Switzerland, probably satisfied all your imagination of beauty

Days: 10 days

Time: May

With whom: with friends

Play: free walking, photography, hiking, train

The author went to these places






St Gallen






Big fountain

Rose Garden

Rhine Falls

Mount Reggie

Chillon Castle



Lake Laiman












Golden Pass line


St. Moritz






Glacier Express

Lake Geneva

Palais des Nations

Saint Pierre


Flower clock

Small Separation


Clock tower

Bern Clock Tower

Banhoff Street

lion monument

The wall of musega

Lake Zurich

Lake Lucerne



Rigi Kaltbad.


Stone on the Rhine

Art Museum

city hall

Basel Minster

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Published on 2015-07-25 23:52

[about Switzerland]

Once upon a time, Switzerland was a distant dream.

Looking back, I deeply feel that my life in Switzerland in the past six months is like walking in the clouds, and I still just have such a long dream. In my dream, I lost my way on foot in the Alps and chased the sunset by the lake spitsturn. Arriving at Montreux in the middle of the night, CYTS closed the door one second before. It could only sit at the door and think about life by the lake. Running in the streets of Lausanne in the middle of the night, just to have a place to stay, not to have played, but had to catch the last train to roll back to Zurich. In winter, the railway station is full of armed skiers. In summer, there are sailing boats in the lake. In the sky, there are all kinds of paragliders.

On the weekend of May, the weather warms up and the ice and snow melts. I always have enough patience to deal with the natural beauty. So I wait from February to may, from winter to summer. I am always looking forward to seeing the most beautiful season in Switzerland, and let the imagination of Switzerland slowly unfold before my eyes.

Snow mountain, lake, grassland, cattle and sheep, chocolate, cheese, watch, army knife. Only when you have been to Switzerland can you realize the fullness and freshness of these words. Through Switzerland, you can understand that fairy tales are not all deceptive, beautiful can really exist.

Every time I'm on the road, I think that the creator really has a preference for Switzerland.

About me

Swiss Exchange for half a year, stationed in Zurich, weekend often intoxicated in the lake and mountains, visited Zurich, Basel, St Gallen, lucerne, Interlaken, Bern, Lausanne, Montreux, Geneva, later due to lack of time, Matterhorn became my regret.

Any questions about Swiss travel can be sent to me in private

Zurich, a low-key and luxurious Financial City, is what we call Su village.

Only when you see the fountain with your own eyes can you feel its magnificence and understand why it has become the pride of the people of Geneva.

I think you can't help but wonder when you go to the rose garden and see the old city of Berne in front of you.

Switzerland satisfies all your imagination of beauty, while Interlaken interprets all your definitions of Swiss landscape.

Spitz, the most beautiful town on the edge of Lake toon.

At the junction of the three countries, Basel, maybe you will visit this small city in a hurry because of the airport shared by the three countries.

The Rhine Falls, located at the boundary between Zurich and shafhausen, is magnificent.

Chinese tour groups occupy Lucerne, but ignore the scenery of mountain queen Ruiji.

If the weather is more transparent that day, you may be able to see the pure snow mountain behind Xiyong castle.

The vineyard scenery around Lausanne is beyond the imagination of Switzerland, but it gives people infinite surprise.

The following photos are taken in Interlaken area and lake Lemont.

Why are there no portraits from other places? Because I went alone, living in Zurich, I can go on my own and see what heaven does

[about itinerary]

Because the coordinates were Zurich at that time, and I didn't like to travel in rainy days to live up to the beautiful scenery, so I always checked the weather forecast in advance and took time to travel at the weekend instead of traveling for several consecutive days in Switzerland. However, according to my experience and feelings, I recommend you to travel for three, five and seven days in Switzerland, hoping to provide some reference for your schedule.

A landscape of lakes and mountains is the essence of Switzerland. Therefore, when planning our trip, we first considered the Interlaken area which gathered all the snow mountains. It should be the most representative Swiss scenery and needs at least two days. The scenery of Matterhorn is similar to that near Interlaken, but Interlaken is obviously occupied by Asians (China, Japan, South Korea and India). We have plenty of time to recommend both places. If we don't have enough time, we can only choose one according to the strategy of others. I've always liked the shape of Matterhorn. It's been a long time since Matterhorn was built. However, due to lack of time, I couldn't make it. I'm very sorry! Generally, Matterhorn can be arranged for one day, while hiking or photography can be arranged for two days.

Secondly, the old city of Bern is a world heritage; Near Lucerne is mount Reggie, known as the queen of mountains. Swiss also like to hike in Reggie very much; For the aesthetic fatigue of snow mountain, we can choose the surrounding area of Lemont lake. These places can be arranged for half a day to one day. If time is short, you can choose according to your preference after reading my photos and strategies.

