Travel by hand: a different story of parent-child travel in Switzerland

Days: 11 days

Time: August

Per capita: 30000 yuan

With whom: parents and children

Play: free travel, photography, humanities, food, petty bourgeoisie, train

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Golden Pass line



Glacier Express







lion monument

Lake Lucerne

Mount piratus


Swiss Museum of transportation





Lake Geneva


Small Separation


Mount Lotte

Zermatt Hotel

Hulun senior Romantic Hotel

Chillon Castle

St. Moritz



Hotel Union




Old town

Lake Maggiore



Townhouse Boutique Hotel


Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

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Published on August 30, 2016, 00:42

leading edge

Time flies. It's seven years since my last trip to Switzerland. At that time, sitting on the return flight, I wrote an article, which said: just left, I began to miss this country, I will come back.

Over the years, although I have taken xiaoyuege to many places, I still keep Switzerland in my mind and never stop thinking about it. Until this summer vacation, seven years later, I was finally able to continue my journey by chance. This time, I was no longer alone, and I started a parent-child tour of Switzerland with xiaoyuege hand in hand.

Preparation before departure

About visa:

The Schengen visa I applied for when we went to Holland with xiaoyuege is still valid. We can visit Schengen countries in Europe without any restrictions. Switzerland is free to enter and leave.

If you need to apply for a visa, I would recommend you to inquire directly on the website of the embassy official, prepare the materials one by one according to the list of materials listed by the embassy, make an appointment and send the visa. If you don't understand, you can consult according to the official telephone provided by the embassy.

Baoyue tips:

1. To apply for Schengen visa, if you only want to stay in one country, you need to apply to the Embassy of that country; If you plan to stay in more than one Schengen country, you must, in principle, apply for a visa according to the itinerary submitted by the embassy or consulate of the country with the longest stay in China; If it is impossible to determine the main country of stay, you can apply for the visa of the first country of entry; Visa applications do not pay attention to these principles and are refused entry from time to time. Of course, if the Schengen visa is used again during its validity period, it can travel freely between the Schengen countries and is no longer restricted by the above principles

2: Schengen visa needs to prepare a lot of information, especially parent-child travel, it is best to apply as soon as possible, so as not to delay travel

On money and consumption:

Switzerland mainly uses its own currency, the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Most restaurants, shops and hotels in Switzerland can swipe cards, while some small shops do not. There is no UnionPay ATM in some mountain towns, so it is inconvenient to withdraw cash. It is suggested to exchange some Swiss francs in the Bank of China in advance. It doesn't need too much cash. You can exchange 400 or 500 Swiss francs. It's more convenient to buy small things and give tips.

Baoyue tips:

1. It's better to carry chip card, multi currency card and Huaxia bank card (Huaxia Bank's savings card is free of service charge for the first withdrawal of local currency from overseas. Of course, the premise is that there should be a local ATM supporting UnionPay)

2. When I travel in Europe, I often encounter the problem of pin code input when I swipe my card. I always input "0000" directly without any problem. Only one hotel can't pay with bank card when booking online. After negotiation, the hotel reserved my room for me. When I checked out in the store, I used that card and entered PIN 0000 to make a smooth transaction.

About the weather:

Switzerland is not big, but because of the terrain, the weather is quite complicated. When you go to the snow mountain, you must remember to bring your raincoat and cotton padded clothes. The temperature on the snow mountain is close to zero when the weather is good, and it is colder when it snows on cloudy days; In the early morning and evening of small towns in mountainous areas, they should also wear thick coats or thin cotton clothes to keep warm; In most areas, short sleeves are worn on sunny afternoons. In a word, when you travel to Switzerland, you should prepare your clothes all year round, and pay attention to increase or decrease your children's clothes in time according to the weather.

About transportation:

When you travel in Switzerland, you will be in close contact with its powerful transportation system. Therefore, the first important thing is to remember to buy the legendary Swiss travel pass, which is a Swiss transport system passport specially designed for visitors to Switzerland. It can be said that it is a must for Swiss travel.

