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Published on 2013-10-12 10:37

Through Ctrip, I reserved a free trip to Hong Kong. CCB reduced 800 yuan, plus Ctrip's concierge coupon 200 yuan. Still choose the Royal Hyatt Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. 4 days and 3 nights + return ticket of China Eastern Airlines, totaling 3860 yuan / person.

After arriving in Hong Kong at 12:30, I picked up my luggage and checked in at the airport with free Internet. I bought a 300 yuan travel ticket: 2 round trips to the airport line + 72 hours unlimited subway ride. The deposit is 50 yuan.

The airport line is 24 minutes from downtown Hong Kong. It's a slow journey. Change the Tsuen Wan line to Tsim Sha Tsui. We arrived at the hotel at 15:30. A lot of people in the hotel have been waiting in checkin for a long time to check in. They also told us that the room has not been sorted out. Go to a website in the lounge bar and have afternoon tea (Ctrip can enjoy it for free anyway)

Recommended restaurant 1: Yuanji tea restaurant (Kimberly Road)

Address: 27-31 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Try to eat products: roast goose rice; 36 Hong Kong dollars.

Shops along the street are easier to find. The sanitation is also very good. Both the tables, chairs and tableware are very clean. There is no greasy feeling at all. See a lot of local people where to eat lunch or tea.

Because it was the first day of arriving late lunch, so I chose a big goose leg! Rice is not as delicious as pizza, the key is the sweet plum sauce!, And the roast goose skin, fragrant!

Recommended Restaurant 2: Guiji wonton noodles

Address: 87 Chung on street, Tsuen Wan

Try to eat products: brand fresh shrimp wonton; HK $20

A small shop on Nathan Road. At first glance, it's the local ran shop and the old image taken by TVB. Wonton shrimp, delicious beyond description! It's all shrimp, not a shred of trash. Eight wontons are full! And their chili sauce, delicious!

Recommended restaurant 3: great fun

Address: shop 3A1, 3 / F, Tsuen Wan City Centre Phase I, 68 Chung on street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories

Try product: baozi rice

The logo of great happiness is always like the logo of famous food websites in China. When you see it, you will always misunderstand it. Their layout is similar to that of the canteen. They pay a good bill and look at the signs to get the food. 41 Hong Kong dollars feather fish spareribs rice, really good.

Recommended restaurant 4: Shunde Bawang fish head pot

Address: 1 / F, Kam Ma building, 16 Kam Ma Lun Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Try product: fish head

Two girls don't eat much. So I ordered a soup. What a big pot! One fish head, one vegetable. The facade is not big. A small staircase leads to the second floor. Decoration is also very common in a small shop. There are only five big tables. The rest are for two or four. When we arrived, it was already 2 p.m., so we decided to sit down by the window. It should be suitable for supper and hot pot here!

It's very good to stir fry mustard and plum vegetables, which is not available in Shanghai. Tianma fish head and chicken feet soup is very nourishing. It's completely original. HK $120 per capita.

Recommended restaurant 5: royal banquet (Kimberly Road)

Address: 2nd floor, 26 Kimberly Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Try product: morning tea

The decoration is crystal. Especially suitable for wedding banquet. There's a stage, a cake, a big screen! Full marks for environment!

Tea costs 8 yuan per person. I want a piece of fragrant tea to drink. Sitting down, I found that the waiters here are middle-aged aunts, just like the old state-owned stores in Shanghai. Besides, people who come to drink tea speak Cantonese. There are not many tourists.

Gold Shrimp Dumpling King 22.8 Hong Kong dollars, Haihuang jade dumpling 16.8 Hong Kong dollars, seaweed rotten skin roll 19.8 Hong Kong dollars, blanched cabbage heart 19.8 Hong Kong dollars, steamed chicken feet 7.8 Hong Kong dollars, red bean paste 5.8 Hong Kong dollars.

The advantage of dim sum is skin Q, fresh shrimp dumplings can't be described! I love red bean paste. It's real!

There is a service charge for all restaurants in Hong Kong. This company has 10%. The total bill is 139 Hong Kong dollars, 70 yuan per capita. It's still very cheap!

After eating and drinking enough, I set out to go to the national gold center, accompanied my friends to buy an iPhone 5, and queued up for 10 minutes to get it. Many businesses are on sale. But it doesn't seem to suit my style very much. I like a cotton coat and a pair of shoes in Zara. They're all on sale. It's nice to wear. Here we go. It's about 1300 Hong Kong dollars.

I went back to the hotel to have a rest. I went to Wanning and Sasa to buy shampoo, eyeliner, makeup remover and mask.