Switzerland 3 days:

D1 Interlaken area (Interlaken - sherang (or Jungfrau) - Mirren lautbrunnen)

Note: when it snows from Interlaken, Lang peak will pass through Millan and lautbrunnen, but the weather on the mountain changes greatly. It is recommended to go up the mountain first, and then visit these two towns on the way down.

D2 Interlaken (greenewa first) - Berne (or Spitz)

D3 lucerne (Reggie hill city)

Five days in Switzerland

D1 around Lake Leman (Montreux wove ravo vineyard Lausanne)

D2 around Lake Leman (Nyon Ivar Geneva)

Note: you can choose a few places of interest around Lake Ramon to reduce it to one day, and put the rest day to D5 to visit Zurich or Rhine Falls.

D3-d5 is the same as the above three days

Note: Ivar and Evian are French towns on the other side of Lake Leman. You can choose to visit them.

Switzerland 7 days

D1 around Lake Leman

Note: the scenery is similar, you can choose a few places you are interested in.

D2 Interlaken area (Interlaken - sherang (or Jungfrau) - Mirren lautbrunnen)

D3 Interlaken area (grindwar first) - Thun to Spitz by boat

D4 Zermatt

D5 Berne Lucerne

Note: lucerne suggests playing Reggie hill first

D6 lucerne Zurich

D7 Zurich Rhine Falls

Maps come from the Internet

Place name comparison (convenient for map query)

Zurich Zurich

Lucerne Luzern

Ridge Hill Rigi

Bern Bern

Interlaken Interlaken


Xuelang peak Schilthorn

Wengen Wengen

Mirren mu? Allen

Lauterbrunnen Lauterbrunnen

Grindelwald Grindelwald

Thun Thun

Spitz Spiez

Zermatt Zermatt



Wavey Vevey

Lavaux Lavaux

Lausanne, Lausanne

Nyon Nyon

Ivar yvoire


Geneva - Geneva

[about travel time selection]

In my opinion, if it's sightseeing, summer and autumn are the most beautiful seasons in Switzerland, with the most abundant landscape color levels. In spring, there is more rain. Of course, skiing should choose winter, but at this time, there is a vast expanse of white and single color.

Due to time constraints, I dragged all the tours in Switzerland to the middle and late May. During the first hike, there was still a section covered with snow, and many high mountains and lakes had not yet melted, so I could not see the classic snow mountain reflection. Therefore, if I could choose the time, I would suggest June to October.

However, due to Switzerland's relatively high latitude and long sunshine time in summer, the sun often sets after 9 p.m., so it's hard for children's shoes who like photography to take pictures of sunrise and sunset.

[about dressing]

In winter, it's very cold outside and there's heating in the room, so you can refer to the north of China for preparing clothes. The coat must be thick and easy to put on and take off. In other seasons, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large. The sun is very hot during the day. It's better to take a thin coat with you at night and choose professional climbing equipment for mountain hiking.

[about air tickets]

Swissair has direct flights to and from Zurich from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In addition, it can take Air China direct flights to and from Geneva, and HNA direct flights to and from Zurich. There are more transit flights, such as UAE, Qatar, Etihad, KLM, Finn, Air France and Russo on. The average time is 16-7 hours. I have lived in Switzerland for nearly half a year, If the round-trip flight is not referential, it will not be posted. It is suggested that you inquire more about price comparison and pay attention to preferential information.

In addition, if you are traveling in France, Italy, Germany or Austria, you can check the train number on the official railway websites of various countries and book train tickets in advance, but international trains often need to book seats at the counter.




Starting from Milan, Italy or Munich, Germany, and without eurorail ticket, you can choose to take the bus. The price is often much cheaper than the train ticket, which is also very convenient and fast.

[about visa]

Switzerland is not an EU country, but it belongs to the Schengen zone. Therefore, it can travel in Switzerland with a visa from other Schengen countries, and it can also travel to other Schengen countries with a Swiss visa. My student visa is different from that of ordinary tourists. There are great differences in the preparation materials and submission procedures. I can only copy one from the poor travel brocade bag for your reference.

At present, Swiss visa is in the charge of tlscontact company, and travelers do not need to go to the consulate. Since January 2015, the processing cycle of individual short-term visa applications for Chinese citizens to Switzerland has been shortened to 48 hours. However, it is still recommended to start the preparation three months in advance and make an appointment to submit the materials at least 15 days ahead of the expected departure time.

Domestic visa processing center

Swiss visa processing center of China and Chile (Beijing)

Scope of consular area: except Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Address: unit 05, 3 / F, block C, Qiaofu fangcaoping building, 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (accessible from the South Gate)

Processing time: 8:30-16:30 from Monday to Friday.