According to the number of days and plan of travel, you can choose to use the pass infinitely within a period of time (3 days, 4 days, 8 days, 15 days), or you can choose to buy the pass intermittently according to the number of days. In a word, if you buy the most cost-effective Swiss travel pass, you can start to take trains, buses and cruise ships for free in the selected time period. For scenic routes like the popular glacier express, you only need to pay a small amount of money to book seats in advance. Most mountaineering trains have a 50% discount (75% discount for Jungfrau) and 490 museums are free, Urban transportation in 75 cities is also free. The best thing is that parents can apply for a Swiss family card free of charge for their children under the age of 16, so that their children can travel free of charge and enjoy various other benefits. Swiss travel pass benefits us a lot and saves a lot of money in Switzerland. In this convenient, safe and comfortable country, Swiss travel pass is absolutely necessary for home travel.

Another thing that must be recommended is the TGV lyria high-speed train from Paris to Switzerland. This train connects France and Switzerland. It's only three hours from Lyon railway station in Paris to Basel, Switzerland. It's convenient and fast. Of course, you can choose according to the journey. It's also convenient from Paris to Geneva, Switzerland.

As for Swiss transportation, I would also like to recommend a necessary app for Swiss transportation: SBB mobile. Swiss people, known for their punctuality, use the app every day to arrange their own time. It can provide you with point-to-point Swiss traffic itinerary planning, including the most accurate information such as the specific train number, arrival time, platform number, how to transfer, way station, etc., which is often accurate every minute. If you enter the hotel address between the two places, it will accurately calculate even a few minutes' walk, and there will be a map guide from the station to the hotel when you click in. Whether we plan our trip to Switzerland in advance or want to go somewhere temporarily one day, this app is very helpful to us. It can be said that it is absolutely no problem for us to skillfully use sbbmobile and play Switzerland.

Baoyue tips:

1. TGV lyria high-speed train tickets and Swiss travel pass suggest to buy them in advance in China. First, it's more convenient and clear to buy tickets in China and communicate with the staff. I can also consult with the staff in advance. When I do the route planning, I get very professional answers for many things I don't understand, This is very helpful for my schedule; Second, there are often early bird early bird promotional activities in China. The earlier you buy tickets, the more likely you are to get super value discounts. Thirdly, seats of TGV lyria high-speed train and some scenic trains during Swiss train travel can be reserved in advance in China. If the seats are reserved after arrival, it is very likely that the journey will be delayed because the seats of the day can not be reserved in peak season; Fourth, in Swiss railway stations, there are often long queues of train tickets. If you buy them in advance in China and go on the road easily, you can save your mind, effort and time, and enjoy the leisure and fun of traveling.

2. When you travel in Switzerland, you must ask for the schedule of transportation at the ticket office or check and calculate the return time on sbbmobile. Although Swiss travel pass is available, you can take most of the transportation for free, it's not worth wasting your time waiting for the bus.

About parent-child preparation:

One of the most important travel preparations for school-age children to go to Europe is knowledge reserve. Having the most basic knowledge of the history and culture of this place can stimulate her interest in this trip and also gain more in the journey. Before I set out, I bought comic Switzerland for xiaoyuege. Although it is a comic book, the content involves the formation history, national development, cultural customs and other fields of Switzerland. It is suitable for the whole family to read it before traveling. The content of the book is very helpful for us to have a deep understanding of Switzerland. According to the contents of this book, xiaoyuege made a list of her travel wishes to Switzerland.

Overall planning for the trip:

In Switzerland, trains, cars and ships are not only convenient and fast means of transportation, but also beautiful scenery with different routes, themes and customs. The most beautiful scenery in Switzerland is on the road. Through these sightseeing routes, you can climb over snow capped mountains, glaciers, charming vineyards, forests, lakes and picturesque villages.

We have planned several routes covering four major language areas in Switzerland, including the most famous sightseeing trains: Golden pass line (from Luzern Montreux in Lucerne) and glacier Express (from Zermatt St. Moritz in Zermatt); There are also bus routes (thusis Bellinzona) that end up taking Wilhelm tell express, the Wilhelm tell express express, to cross the Alps and return to Luzern (Bellinzona lucern). At the same time, I used these transportation lines to connect lucerne Luzern, Interlaken (Jungfrau area), Zermatt (Matterhorn area), Bellinzona (around Locarno Locarno) and other four important tourist destinations, and stayed in these places for a long time, In addition to playing in these four destinations, you can also travel from here every day to the surrounding areas where the traffic can reach for one or two hours. After a few days, you can take the landscape train to the next station. Anyway, when I travel with Swiss travel pass, almost all ordinary railways and public transport are free. This arrangement can not only travel all over Switzerland, but also effectively reduce the fatigue of carrying large luggage and constantly changing accommodation. For me to take Xiaoyue out alone, such a reasonable planning is very important and saves a lot of physical strength and time.

