#Walking across the Alps, Germany and Switzerland

Days: 7 days

Time: October

Per capita: 22000 yuan

With whom: one person

Play: photography, train, saving money, humanities, hiking, weekend travel, free travel, poor travel

The author went to these places



Old town

Lake Zurich


Old town

Hotel Uzwil

University of Zurich

Federal Institute of Technology Zurich


Zurich Cathedral


Neuschwanstein Castle

King Lake

Szentpeter Church

Carr square


Banhoff Street

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Published on October 22, 2015 14:17

Sometimes, you really don't know whether those surprises are the result of your efforts or the gift of God. At the bottom of my heart, there is always a hope that I can visit all the places of interest in Europe. God let Buddha know my mind, this time I completed, come a little unexpected, a little at a loss, a little in addition to excited feeling! At the beginning of September, I was informed by the company that I need to go to the headquarters in Switzerland for training and meetings for a few days, and also to visit a factory in Germany, so my mood suddenly began to fly

Let's take a few pictures first, and then talk about them in detail.



D1. Shanghai Pudong Zurich;

D2. Visit the old city and lake of Zurich during the day; The train goes to Uzwil at 3pm

D3. Corporate Affairs

D4. Company affairs. In the evening, take the company bus to beilingries, Germany

D5. Small town sightseeing in the morning, company meeting and factory visit in the morning, factory annual celebration in the afternoon, train to Munich in the evening.

D6. Sightseeing in the old city of Munich, train back to Zurich in the evening

D7. Sightseeing in Luzern

D8. Zurich - Beijing - Wuxi

Because it's a business trip of the company, not a personal trip, there's no need to buy eurorail pass in advance, and there's no need to buy pass or day pass; Hotels don't have to care too much about the high price. As long as the transportation is convenient and breakfast is available, they are usually reserved near the railway station in the old city. After getting off the train, they can walk for a few minutes, and it's more convenient for sightseeing in the old city.

Notes on purchasing train and subway tickets in Switzerland and Germany:

General railway stations are automatic ticketing machines, especially small railway stations, there is no manual; But for big stations like the airport, Zurich and Munich, if you can't understand the machines, you can also go to the box office of SBB or dB, where there are manual tickets, but you may have to queue up.

The ticket vending machine has an English operation interface. You just need to select the language on the touch screen. The magnetic stripe credit card can also buy tickets. I have used it this time, and there is no problem at all. Of course, it is better to have a chip card. Just pay attention to that when inserting the card, the credit card faces up and looks in the right direction; First, select the train number, seat level and price on the screen. When the screen prompts, insert the card. When the screen prompts remove card, take back the card. After payment, the ticket will be printed automatically( (see above)

After getting the ticket, if you have the SBB and DB app, you can check the platforms. If not, it doesn't matter. You can directly look at the big screen timetable of the railway station. It doesn't matter if you don't know German. Just look for the number of Gleis of your destination. For example, Gleis 12, go to platform 12 to find the train you want to get on.

S-Bahn is a light rail

U-Bahn is the subway

Tram is a tram

IC is Inter City


Re is region express


The above is just the difference between the express train and the local train. For example, from Zurich Airport to the urban area, you can take the light rail like s or take the train. However, the light rail stops at more stations. It takes half an hour to get to the urban area, and the train only stops at one station, which takes more than 10 minutes; The price is the same.

If you really don't understand, it doesn't matter, you can go to the information desk with I, they will tell you in detail.


Expenses of this business trip:


Return tax included 9911rmb


Basilea Swiss Quality Hotel( )

Address:ZurichOld Town-City Centre,Zurich,Zurich,8001,Switzerland

Price: chf182x 3days = chf546

Uzwell Hotel )

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 67, Uziwil, St. Gallen, 9240, Switzerland

Price: CHF160 x 2 days= CHF320

Hotel in beilingries

Price: EUR: 83

Fleming's Hotel München-City

Bayerstrasse 47, Munich, 80335,Germany

Price: EUR: 200

Sub total in RMB: 7753.2

3.Train fare:

Airport-Z ürich HB; CHF6.6

Zurich-Uzwil; CHF24.6

Kinding, Munich; EUR1

Munich-Zurich EUR83

Zurich <=> Lucerne CHF50

Z ürich HB — Airport; CHF6.6

Sub total in RMB: 1277.88

4.having dinner:

Self paid chf128.7 = rmb849.42

Other meals are paid by the company.