Swiss visa processing center of China and Chile (Shanghai)

Consular district: Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Address: 8 / F, Longyu International Business Plaza, 329 Hengfeng Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai

Processing time: 8:30-16:30 from Monday to Friday.

China Chile visa Swiss Acceptance Center (Guangzhou)

Scope of consular region: Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Address: 2 / F, Dongbao building, 765-769 Dongfeng East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Processing time: 8:30-12:30, 13:30-16:30 from Monday to Friday.

Handling process

1. At least half a month in advance, log in to the official website of tlscontact,, and choose the receiving area (not necessarily the place of residence) according to the place of long-term life, work or study;

2. Register tlscontact account and fill in relevant information;

3. According to the prompt, choose the type of visa;

4. According to the type of visa, TSL contact will provide the necessary materials (including visa application form) for the visa;

5. Make an appointment to submit the materials, and pay attention to leaving sufficient time to prepare the materials;

6. According to the appointment time, go to China Chile visa Swiss Acceptance Center to submit materials (or mail materials), and pay the application fee;

7. Applicants can check the application process at tlscontact website at any time. Consulates or embassies in China may require supplementary materials;

8. Notification of visa collection by e-mail. You need to bring the proofreading sheet of the application form, the original and copy of the ID card.

Materials required

The following is for reference only. According to the age, working status and marital status, please go to for details

1、 Original Schengen visa application form

You can download and fill in the application form, or fill in and print the PDF version of the application form after registration.


1.Language: the application form should be in English, German, French and other official Swiss languages.

2.Signature: the application form should be signed by the applicant. Proxy signature is invalid.

-The signature should be consistent with the signature on the passport and power of attorney, that is, the same letter, Pinyin or Chinese character.

-Please pay attention to two signatures on the form: item 37 and the last item.

-Minor applicants under the age of 18: the application form must be signed by both parents or legal guardian. Please don't sign the name of the minor.

3.Please fill in all the information in the application form completely and accurately. Incomplete application forms will be considered missing.

2、 Original passport

A private passport or official travel document should be valid for more than three months beyond the validity of the visa applied for. There should be at least two blank visa pages for use. The date of issue of the certificate shall not exceed 10 years. Each signature required on the passport must be signed by the signature pen.

Please note that the passport of an applicant aged 10 or above must be signed by himself; Applicants under the age of 10 are not required to sign their passports. If they sign, they must sign by themselves. In any case, the passport is not allowed to be signed by the minor's parents. This provision does not apply to the new version of Chinese passport with electronic signature.

3、 Copy of passport

The first page (personal information page) and the last page (signature page) of the passport, as well as the Schengen visa page.

4、 Two same color close ups on white background (taken in recent 6 months)

The size is 3.5cm x 4.5cm, with no crown on the front.

5、 Original medical insurance

1.Underwriting area and time:

Please purchase the medical insurance applicable to the Schengen countries and regions, covering the whole stay time in the Schengen region.


1) The policy should be clearly marked as applicable or covering the Schengen area. The insurance policy applicable only to Switzerland is not qualified.

2) If the Schengen area is not shown in the policy, the coverage is only reflected in the clauses. Please also provide the clauses proving that the Schengen area is covered. Chinese terms should be translated into English, German, French, Italian or Romansh.

3) Insurance period: it should cover at least the date of air ticket order to and from China, i.e. from the date of first entry into the Schengen zone (to the first entry Schengen country) to the date of departure from the Schengen zone (to the last Schengen country).

2.Amount of insurance: medical insurance and return expenses shall be covered, and the amount of medical insurance shall not be less than 30000 euro (about 300000 RMB).

6、 Copy of air ticket order and accommodation certificate for round trip to China

Including the whole stay in Schengen District, such as hotel order, rental contract, etc. Accommodation materials must indicate the applicant's name, and must be a separate material, separate from other materials.

7、 Copy of itinerary (English or other official Swiss language)

It should cover all the itineraries in the whole Schengen area and clearly mark the date of stay, country, city, scenic spots and other specific contents( Pre order for mode of transportation can be attached)

8、 Original work unit certificate

The certification letter (in English, German, French, Italian or Romansh) issued by the employer shall use the company's official letterhead and affix the official seal. The person in charge of the company shall sign it in person, and specify the date and the following information: address, telephone and fax number of the company in which he works; The name and position of the person signing the company; Name, position, income and working years of the applicant; The purpose of the trip; The company reserves the position for the applicant; Cost bearing party and certificate of approval.

9、 Translation of work unit certificate

(if the original is in Chinese, a translation in English, German, French, Italian or Romansh must be provided)

Copy of business license / organization code / institution legal person certificate (or similar functional materials) (with company seal)

If you are employed by a university or government agency, you do not need to provide this material.