About the Internet:

The network in Switzerland is relatively developed, and Wi Fi is available in many places. However, most free networks need to input a mobile phone number and log in with the verification code sent by SMS. I don't know why I can't receive the verification code after I input the mobile phone number according to the format of the prompt. It's more reliable to carry roaming treasure with me. It's very good in Switzerland, Even in mountainous areas, you can also get online quickly, which is relatively stable. It is recommended to take one with you when you travel to Switzerland.

About hiking:

In Switzerland, hiking should be said to be the most local leisure and entertainment life. Almost every Swiss enjoys the beautiful scenery, delights in body and mind, and exchanges emotions in hiking every weekend. Walking in Switzerland, as long as you take the regular hiking route, the signs and signs are very clear and safe. Parents and children can ask the local tourism information center, local people or check the map in advance. According to the children's situation, choose the route with appropriate difficulty and not too long time from multiple hiking routes in scenic spots to experience the fun of hiking.

Baoyue tips:

The walking time mentioned by local people or road signs is not suitable for tourists like us who do not exercise at ordinary times and are fond of playing and taking photos. Generally, the time we spend playing and taking photos is more than twice of the official tips. Tourists like us should consider the situation, calculate the time and plan reasonably.

The weather on the mountain changes a lot, so raincoats are necessary. It's better to wear strong, waterproof and light outdoor shoes and clothes, especially the shoes must be waterproof and antiskid. If you don't have it, you can buy it in a small Swiss town. Many outdoor brands have good discounts here.

When walking, remember to take water bottles with you. Mineral water in Switzerland is very expensive, but tap water can be drunk directly (except for those with no direct drinking signs). Local people or tourists will drink water from their own bottles, which is convenient and affordable. We haven't been out of condition for more than ten days, so we can drink it safely under normal conditions.

Swiss parent child tour 11

Article 1: make full use of Swiss travel pass to experience all kinds of Swiss transportation including landscape train, mountaineering train, postal bus, oil tanker, cable car, pod, ski chair and battery car to travel around Switzerland

The next day: walking in the Alps with small hands, I met cattle, sheep and lovely marmots

Third: taste a Swiss cheese hot pot

Fourth: on the balcony full of flowers, enjoy the snow mountains, watch the stars and listen to the church bells in the small town with children

Article 5: look at the old Swiss and the Swiss in traditional clothes in the Swiss open-air museum

Rule 6: Sprinkle flowers on the children's playground in every small town

Article 7: exploring Switzerland's great transportation system in the ryuksen Transportation Museum

Eighth: learn more about the formation of alpine glaciers in the glacier park

Rule 9: eat a traditional Swiss private dish

Article 10: go to the snow mountain, watch the glacier, ski, have snowball fights, and spread wild in the snow

Article 11: fill "my travel stamp manual" with Swiss site stamps

Hand in hand in Switzerland

After the introduction of all the preparatory work, please follow Baoyue and xiaoyuege's steps to travel around Switzerland and start the parent-child journey with us.

D1: go to Switzerland by train

Paris Basel Lucerne

Take TGV lyria high-speed train at Paris Lyon railway station - Basel, Switzerland (about 3 hours) - Luzern, lucerne (about 1.5 hours) - stay in Hotel - Lucerne Music Festival - stay in Lucerne

Hotel Pickwick and Pub

Hotel Address: rathausquai 6, 6004, lucerne, Switzerland

Hotel features: ryuksen River, flower bridge, excellent location, simple facilities

{x} x {x} x {x} x {x} x -10-13&checkout=2016-10-14&rooms=&childnum=2&noshowsearchbox=t

Comfortable first class cars and dozing grannies on international high speed trains

Our TGV lyria high-speed train connects France and Switzerland. It's only three hours from Paris to Basel, Switzerland. Xiaoyuege and I have been feeling how happy the European people are! Three hours in a traffic jam, I haven't driven from DIDU to Hebei yet.

TGV lyria high-speed train also runs many times from Paris to Geneva, which also arrives in three hours. At the same time, there are trains from Switzerland to South France, which can reach Lyon, Cannes, nice and other places in France. We plan to take this train from Switzerland if we go to South France next summer vacation.

The first-class car we took for the journey was on the second floor. There were only three seats in a row, so it looked more spacious and bright, the seats were more comfortable, and the table was large.