Total cost: RMB 20640.92

Because it is a business trip, the above is all reimbursement, so the actual cost is limited to some small gifts and chocolates. For reference only!


The following is the text of the travel notes:


The first day I arrived in downtown Zurich, it was nearly evening. Outside the railway station, those bright and beautiful trams came and went, dragging their suitcases and crossing several streets and roads. The lights were just on, the flow of people was not crowded, everything was neat and orderly. My heart suddenly brightened, and I was completely forgotten after more than ten hours of flight fatigue, Curious and fresh eyes are everywhere searching for everything around. It's so beautiful that people feel calm and intoxicated

After dinner, I took my camera with me and took a walk along the LIMAT river. The jingle of the bell tower in the distance makes the city more quiet and elegant. At this time, the swans in the river will swim to you quietly, and sometimes make a few calls. If I have food to feed, I guess they will circle around you. It's a beautiful night, It's incredibly beautiful. I really want to stay by the river and experience the comfort.

Zurich Airport Swiss Airlines beautiful plane

The room I stayed in that day was a neat little bed with a background of alpine snow mountains.

In the evening, when you walk along the river, the swan will follow you quietly.


Maybe because of jet lag, I didn't sleep well on my first night in Zurich. I woke up at more than 4 in the morning and never fell asleep again. After the autumnal equinox, before dawn at seven o'clock in the morning, I went to the mountain near the hotel for a walk. There are two famous universities, Zurich University and Zurich Federal Institute of technology. Einstein, a well-known scientist, studied at the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich, while Chen Yinke, one of the four tutors of Tsinghua University, studied at the University of Zurich; In fact, not only the halo of these celebrities is glowing, but also the beautiful scenery of those university buildings is attracting you to approach and admire!

At 7:30, on the way up the mountain, many students went to university for classes. On the platform of the top of the mountain, you can have a clear view of the whole city of Zurich. On that day, there was a little mist. In the distance, the church tower stood high and pointed to the sky. You can have a panoramic view of all kinds of beautiful European buildings, which is a bit dreamy.

After breakfast, I went to the old city with my colleagues and Thai colleagues who just arrived. I still went south along the LIMAT River to the Lake Zurich. The aesthetic trend of Asians seems to be the same. Seeing those exquisite and small European style buildings, they will express different exclamations. It seems that every building is worth watching, every building is worth visiting, and every scenic spot is worth wandering. After walking normally for half an hour, we just take photos, sigh, evaluate, etc After walking for a long time, there are swarms of swans, Lake gulls, wild ducks and unknown birds by the lake. They are not afraid of people. They are free and live in harmony. When they do, they feel that the whole world is beautiful.

University of Zurich in the morning.

Federal Institute of technology in Zurich, where Einstein studied

Standing on the top platform overlooking the city of Zurich

Walking along the LIMAT River, the scenery is beautiful.

There are churches everywhere, there are bell towers everywhere.

Zurich cathedral is the symbol of the city.

The trams that come and go on the street are very popular.

There are fountains everywhere. The water can be drunk directly.

Lake Zurich is so clear that you can see the bottom. There are swarms of swans, gulls and ducks on the lake

After lunch, continue to stroll in the old city, from the opera house to niederf street, through the streets and alleys, feel the local customs; Every house has its own characteristics, every exquisite dress is fascinating, every interesting sculpture or fountain is amazing... If time permits, we will always go shopping, but the good time is always short, we will have to take the train to the company's headquarters, just looking forward to walking around the places we want to go when we come back.

Beautiful opera house.

Caf é Odeon, the place often visited by Einstein, Lenin, James and Joyce.

Beautiful decoration, interesting sculpture

It's only an hour's drive to Uzwil, and the scenery outside is so fresh. In the evening, when I arrived in the town and checked in, I found the lovely room and the balcony with flowers. When I had a panoramic view of the mountains and villages, I felt very happy! In the nearby supermarket, we compare the prices and daily necessities. In fact, it is colorful to watch; After 7 p.m., all the restaurants in the town were closed, so we had to find a private restaurant for dinner.

This is my room and balcony.


The next two days are the company's training, which is relatively compact. I won't elaborate here. I only took some pictures of the scenery. It was a beautiful Swiss town. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to watch it carefully. I took the elevator to the top floor of the company building and got a bird's-eye view of the surrounding scenery. I was completely intoxicated.

This is from the top of the building overlooking the town.