10、 The original of the applicant's current passbook or the original of the current bank card (except the credit card) in and out bill must contain the current records of the last three months

If you provide the original passbook, please also provide a copy of the whole passbook.

11、 Copy of household register

A copy of the first page of the applicant's household register and the information page of each member.

12、 Power of attorney for visa application / Passport collection, original

If you choose to have your visa application submitted by someone else, you must provide it.


1.The signature on the power of attorney must be consistent with that on the applicant's passport and visa application form, and the power of attorney must be filled in completely without any alteration.

2.The power of attorney shall be issued separately and cannot be shared.

3.Minor applicants under the age of 18: the power of attorney must be signed by either parent or legal guardian. Note: parents or legal guardians should not sign the name of the minor.

The age is subject to whether you are 18 years old on the date of application.

If the parents are minor applicants, there is no need to provide a power of attorney, but they should provide household registration and other materials to prove the relationship

Agent ID card or passport, original

If you choose to have your application submitted by an agent, you must provide

Agent ID card or passport, copy

[about accommodation]

Because I bought the Swiss seven point card (gleis7), I went out to play on the same day and couldn't provide hotel recommendations. I can only say that in Switzerland, where everything is expensive except milk, please be prepared to accept high prices.

If you have an International Youth Travel membership card, the price of a bed is about 30 Swiss francs. The youth travel facilities in Switzerland are very good.

In big cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne, you can find houses with better location and more convenient transportation. However, if the houses are from other places, the transportation may not be very convenient. They are only suitable for car rental and self driving travelers, but often these houses have beautiful scenery and may be your dream home.

The traffic around Lake Leman is very convenient, and there is a Swiss pass, so you don't need to worry about the transportation cost. It is recommended to stay in the same hotel for more than two days to avoid unnecessary tossing. Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux are all available. Lausanne is in the middle, and it takes about 40 minutes by train to Geneva and about 20 minutes to Montreux.

There are more choices for accommodation in Interlaken area, so many tourists are very confused about whether to choose Interlaken, Laut Brennen or greenewa, or Millan and Wengen, which are more quiet. Interlaken has the most mature facilities. Trains to all the places mentioned above start from here. It is the connection point with other cities outside, so the transportation is the most convenient. Lautbrunnen and grindwa are located on both sides of Interlaken. Both of them can go up to Jungfrau peak. Lautbrunnen is the only place for waterfall town to go to Mirren, Wengen and sherang peak. Grindwa has the most wonderful dream hillside. You need to take a cable car from here to go first hiking. Millan and Wengen have to take the post bus or cable car from Laut Brunnen to get there, so the traffic is relatively inconvenient and the best thing is quiet. Therefore, the choice of accommodation depends entirely on the individual's itinerary planning, which varies from person to person.

[about domestic transportation]

There are two main ways for domestic tourists to travel in Switzerland, one is self driving, the other is using Swiss pass to take public transport.

Self driving

Switzerland and China drive on the right side, and driving in Switzerland only requires the original domestic driver's license and passport. Therefore, it is relatively easy for domestic travelers to rent a car and drive by themselves, and the cost of renting a car and parking is not high. Self driving is more casual and free, and the sex price ratio of renting a car for more than four people is very high.

If you need to rent a car, you can book it on the website of Herz and other car rental companies in advance, or you can find the service point of the car rental company at the airport or large railway station. But before driving, you must be familiar with the traffic rules in Switzerland. If you are not clear, you must ask the staff of the car rental company, especially the parking problem. I'll tell you the story of a little friend who mistakenly used a private parking space as a public parking space after driving back, and found the car towed away the next day, and fined 500 Swiss francs for picking up the car? Please keep your eyes open when parking and remember these bloody lessons.

There is no toll station on Swiss expressways. To drive cars on expressways, you need to buy an annual ticket and stick it on the windshield, but the car rental companies have basically pasted it, so the budget does not need to consider the problem of highway tolls.

Swiss pass

Switzerland's public transport system is safe, convenient, clean and comfortable, with beautiful scenery along the way. It is the first choice for most Swiss people to travel. The most important thing is that trains, trams, buses, ferries, etc. all have clear timetables, which are very punctual and reliable. Although I missed the last ferry from toon to Spitz due to the delay of a train, But after experiencing the public transport system of other European countries, I must give a big praise to the public transport system of Switzerland!

People with residence permits are not allowed to buy Swiss pass in Switzerland, so I use a combination of half price card and seven point card in my trip. I have also seen some tourists compare half price card with Swiss pass. It seems that half price card is cheaper in general, but I think from a convenient point of view, Swiss pass is definitely the first choice for short-term travelers, Because the use of Swiss pass saves money, and saves the trouble of queuing up to buy tickets, even if you do the wrong car, you don't have to worry about wasting the ticket money.