Xiaoyuege sat at the table and began to draw with ease. Maybe the seat is too comfortable, and with the warm sunshine, the old woman on the opposite side nodded her head and dozed off. Xiaoyue quietly put her painting in front of her. After a while, grandma woke up and was surprised to see the painting on the table. Xiaoyue told her with a smile that it was a gift for her. Grandma was very happy. She looked at the painting carefully and looked at Xiaoyue's signature. Shaking her hands, she folded the painting carefully and put it in the book. She said: "Emily, Emily, I will remember your name, thank you!"

The first-class carriage will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks according to the travel time. As we are booking the train at noon, the ticket price of the first-class carriage also includes a lunch, which is delivered to the seat (the ticket price of the first-class carriage includes lunch and drinks, and the non meal time includes snacks and drinks). There are many salads, bread, cheese, main course and desserts in the lunch, and there are also drinks or wine accompaniment. Although it is a cold meal, the taste is surprisingly good. The dining car service staff have good English, and the service is also very friendly. Besides delivering meals, they also send newspapers, drinks and so on.

Having a cup of coffee after dinner, enjoying the idyllic scenery outside the window, and thinking of the perfect trip to Switzerland seven years ago, I became excited again.

On our return journey, we took the single deck train of TGV lyria. Many tourists took pictures with the train at the station, and we were also one of them.

The return journey is second class, which is different from the first class carriage on the way. There is no catering service. There are four seats in a row, but they are also very comfortable.

There are also a lot of TGV lyria's painting and logo on the return train. Xiaoyuege especially likes the design of these little stars. It looks very lovely.

The design of the train is very family friendly. We are sitting in the last seat of car 18. All the seats here are face-to-face, which is very convenient for family interaction; Some toilets have special diaper changing places for children; There is also a big discount for children's tickets.

In addition, there are many humanized designs for the train. For example, such fluorescent lamps are set on the seats to facilitate passengers to read; There are also seats for disabled people and their escorts in the cars passing by; Like Swiss trains, this train has a place for bicycles, which is convenient for tourists to ride in Switzerland.

Put down the first seal

This year, Switzerland launched the theme of "grand train tour of Switzerland". As long as domestic tourists purchase Swiss travel pass through eurorail China official website (www.railurope. CN) or designated domestic travel agency agent, Swiss travel pass will receive a free "my travel seal manual" just like us, Here is a detailed introduction of eight classic Swiss train travel routes, as well as the recommended scenic spots near the route, which is of great reference value to me when I do the strategy. Tear off the last page of the questionnaire, fill in the Swiss mailbox, and participate in the lucky draw. The prizes are all good things such as Vickers suitcase, national railway wall clock and Swatch watch. Xiaoyuege always says that she has a premonition that we can win the prize. In Switzerland, xiaoyuege's favorite thing is to take out a handbook and stamp it on every important website. At Luzern railway station in Lucerne, Xiaoyue solemnly stamped the first seal of her trip.

Check in at the bar

Our hotel is just beside the famous flower bridge by Luzern lake, about 7-8 minutes walk from Luzern railway station.

Note: looking out from the flower bridge, there are restaurants and hotels in the riverside row, and our hotel is among them.

Note: lucerne swans are famous for not being afraid of people. When Xiaoyue fed them, the impatient Swan went ashore and stretched its neck to eat, which made Xiaoyue run back.

The first floor of the hotel is a bar along the river, and the residents upstairs. We dragged our luggage into the bar, and the girl at the bar immediately called us warmly: "how about staying? Come, come, check in here. "Xiaoyuege thinks it's very fresh, and it's also the first time I've met her to check in at the bar.

The room is not big, but it is clean and tidy. It has all the necessary supplies. The best thing is to open the small balcony of the room and have a panoramic view of the flower bridge.

However, in such a beautiful place, who can still sit in the room and watch the scenery? It's time to go out for a walk!

The front desk staff recommended: turn left out of the hotel gate is the old city wall, turn right and go up is the lion monument. However, you are very lucky. Today is the last day of ryuksen Music Festival. I think you should go there first.

Compared with scenic spots, local festivals are what we love more. We can never let go of such opportunities.

Join in the ryuksen Music Festival

We started to walk along the ryuksen lake. The boat parked by the lake was flowing with the moving melody of jazz music. The black singer's chanting was so breathtaking. It stopped us. We sat down and listened to a song with the swans of ryuksen Lake who were not afraid of strangers. Then we went on.

