas and wallpaper full of sense of the times. As a pseudo literary female youth, she loves this tune, OK!!

As soon as I got to the front desk, the beauty of the front desk kindly offered us a cup of hot tea, which really warmed my heart!


















The hotel has many interesting elements:

Duang 1: TV can be put on the screen!!!

This is going to explode, just follow the instructions to operate the connection, you can put the mobile phone on the TV ~ ~ ~ because my female Han paper likes to see her face too much, so we throw it to her narcissism~





Duang 2: there is only one key for the hotel phone!

I need to call the front desk to get two more bath towels because I have to take a bath several times a day. At this moment, I was surprised to find that the phone of IU hotel has only one key, so I don't have to think about it. I can get through to the front desk by pressing 999 or 808. It's always gray~


Duang 3: USB port, let your mobile phone charge so easy!

When my diner saw this design, he immediately praised the ingenious design. Yes, as a young man, no Internet and no mobile phone will really die!!




Duang 4: pure water, instant coffee, tea bag and fruit are free!!

Cough, as a greedy wife, oh no, she is a thrifty housekeeper. She likes such free items most. Maybe she has experienced too many "traps" to charge. At the beginning, my father-in-law asked me three times (it seems that he knows important things to say three times, ha ha) whether those coffee and fruit should be charged~







Duang 5: do your mother know that you are so handsome?

At the beginning of booking IU Hotel, I thought it would be very similar to seven days: hair dryer outside, wash bag to bring, yellow or yellow label~

However, IU hotel is much more exquisite than seven days. There are all kinds of washcloth, toiletries, hair dryer and towel with cover. Even shower gel is either Henkel or lux, which makes people very comfortable~














Women's first trip to Macao

Because the IU hotel was so fun, we delayed our trip to Macao.

After arriving in Macao, as a thrifty wife, she can basically get to where she wants to go without taking a bus or taking a taxi, only taking the free bus of five-star hotel in Macao.

The weather on this day is not very good. It's hot and dry before the rain, and it's cold after the rain. So we also chose some important places to eat.









Grand Lisboa

After dinner, because of the rain, she was tired again, so she went to the new Lisboa Hotel nearby. The new Lisboa Hotel is like a small museum. There are many beautiful ornaments. The female Chinese paper dances with joy.














the Ruins of the Cathedral of Saint Paul

In the afternoon, the rain finally stopped. In order to take photos of the landmark in Macao, so that she could tell Nu Hanzhi that she had been to Macao, she took her to take some photos on the bus~~~~~~

Da Sanba memorial archway, the symbol of Macao. Near the memorial archway are pharmacies and hand letters (dried pork, egg rolls, almond cakes, ShaQima, etc.). If you want to save money and eat free food like me, please remember to have the cheek to try free food one by one! It doesn't matter whether you buy it or not. There are many people who are willing to buy it after the trial. You are less than one


















Largo do Senado

Largo do Senado, commonly known as fountain, is one of the four squares in Macao. In front of the conference hall is located opposite to the headquarters of the civil affairs department. The whole square in front of the conference hall is paved with gravel in a wavy shape. The nearby road has been turned into a pedestrian area with benches around. People like to gather here for rest and leisure.

Because of her position and shade, she soon fell asleep~










The Venetian

Many people have to go to the Venetian hotel when they go to Macao, because it is equivalent to building a small Venice in the room. The artificial sky dome, the buildings with Venetian characteristics, arch bridges, canals and gondola are decorated beautifully everywhere.

There are all kinds of shops on both sides of the canal. As a poor man, his favorite is window shopping. If you are tired, you can have a McDonald's ice cream and have a rest.













Guanye street, Taipa

Guanye street is only about 115 meters long and 5 meters wide. It is one of the famous food streets in Macao. There are a lot of old houses near guanye street. It's fun. It's also good to take pictures. After eating, it's helpful to digest. Here we eat moyiji durian ice cream, hongbinji beef miscellaneous, Boba big fish ball, wood bran cake, Chengchang crab porridge, dalilaiji pork chop bun and so on.





Fisherman's Wharf

In Europe and America, there are many famous fishermen's Wharf, such as San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf, Montreal fisherman's Wharf, Liverpool fisherman's Wharf and so on. The fisherman's Wharf in Macao skillfully combines the European customs with the characteristics of Macao. It can be regarded as a model of the combination of Chinese and Western cultures and is worth visiting. Europe, it sounds so far away; Macao is very close to us. Although the two places sound irrelevant, when we stroll on the beach near Guangzhou in early summer, walk in the quiet streets of the small town, and stroll in the ancient Roman style streets, the European flavor comes to our faces.

























What a beautiful night view of Macao

Because both my father-in-law and my mother-in-law said that they had never seen the night scene of Macao, we decided to have a good night in Macao, have dinner and go back to Zhuhai.

Maybe because the beautiful people are not so bad luck, we accidentally came to Wynn Hotel just in time to catch up with its night music fountain ~ very beautiful, female Han paper can't blink!
























The night in Macao is intoxicating. When you travel in Macao at night, you always feel like walking in a dreamland. There are many night scenes in famous cities all over the world, but Macao is definitely worth experiencing. When night falls, the neon lights everywhere make this small town charming and graceful, and the unique multi-cultural and romantic amorous feelings diffuse in the night

During the whole day's journey, I went out of the house with my father-in-law, mother-in-law and nvhanzhi. My mother-in-law helped me take nvhanzhi with me. My mother-in-law also had the opportunity to play with nvhanzhi. I felt really happy!




















This trip is over here. Goodbye to our next trip! Thank you for reading!


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