Swiss pass holders can take all public transport systems in Switzerland unlimited times within the validity period, including Swiss Federal Railway, private railway, tram, bus, ship, subway and town bus. Most mountain climbing trains or cable cars enjoy half price discount. In addition, free access to 480 museums and galleries is also available. When you buy a Swiss through ticket, you will get a map of the Swiss transportation system, which places will be marked with additional charges.

Swiss travel pass has a variety of options for 3 days, 4 days, 8 days and 15 days in a row. You can also buy Swiss travel pass flex if you don't want to use it continuously. Pass tickets can be purchased at the railway station and take effect on the same day. They can also be purchased online in advance. After entering Switzerland, go to the counter of the railway station and ask the staff to activate and fill in their passport number. Therefore, Swiss pass tickets are only for themselves. Sometimes online shopping will have some preferential activities, pay more attention to this kind of preferential information.

It's enough for ordinary travelers to buy second-class tickets. After taking so many trains in Switzerland, they don't find any big difference between first-class and second-class seats. For ferries, first-class seats seem to be on the upper floor.

For traffic information, please refer to the official website of SBB:

The picture comes from the travel notes to the east of the West Bank.

Swiss pass second class carriage price reference:

Swiss current pass price reference:

The difference between Swiss pass and Swiss current pass is that the current pass can choose any travel date within a month, but once the date on the ticket is filled in, it cannot be changed. Therefore, we must pay attention to the weather forecast, make a good travel plan and fill in it carefully.

If there are families with children under 16 years old, parents who buy Swiss pass or current pass can apply for the family discount card of Swiss transportation system. With the card, children under the age of 16 can travel free of charge accompanied by at least one parent. They can get the card free of charge at all railway stations in Switzerland, or apply online.

[about landscape train]

Switzerland is endowed with unique natural scenery. The Swiss Federal Railway Bureau has also launched a lot of landscape trains. Among them, the most famous ones are golden pass line and glacier express. The scenery of the two is different, and both Swiss and eurorail tickets are applicable. If you have enough time, you can experience them.

More information about the landscape train can be found on the official website of the Swiss National Tourism Administration:

Golden Express (also known as golden pass express)

The picture is from the official website of Swiss National Tourism Administration

This train mainly enjoys the scenery of lakes and mountains, including almost all the most classic landscapes in Switzerland. The windows of the train are very large. Swiss pass and Eurailpass can be used for the whole journey, but as this train is very popular, it is recommended to book in advance, so there is an additional booking fee. In addition, you need to change between zweiximen and Interlaken east station for the whole journey.

Route: Montreux - zweisimmen (about 1 hour and 50 minutes) - Interlaken OST (about 1 hour and 10 minutes) - Luzern (about 2 hours)

Reservation time: 3 months before departure to 45 minutes before departure, it is recommended to book one week in advance.

Travel time: about 5.5 hours.

Online booking:

Official website:

Booking fee:

Glacier Express

The picture is from the official website of Swiss National Tourism Administration

This bus is from Zermatt to St. Moritz or Davos. The main routes are snow mountains, glaciers, canyons and forests

The slowest viewing express in the world. It takes about seven hours to cross 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. It is the most popular full view train tour route in Switzerland.

Swiss pass and eurorail pass can also be used throughout the journey, because the terminal may be St. Moritz or Davos, so if you take the whole journey, you need to see the direction of the terminal. Similarly, this train is also very popular, so we must book in advance and pay the reservation fee.

Route: Zermatt - brig - Andermatt - Chur - St. Moriz / Davos

Reservation method: you can make reservation at any railway station or European Railway Agency, or visit the glacier express section of, or visit for inquiry

Booking fee: 33 Swiss francs in summer and 13 Swiss francs in winter.

Some of the above information and pictures are from "travel in poverty - Switzerland" and the official website of Swiss National Tourism Administration.

[about language]

The official languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh, of which German and French are widely used. However, the English penetration rate of Swiss people is very high. There is no problem in using English when traveling in Switzerland. German and English are basically broadcast on trains in German speaking areas, while French and English are used in French speaking areas, Long distance trains, such as ice / IC / IR, sometimes use German, French, Italian and English at the same time, which is a special experience.

Although it's easy to use English in Switzerland, if you meet local people and say hello, you can use "gr ü Ezi", use "Merci" or "Danke scho? N" to express your thanks, and say "tschuss" when you say goodbye, you may get more enthusiastic help from the Swiss.

[about currency]

Switzerland generally does not use the euro, but uses the Swiss Franc (CHF). Some places, such as McDonald's in Zurich, accept the euro, but will give you the Swiss Franc when changing. Recently, one Swiss franc is about 6.5 yuan.