On the way to the stage of the music festival, there are many stalls selling accessories, food stalls in various countries, and young people drinking and listening to songs and chatting.

Gradually, the music began to explode, and the wine was just good. People danced with the rhythm, cup after cup, song after song. The enthusiasm of the audience made the band unable to stop. Xiaoyuege was also infected and joined the crowd, waving her arms, clapping her hands, dancing and laughing.

Because of the loud sound of the stereo, we didn't stay long. We continued to stroll along the lake, feeling the happy atmosphere of the festival. In fact, the music festival itself is not important, what is important is that some people eat, some drink and have a happy and warm festival atmosphere. It would be more perfect if we could meet another interesting event. We ran into a bride. She and her friends were pushing the car to sell some gadgets in order to prepare for the wedding expenses. Xiaoyue and I took away a lollipop and a little flower ornament made by the bride, which was very happy. On the way back, we met a young man who got married the next day. Today, we had a bachelor party. We put on firemen's clothes, poured wine from the tap and invited passers-by to drink. A group of passers-by drank this wine for the young man. We wish him a happy bachelor today and a happy wedding tomorrow! Of course, xiaoyuege has only to watch, but it's enough for her to be happy. She stands on one side and claps her hands with a grin.

On the way back, I discussed with xiaoyuege: by coincidence, are they a couple? Xiaoyuege said: I don't think so. The boy is going to get married tomorrow. My sister hasn't collected enough money for the wedding! Well, the analysis is very reasonable!

Back to the hotel, it's more than 9 o'clock. Just after the genius blacked out, the light of Huaqiao has been on. We simply turned off the lights, opened the balcony door, lay on the bed, watched the people coming and going on the flower bridge, listened to the singers singing in the bar downstairs, and had a good experience of this unique Swiss night. Because for the next two weeks, we basically stayed in the quiet countryside of Switzerland, which was quite different from the bustling scene of Lucerne.

You may ask, is the famous ryuksen in such a hurry, the lion monument seems to have not gone? Don't worry, we will return to the beautiful lucerne from Bellinzona on the last day of the Wilhelm tell express. At that time, I reserved enough half day time.

D2: ryuksen Transportation Museum and ryuksen Golden Tour

Itinerary of the day: Swiss Transport Museum (about 5-6 hours) - boat tour of ryuksen Lake (about 90 minutes) - Pilatus rail climbing train (about 40 minutes) - stay in Pilatus Hotel on Pilatus peak

Hotel Name: Hotel Pilatus Kulm

Hotel Address: the front desk of hotel Pilatus Kulm can be seen from the railway terminal

Hotel features: located at the top of the mountain, with beautiful scenery and hiking routes, first-class facilities and services

Recommendation of Baoyue parent child route: ryuksen Pilatus two day circular route

The two-day journey from lucerne to mount Pilatus is very suitable for parent-child travel

The overall line is as follows:

Get up early and store large luggage in the storage cabinet of ryuksen railway station - take the No. 2 boat in front of the railway station to Lido, the Transportation Museum wharf; In the afternoon, take a boat tour of ryuksen lake from Lido, the Transportation Museum pier, get off the boat at alpnachatad pier, and take the toothed rail climbing train to mount Pilatus; It is recommended to stay one night at the hotel Pilatus Kulm on the top of the mountain; The next morning, when the tourists are not on the mountain, they will take a hike to enjoy the gorgeous mountain flowers and meet the lovely animals; Take the cable car on the other side to go down the mountain and experience the forest expansion on the way; Finally, get off at the terminal of the cable car at the foot of the mountain, walk to the station, transfer to bus No.1 and return to ryuksen

The most suitable Transportation Museum for parents and children

Breakfast, check-out, large luggage left in the railway station's big iron cabinet, xiaoyuege and I started a new day's journey.

Get on the cruise ship from Pier 2 in front of ryuksen railway station and enjoy the scenery on the Bank of ryuksen lake. In less than 10 minutes, you can get to Lido pier on the other bank, where Swiss Transport Museum is located.

According to the name, Xiaoyue is not very interested in the Transportation Museum, but this is the place that my Swiss friends strongly recommend me to visit. We had to go there anyway. As soon as we went in, we played for five hours. Xiaoyue didn't think it was enough, so she was reluctant to go, which almost delayed the next trip.