As soon as the training was over, he took a car from a German colleague, crossed the Austrian border and went to Germany.


Beilingries is a small town in Bavaria between Nuremberg and Munich. In the early morning, after breakfast, I immediately took the time to visit the town. Everything was so quiet, colorful and lovely. The house was attractive at first sight. The spire church and onion church were interesting. Every small delicacy brought surprise to people. There were castle like buildings towering on the mountain in the distance, and the autumn leaves were colorful, The Danube River flows quietly next to it. Suddenly, I thought that I could go down the river to Vienna, Budapest and the Black Sea; In the movie, the princess of Bavaria married the king of Austria and also went down the Danube River. In fact, not far from here are Salzburg, Innsbruck, Prague, Dresden, Neuschwanstein Castle, King's Lake, and of course, Vienna... But in the limited time, I can only dream, waiting for the next time!

In the morning, I went to the company for a meeting and visit. At noon, there was a huge celebration. In Germany, there was no lack of beer. There was also a delicious roast whole pig and a chorus full of ethnic customs. It was really a good activity. I happened to run into it.

In the afternoon, I went to the railway station and passed the top of the mountain on the way. I stopped for a moment and took some pictures. It was autumn in Bavaria. It was so beautiful!

This is the room I lived in that day. There are flowers on the windowsill.

This is the Danube under Strauss notes.

A fascinating Town, I want to stay here!

Overlooking the town from the top of the mountain, it's autumn in Bavaria.


This visit to Germany is unexpected, but since we have arrived in Munich and it is the weekend, we naturally want to visit the old city. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. In my mind, it's not beer or Olympics, nor BMW or Audi; It is its long history and charming scenery. It is also the birthplace of the Nazis. I think Hitler started here in those years. I remember wartime when he was in peace. I hope that peace can be maintained more permanently. In many ways, I still admire the Germans. However, when you play, what you like most is the exquisite architecture, sculpture and artistic atmosphere, as well as the formal expression of those people's minds, such as a carving at the corner of the street, painting on the wall, furnishings in the window, and so on.

Walking on the streets of Europe is always so comfortable and there will be endless admiration. How do you feel when you are surrounded by all kinds of beauty? Why do you like other people's buildings so much? If you compare our daily environment, the difference will come out. From Maria square to the opera house, from the command hall to the palace garden, from the grain market to St. Peter's church, you can enjoy all kinds of European styles, beautiful and unspeakable.

In the evening, I took the train for four and a half hours and returned to the beautiful and peaceful Zurich.

Carr square

Maria square in Munich

Fairy tale tower.

Is this the Medici house?

opera house

This hall of command reminds us of Florence.

Music Square

Palace Garden

This is Munich's busy open-air grain market on Saturday.

When I walk into St. Peter's church and listen to the holy notes played by the organ, I am awed. I would like to believe in the existence of God, as well as the kindness and fraternity.


When I come to Switzerland this time, my biggest wish is not to go to snow mountain or Geneva, but to go to a place called Luzern, which is translated as Lucerne in Chinese, and also called Thiessen. In short, this is a place with incredible beauty. It's said that Audrey Hepburn regarded this place as a place for dying. Another reason is that my father came here 25 years ago. Time is really in a hurry. "Switzerland is not until Luzern" has been branded in my heart 25 years ago. The lake and mountain scenery here are set against the background of the Alps in the distance. I have a long history, I've known everything here for a long time, really! So, I'm in Zurich, I'm in Lucerne, I don't need a map to go there, the map is already in my mind! I use Luzern as the end of this trip.

Lucerne's logo, Capel bridge.

The castle on the mountain in the distance, I believe there must be beautiful fairy tales in it.

A stone sculpture commemorating the death of Swiss mercenaries on the cliff of lion rock.

Finally, after returning to Zurich from Lucerne, I went to banhoff street and Zurich lake for a tour.

This is a drinking fountain on the street.

I deeply know that this business trip and travel trip is far from what I expected, but I also deeply know that I can't be too greedy. I can't be like the old woman in the story of fisherman and goldfish who has nothing because of lack of greed! Yes, I should thank God for his gift. Maybe I have my own efforts in the past. However, in this world, not all your efforts can be rewarded accordingly. Therefore, I should be satisfied with the present harvest.

I just want to say that I like Europe too much, Germany and Switzerland more. I hope I can set foot on this beautiful land again in the future to experience more wonderful things!


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