Visa or MasterCard credit cards can be used in almost all places in Switzerland (except some German supermarkets, tuchao and Yachao), but remember to sign on the back of the credit card. ATM machines in many places also support UnionPay cash withdrawal. Therefore, it is more practical for Huaxia card, which is free of charge for the first cash withdrawal every day, in Switzerland. I suggest that you can exchange a small amount of cash in China, most of them swipe the card, and use UnionPay card to withdraw cash directly from the ATM in Switzerland when the cash is not enough.

[about sockets]

Swiss socket is three hole, which is also different from European standard, so it's better to buy a Swiss standard conversion plug on a treasure before going out, but in fact, European standard two hole conversion plug can also be used in Switzerland.

[about mobile card]

Swiss mobile operators are mainly salt, sunrise and Swisscom. Tourists can only buy prepaid cards with their passports. It is said that Swisscom has the best signal, but the most expensive charges. When I first went to Switzerland, I used sunrise and later changed to salt. I don't think it makes any difference. In addition, there are mobile phone cards commonly used in European countries on some treasure. I haven't used them myself. I don't know what the ghost is. If you are interested, you can try it. Although the major airports, stations and other public places in Switzerland provide free WiFi, the wireless network is of great help in inquiring about the train number and route on the way, which is suitable for people who are free and unrestrained, say go, and have incomplete strategies. If the network is used more, you can pack another traffic package when opening the card.

There are sunrise and Swisscom stores in Zurich Airport, which can be seen in the main streets of big cities.

[other tips]

1. Swiss tourism information:

2. It is recommended to check the local weather forecast before deciding whether to go to the major peaks. Many hotels and railway stations near Interlaken have televisions showing real-time scenes everywhere, thanks to the webcam service in Switzerland. At the same time, you can also check the weather information and scenic spots on the official website of Jungfrau peak.


Official website of jungfraubahn:

If it's winter skiing, each ski resort also has its own website, where you can find the latest weather forecast.

3. Recommended app:

SBB, the official application of the Swiss Federal Railway Administration, is very powerful, simple to use and clear. You can query all public transport information, including trains, buses, ferries and so on.

Google Map: a must-have for road geeks. I'm so smart that I can't even let go of the country trails in mountainous areas. However, it's the extreme dependence on it that makes me a road geek.

It can be said that when you travel in Switzerland, these two God level apps are just like heaven reliant sword and dragon slaying sword, guiding you to be invincible all the way.

4. The cold water of Swiss faucets can be directly drunk, and some can not be directly drunk will be marked (such as on the train). Many public toilets have to be charged, and they need to bring their own change of 0.5 to 1 Swiss franc. It is suggested to use the toilet on the train in advance. McDonald's toilet needs to enter a password, which is usually written on the ticket.

5. Swiss ticket checking staff are more dedicated, and they often encounter ticket checking. They may also encounter it in the morning and in the middle of the night, so they don't know! Yes! Run! Tickets! You will be fined if you find the ticket evasion.

6. In addition to some stores in railway stations and airports, other business places are basically closed on Sundays. It's better not to arrange the shopping schedule on Sundays, but also try to go shopping in supermarkets before Saturdays.

7. About tax refund:

Switzerland is a non EU country, so it needs to refund tax in Switzerland before leaving Switzerland. If you buy more than 300 Swiss francs in Switzerland and leave Switzerland within 30 days, you can apply for VAT refund of 8%. There are customs counters at the border railway station and airport. After stamping, you can withdraw money directly from the tax refund counter of global blue.

When buying watches and other goods, the tax has been deducted directly, that is, the duty-free price. However, credit card is required as a guarantee. When leaving the country, the customs can send the tax refund form back to the merchant after it is sealed by the customs, otherwise the merchant will deduct the tax.

Note: when the Customs seals, they often require to show the purchased goods, so do not consign the tax refund items, and inform the staff when necessary.

8. Post postcards. The postage to China is 1.9 Swiss francs, and the postcard is put directly into the Yellow mailbox with "die post" printed on the street.

9. After arriving at the railway station of each place, remember to go to the nearby tourist information center to get free maps and schedules of various means of transportation. The schedules are slightly different every quarter. Please refer to reliable information.

The territory of Switzerland is only a little larger than that of Taiwan Province. Because the Alps cross Switzerland, this small country has a tremendous energy in the natural landscape. Pure snow mountain, clear lake, fresh air. I used to complain about the high prices in Switzerland, but when I left, I joked with my buddy that maybe it was because the fairy tale scenery and high quality of life were not free, we needed to pay for it. If so, when you arrive in Switzerland, you will be able to accept everything that is expensive.