This museum not only has the history of the development of trains, but also can simulate driving trains in front of the big screen. There are many games for children to use their hands and brains. To be honest, I didn't expect the traffic museum to be so interesting.

However, the train hall is not all. There are more interesting things in the car hall and airplane hall. We played in front of us for too long, resulting in five hours. We still feel that we are in a hurry.

Although the chocolate adventure inside is an extra paid item, it's also very good. When you get into the adventure car, you can learn about the origin and production process of Swiss chocolate. At the last moment, Xiaoyue's eyes are shining when she takes out candy from the treasure box!

Baoyue tips:

When writing this introduction, xiaoyuege specially asked me to tell you that the Transportation Museum is suitable for children to play all day.

Even if you don't take the train, don't forget to take the Swiss travel pass when you go out. You can buy half price tickets for scenic spots like the Transportation Museum, and more scenic spots can be entered free of charge with the Swiss travel pass.

Ryuksen cruise ship and the world's steepest gear rail mountaineering Railway

Swiss days are children's faces. When we came out of the traffic Museum, it was still sunny. Many people were sitting on the grass and basking in the sun. Unexpectedly, when we arrived at Lido wharf three minutes later, we saw the dark clouds coming. We just took the ferry to alpnachstad, and it was stormy and windy.

The scenery on the ship to alpnachatad was beautiful, but we had no intention to enjoy it. Looking at the storm outside the window, we both began to worry silently. This route and the hotel on the mountain were recommended by a Swiss friend of mine. Out of trust in him, I decided without hesitation. However, I almost knew nothing about the situation on the mountain, When I came back, I found the photo, introduction and reservation website of the hotel on the official website of the Swiss tourism administration. At that time, I only knew that the road up the mountain was very steep. In such weather, if I took a small train up the mountain and had to spend the night on the mountain, would there be any terrible situation? I ran to ask the captain because I was worried. He answered with great certainty that there was absolutely no problem. Don't worry. It seems that the Swiss really have confidence in their means of transportation. It gives me a little relief.

After more than an hour of suffering, we arrived at alpnachatad, but the wind and rain did not abate at all. Fortunately, a few steps to get off the ship is a small railway station. When buying tickets, you can choose to take the climbing train to and fro, or the climbing train to go up and down the mountain, or the cable car to go down the mountain. I recommend different routes to go up and down the mountain, so that you can enjoy the different scenery in front and behind the mountain.

After just a few minutes waiting at the station, a bright red train slowly came down from the mountain. The time was just right. In Switzerland, you can't help falling in love with the great transportation system of this country: convenient, punctual and seamless connection.

It is said that more than 100 years ago, when an engineer proposed to build a mountaineering railway leading to the peak of Pilatus, everyone thought that he was crazy. However, in 1889, this railway with an inclination of 48 degrees ranked the most in the world was born magnificently, and it is still used by tourists today.

We take a small train to travel through the mountains. Looking down, we can feel straight up and down. Although the inclination is so high, the passengers can't feel it at all. Later, when we read the introduction of the Chinese map on Mount Pilatus, we realized that it completely depends on the genius design of the parallel double gear structure.

When the little train arrived at the middle of the mountain, the driver ran down and called the control room in the telephone booth beside the road. After a while, the track of the train automatically went from one side of the downhill road to the other side of the uphill road. The driver's uncle didn't know English very well, so he was anxious to show us this interesting scene.

Looking through the window, it's still very windy outside. However, the little train has reached the top of the mountain. Xiaoyue just takes selfie with the driver's uncle heartlessly. What should we do? I was wondering if I would wait for the rain to drop before I went out to find the way to the hotel. However, the situation after I got out of the railway station was far beyond our expectation.

Historic hotel at Pilatus peak

Walking off the train from the top of Pilatus mountain, I always worried about the wind and rain outside, but we didn't know the way to Pilatus Kulm hotel. As a result, when I looked up, the station was directly connected with the indoor circular viewing platform, and the front desk of the hotel was in the viewing platform! This is too humanized, no need to go into the wind and rain, you can check in directly, and from the viewing platform into our room, this is simply amazing, let us have a sense of security.

In the later travel, we found that this is a major feature of Swiss travel. Even in the extremely cold and thin air snow mountain areas, peak transportation will directly deliver tourists to warm and comfortable rest places, so that the elderly, children and the disabled will not feel any discomfort, We often see disabled people in wheelchairs or elderly people with difficulty walking on the snow mountains in Switzerland. It can be said that among the countries we have been to, only Switzerland has achieved the utmost in the comfort and humanization of travel.