On the way back to the hotel, I bought Xu Liushan's mango pudding (HK $30) and went to the hotel to have afternoon tea and have a rest!

Recommended restaurant 6: Outback Steakhouse

Address: 1 / F, Grand Hyatt house, 8-12 Fenyu street, Wan Chai( It turns out that it's actually opposite the HuangYue hotel in Wanchai!)

Try product: steak meal

Most of them are foreigners. There are also many local people in Hong Kong. Wan Chai is actually a new bar district. Around 18 o'clock, many bars are already very busy, and many foreigners are drinking to relax.

Here is a happy hour discount, buy1get1: buy red wine or white wine 1 cup free 1 cup, discount time to 19 o'clock! Eat steak with wine, of course!

The black bread before the meal tastes good. It's crispy and healthy! For example, the soup is cream mushroom soup. It's very delicious. The cheese has a strong flavor. It's roasted and tasted like you. I'm worried about too many calories.

I ordered the main course of beef eye and crab leg, with roasted sweet potato and assorted dishes.

Snow crab leg is very good. It's delicious. I like it very much. I don't think it's too good to eat it with red wine. But the steak doesn't move much, because during the physiological period, I want welldone. When I finish all the seafood, the steak is cold. Maybe I'm not used to American style steak. I always think it's almost right. After all, I'm not a foreigner, hee hee! Baked sweet potato is always delicious, sweet, waxy and fragrant! It's always pleasant to eat! There is a 10% service charge!

After 8 o'clock, take a walk around the harbor city to see if you have any favorite clothes. I plan that I haven't bought my skirt and shoes yet! But I was disappointed. The clothes still don't fit me!

Recommended restaurant 7: big era

Address: shop 261-270, 2 / F, Donghui City, 20 Dadong Road, Tung Chung

Try product: Breakfast

Wake up, accompany friends to Libao square to buy down bags, don't want to open at 12 o'clock. Let's go to big time for breakfast!

10 Hong Kong dollar Hong Kong egg cake, which is filled with shredded radish. I still like shrimp dumplings. 15 Hong Kong dollars. The shrimp is cooked. How full you are!

Recommended restaurant 8: Hongxing Seafood Restaurant (times store)

Address: Shop 1005, 10th floor, shitongtian, Times Square, 1 Madison Street, Causeway Bay

Try product: Dinner

Roast goose is really good. The skin is crispy with you. Although it looks fat, it tastes juicy! They have sold out of baozi rice, so they have to eat fried rice with preserved meat. It's delicious. Their sausage is very good. No wonder they have a sausage gift box to take out! Stir fried grass head is better than domestic ones. They are all tender vegetable heads. They are fresh and tender! I love it! Good friends like their family's 15 Hong Kong dollar Shoutao bag. Let's eat it as a snack. I never thought it would be a big one. It's made of lotus seed paste and egg yolk. yummy!

Recommended restaurant 9: Hongxing Seafood Restaurant (Grand Restaurant)

Address: 3 / F, Gran centre, 8 canfulis Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Try product: morning tea

Sleep till 10:30, pack and check out. I went to Hongxing seafood restaurant next to the hotel for Hong Kong Style morning tea. I want to eat the marshmallow Bunny snack I didn't eat last night!

It's a big bowl of lettuce and fish porridge. It's enough for two people. The porridge is delicious. The fish fillets are super fresh. The skin of pigeon is crisp and the meat is tender. 2 animal snacks: Sea Lion dumplings - salty; Cotton Bunny - it's a marshmallow bag! The spareribs in XO sauce are always delicious, different from those in Shanghai. As the Hongxing hotel is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, most tourists come here. The decoration is not as good as that on the upper floor of times square, but the hall here can be turned into a colorful private room at any time.

I arrived at the airport at 15 o'clock, and the shops at the airport were very busy. But I have no way to bring more things. I feel very tired with three pairs of shoes and overcoat bags in my hand. Refuse to make any further purchase. But look, I don't mind!

Maybe I'm too tired to eat. There are many restaurants in Hong Kong airport, which can meet any needs you think of! I want to eat fried chicken, then choose Popeye! My friend said that this store is very popular in the United States, but I haven't seen it in Shanghai. Their chicken is dry and not as juicy as KFC. I think of boneless chicken fillet in my childhood. Ha ha, the set meal is only HK $38. After eating, I wait for you to board.

Boarding time is 10 minutes late. China Eastern is so awesome. The boarding broadcast is in English, Pudong dialect, Cantonese and Shanghai dialect. It seems that people from Shanghai come to Hong Kong to compete with China Eastern Airlines. China Eastern Airlines has achieved its own customer service.

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