Switzerland is divided into the German speaking area in the north, the French speaking area in the west, the Italian speaking area in the South and the Romansh speaking area in the East. Due to the differences in culture and habits, the collision of strictness and conservatism with enthusiasm makes Switzerland more attractive than ever.

As a permanent neutral country, Switzerland is the headquarters of many international organizations and has significant international influence. Zurich, the largest city, is an important international financial center with numerous private banks. Therefore, Switzerland can be described as a combination of landscape and culture, with extremely rich tourism resources.

Now I'm going to open the text. I'll start from the South and the north with a large number of pictures and more detailed strategies. Let's get ready to take it

Perhaps you are more familiar with the nickname Lake Geneva than Lake Leman. Lake Leman is the boundary between France and Switzerland. It looks like a crescent moon and is the largest lake in Western Europe. This is my last trip in Switzerland. At that time, having lived in Switzerland for nearly four months, I was a little tired of the beauty of snow mountains, forests and grasslands. I came across a photo of vineyard terraces and realized that there was such a world heritage landscape in Switzerland, grass growing.

The more you read the strategies and travel notes, the more you find that the scenery along Lake Le Mans has captured the hearts of celebrities in the world. Hepburn and Chaplin chose to spend their last years here.

The Alps have created a lot of Swiss scenery. Although they are similar, they always feel that the lakeside Le Mans is more beautiful than other places. Maybe it's the romantic elegance of French style. Maybe it's just the strong sun and gentle waves at the end of May.

There are two big cities in the region, Geneva and Lausanne. You can visit the European headquarters of the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee and so on. You can also choose from Montreux, Ivar, Evian, wove and ravo vineyards. Because there was no Swiss pass, I bought a one-day pass to Wo state, and spent a day touring the vineyards of nieyong, Ivar, Montreux, wove and Lavo. These towns have no special scenic spots and are suitable for walking around the lake. When I went to Croatia in early June, I started from Geneva, so I took Geneva by the way.

My specific route is as follows:

Morning: Lausanne Nyon Ivar

Afternoon: Ivar nylon Montreux wove Lavo Lausanne

Since Zurich is the most convenient route to and from Lausanne, this route is adopted.

If it is from Geneva, the most convenient route should be:

Geneva - nylon (to and fro Ivar by boat) - Lausanne (to and fro Evian by boat) - ravo vineyard - wove Montreux.

You can visit all of the above places in two days, or you can choose what you prefer to reduce it to one day, and take the Golden Express from Montreux on the second day. Accordingly, of course, you can start playing from Montreux to Geneva.


Nieyong is known for its famous flower Town in France on the other side. You can walk from the railway station along the most central commercial street to the lake. You can see this castle with five roofs on the road, and you can have a good view.

The Sunday fair by the lake extends along the lake, selling second-hand goods for local residents. You can stroll around when you wait for the boat break, and you can also learn some local customs. As for the quality of goods, different people have different opinions.

The most convenient way to Ivar is to take the CGN ferry here. It takes about one hour and the journey is only 20 minutes. Remember to check the round-trip time before you come. You can buy tickets on the SBB app or at the wharf. Round trip is cheaper than one-way. When you line up for the boat, there will be staff to check the tickets.

After a tour of the market on Sunday, my friend got a French children's illustration book to satisfy her girlish heart, so we set off for Ivar


It's not long before it reaches the shore, which is the classic nanfa castle in lush green.

Set foot on the shore until leaving, my mouth from time to time sigh, so beautiful! beautiful! One of the most beautiful towns in France is not a false name. The photos can't express the beauty and delicacy you see with your own eyes.

I can't help climbing up and pretending to be a bully

Every step is a scene. A girl who likes to take photos can spend a whole day here!

Ivar is very small, mainly in this town full of history and literary atmosphere. The flowers on the windowsill and balcony of every family make the whole town full of vitality and vitality, and also experience the love of local residents for life. In fact, many local people in Western and central Europe take care of their homes very delicately. Maybe every day when they get up early and see them, they will feel that it is another beautiful day!

Ivar has no tour group, but there are a lot of free visitors. Maybe it's too close to Switzerland. It's also the traditional Swiss price. It's not in line with the local conditions of France at all.

Walking around the corner, I wanted to take a picture of the restaurant, but I saw an elegant old woman coming with flowers. Foreign women, even if they are old, still have the love of beauty when they were young.

I really want to have a house like this. If not, it's also good to walk to the lake and sit under the tree in a daze.

When I went to the lake, I caught a loving family of three. The crooked nuts like to take their children on a stroller and accompany them to grow up.

The gadgets in this grocery store are so exquisite that people like them very much! Who will sponsor me!

Ivar is really small. He walked out of the city carelessly. The castles, walls and gates here are preserved from the 14th century.