The front desk sister told us that it's time for welcome drink, so we can have a drink at the viewing platform first. The welcome drink here is not just a simple drink, but a soft drink of red and white wine and fruit juice, as well as all kinds of cheese, potato chips and dried fruit. Life is once again beautiful. Although the weather is still bad and nothing can be seen outside the viewing platform, we are quite satisfied, It's worth sitting down to avoid the wind and rain!

The hotel's rooms and restaurants gave us a big surprise. The spacious rooms, comfortable beds, warm lights, flowers in bottles, fruits on plates, woolen shawls on sofas and chocolates at the head of the bed all created a warm atmosphere.

There are many legends about the dragon on Mount Pilatus. Therefore, the little dragon blowing the alpine horn, riding the toothed rail train, hiking on the top of the mountain, skiing, has become the cute spokesperson of Mount Pilatus.

At the time of check-in, the hotel also provided a map in Chinese, with an introduction to mount Pilatus and the toothed rail train, as well as a description of the hiking route. Xiaoyue began to devote herself to the research of tomorrow's hiking route.

When we walked into Queen Victoria's restaurant and had a four course Swiss meal, we agreed that we must recommend this historic hotel built in 1890 to you. The gorgeous chandeliers, velvet curtains, swaying candles, and gentlemen's waiters make you feel that you are in Europe 100 years ago, with a sense of historical massiness, simple tables and chairs The bright color will not be too dull. The most important thing is that the food here is very delicious. There is my favorite sesame dish in the salad. The hot soup is warm and comfortable, and the lamb is tender and delicious. The children's meal is also a large one. The emphasis is that the desserts are too delicious. The Raspberry Mousse is not very sweet and greasy. The milk and fruit aroma are mixed in the delicate mousse, It comforts our uneasy heart today and makes up for our regret that we didn't see the scenery on the mountain.

D3: Mount Pilatus hiking and golden pass express train scenery

Itinerary of the day: walking in the Pilatus mountains - cable car downhill - Golden pass line - Interlaken - ungen Wengen

Walk for 4 hours at Pilatus peak - Take cable car downhill for about 30 minutes - walk for 10 minutes to bus stop No.1 - take bus No.1 back to Luzern railway station in Lucerne for about half an hour - pick up Luggage - Take golden pass line for about 2 hours - stay at Belvedere Hotel in ungen

Hotel Name: Belvedere Hotel

Hotel Address: galliweidli, Wengen, 3823, Switzerland

Hotel features: the ancient town hotel, in the deepest part of the town, provides half meal, some rooms face the three peaks of Jungfrau

{x} x {x} x {x} x {x} x

Mountaintop hiking

There are several sightseeing trails on Mount Pilatus, and the difficulty of walking is low or medium. Before breakfast, it was drizzling. We began to walk along the circular rock corridor dragon path outside the hotel. In the corridor, there was a legend about the dragon in the Pilatus mountains depicted by an illustrator. We could also see the scenery at the foot of the mountain. The road was easy to walk and wheelchair could pass

After a light turn, Xiaoyue was not satisfied. She took a fancy to another hiking route recommended by the hotel - tomlishorn, which goes directly to the commanding height of Pilatus mountain. It takes about 40 or 50 minutes to hike, with medium difficulty.

Walking, the sun slowly came out, under our feet, all kinds of colors of mountain flowers with crystal dew, with the wind sending out fragrance, cattle are leisurely grazing, cattle bell jingle, the town and lake under the mountain gradually clear, shining in the sun, yesterday we went up the mountain to take the red gear train, has begun to roar up to transport passengers. The bright red of the train matches with the green of the mountains!

The way up the mountain became more and more difficult, and we were all tired. At this time, Xiaoyue suddenly cried out, look at the antelope family! Really, dad and mom are taking their baby to eat grass not far from us. It's a real surprise. At breakfast, the waiter told us that the weather was too bad for us to see any small animals. Although we didn't see the groundhog, we were lucky to see the antelope.

We took a 40 minute walk for more than an hour, but our hiking was just for the sake of seeing the scenery. If we just went on the road, we would lose all the fun. It's a pity that when we climbed to the top of the mountain, we were surrounded by clouds. Originally, we could have a bird's-eye view of the lakes and mountains at the bottom of the mountain. Now we can only see the crows in the dense fog on the top of the mountain. But along the way, we are satisfied with the beautiful scenery.