The ideal appearance should be wearing a vintage dress, holding a small umbrella, the Buddha time suddenly back to the past.

Swiss ferries have bright red flag flying in the wind at the end, especially in the lake and mountain scenery.

Follow the way you came, back to nylon, the next stop is Montreux. When we got off the boat, we ran all the way up the slope to the railway station. Finally, we got on the train one second before closing the door. We gasped and sat down. In a moment, we looked at each other with a smile. The punctuality and reliability of the Swiss public transport system has made us used to sprint, and we firmly believe that our dream still needs to be realized!


In fact, I had been to Montreux the night before. At that time, I wanted to live in Montreux youth travel, but I didn't consider that Swiss Youth Travel closed at 10 p.m. It doesn't set until 9:30, and it closes at 10:00. How embarrassing! At 10:05, we stood at the gate of the CYTS and were shocked. We silently sat down by the lake and accepted the fact that we were ruthless and broke. Finally, we settled in Lausanne at 12:00.

"If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux!"—— Queen's lead singer once said that, and the only emotion we have for Montreux is to go to Xiyong castle to make a card.

Cha? Teau de Chillon is famous for the famous poem prisoners of the west by British poet Byron. When the weather is clear, you can see the snow mountain not far away. The castle and the snow mountain match perfectly. You can take bus No. 201 from Warwick or Montreux to Chilon station, or take the train directly to veytaux Chilon station, and walk directly from Montreux station.

Opening Hours:

Tickets will be sold from 9:00 to 19:00 from April to September, from 9:30 to 18:00 from March and October, and from 10:00 to 17:00 from November to February of the next year. Tickets will not be sold one hour before closing. The museum will be closed on December 25 and January 1.

Admission: 12.5 francs for adults, 10.5 francs for students and 6 francs for children aged 6-16.

We were not very interested in the items on display inside, so we decided to walk around. The other side of the castle is being repaired, and it is backlight in the afternoon, so it is not suitable for taking photos.

After taking this picture, we retreated, because there were many family picnics and barbecues by the lake, and we could hardly control them.

Fans who like the band can visit the band's mountain studio, walk for 15 minutes from Montreux railway station or take bus No. 201 from the railway station to casino station, which is open from 10:30 to 22:00.

If you come to Montreux in July, don't miss the Jazz Festival. It's full of atmosphere. In addition, tourists planning to experience the golden train can also start from Montreux


The most famous one in wowei is the big fork in the lake and a row of white chairs on the rocks beside the lake. Almost every visitor to wowei will sit on the chair and take a picture with the big fork, but only the swans and the residents from the self driving boats can get in close contact with the fork.

The fork, the symbol of wove, is about 10 minutes' walk from the railway station along the lake in the direction of Montreux, standing in front of the alimentarium, formerly Nestle's 1920s headquarters. Between the food Museum and Lake Leman, there is a statue of Chaplin. The master spent his last 25 years in Warwick.

Opening hours of Food Museum:

It will be closed from 10:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and from Monday, December 24, December 25, December 31, January 1 and January 2.

Admission: 12 Swiss francs for adults, 8 Swiss francs for students and teams, free for children under 16 years old. Voice guide 2 Swiss francs.

At that time, I took a lot of group photos of sitting in chairs and forks. Maybe the chairs were too comfortable. How to take photos, they were all lying down. I had to give up. The sun is still very strong, staring at the swan in a daze in the face of the lake. When the sun sets, Fang leaves in a hurry and goes to ravol vineyard.

Ravo vineyard terraces

In Warwick's laziness led to no good visit, play vineyard, can only casually take a few photos back to Zurich. Unfortunately, the ravol vineyard was the reason why I decided to come to Lake Leman.

Lavo is not the name of one of the villages, but refers to the narrow strip between Lausanne and wove. Its core vineyard is a world heritage site, which is as famous as Bordeaux in France. Ravol is beautiful all year round, but it is said that the grapes are the most beautiful when they ripen in autumn. There are many trains passing between Lausanne and Warwick, but most of them run along the lake. If you want to take the climbing route across the terraces, you need to check the timetable in advance. You are also interested in various sightseeing trains and activities to visit the vineyards. Relevant information can be inquired about in the tourist center or online.

Sightseeing train:、。

Visiting vineyards:

Ravo venorama

The road above the lake has a sense of sight of the coastal road in a trance. It seems to be running towards the sunset in pursuit of light. Where in the wind comes see you again, especially in the afterglow.

I don't know why, at this time, I saw this railway which has been passed three times, and I thought of Chihiro. Finally, we will follow the light again and disappear at the junction of water and sky.

The sun set slowly toward the west, the vines gradually faded golden, but it is still growing. Facing the lake and snow mountain, they are full of happiness, which will turn into sweetness in autumn harvest.


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