Baoyue tips:

It's relatively safe to walk on marked trails.

Strong, waterproof and antiskid climbing shoes are recommended.

After breakfast the next day, you can check out first, check your luggage at the front desk, and then start walking without worries, so as not to affect the quality of the game in order to catch up with the check-out time.

The flying grandmother

I went back to the hotel to pick up my luggage and prepared to take the Dragon ride down the mountain. All the way scenery infinite good, just hate the road is too short, soon arrived at the first cable car transfer station frakmuntegg.

There is a rope climbing music that is very suitable for parents and children. Professional coaches guide us to expand the jungle. Many families experience it here. Very young children can easily leap in the jungle. It is suggested that families of parent-child tour can set aside at least two hours here to experience, which is definitely the local characteristics of Switzerland. It's a pity that we have reserved the golden pass express from ryuksen. This time, we really don't have enough time, so we have to have a look here with Xiaoyue to relieve our hunger and experience it again next time.

The next section of the downhill cable car will be transferred to the landscape pod

Note: the second transfer point can also get off the cable car. There is a baby paradise for children, not for Xiaoyue, so we didn't get off the cable car

A white haired old woman is sitting opposite us. She lives at the foot of the mountain. She climbs every day. If she doesn't climb the mountain for a day, she will feel uncomfortable. I think this should be the sportsmanship of Swiss people. Collins Kriens, the terminal of the cable car, is still a long way from the No.1 bus station to ryuksen. Granny insists on leading us. People who often climb mountains are in good health. Despite their wrinkled face and gray hair, they are still walking like flies. We all have to trot all the way to catch up with her rhythm. It's a shame.

Recommendation of Baoyue parent child line: Swiss landscape train golden pass line

A landscape of lakes and mountains is the classic city of golden mountain pass. The ends of the line are two fascinating cities, old Luzern and elegant Montreux. This line connects the most beautiful lakes in Brienz, Lake Geneva, Thun lake, lake and Lake Lucerne.

The whole golden mountain pass train line is composed of three railways, which are divided into three sections

Golden pass Express (BR ü nig) from Luzern, lucerne to Interlaken, Interlaken;

Golden pass Express (BLS) Interlaken zweisimmen section;

Golden pass Express (mob) zweisimmen Montreux section

We got off at Interlaken OST station in the middle of Interlaken east station, and changed trains to stop at Wengen Wengen, a small town near Interlaken. After two days and three nights in Jungfrau, the famous roof of Europe, and the surrounding areas, we continued to go on the road and finished the other two sections of golden mountain pass express from Interlaken to zweiximen and then to Montreux.

Take the golden mountain pass express, people swim in the painting

We picked up our luggage at the railway station and said goodbye to ryuksen. We took the reserved golden pass express from ryuksen to Interlaken.

Sitting in front of the broad arc-shaped landscape window, the view is very broad, with green alpine meadows, mountain village wooden houses full of flowers, clear ice blue lake water, high alpine snow mountains and Canyon waterfalls, as well as cattle and sheep grazing leisurely Cyclists beside the railway and hikers with climbing sticks... These unique Swiss landscapes are like giant moving pictures, in which the golden mountain pass train carries us slowly. In addition to the screams of the tourists in the whole carriage when they see the beautiful scenery, the incessant click of cameras and mobile phones. Unfortunately, the reflection of the glass is too serious to take pictures. So I simply put away my camera and enjoyed the scenery with Xiaoyue, hoping to deeply imprint everything I saw in my mind.

Note: the cottage in the mountain is quiet and peaceful, far away from the hustle and bustle, which makes people feel extremely calm

Note: when the train passed the blue lake, it was full of surprises. Everyone was amazed. Here is Lake Brienz.

Take the rickshaw to the hotel

It takes about 40 or 50 minutes to transfer from Interlaken to ongen. It's already evening when I arrive. There are few people in the railway station. The staff on the station asked me which hotel I stayed in and asked me to contact the hotel by the hotel's direct line phone to pick up the car. The Hotel apologized to me on the phone and said that the car that picked up the guests today was not available, so I had to pick up the car with luggage. I hope we can understand. After waiting for 5 minutes, a flatbed truck came. It's so cute. Xiaoyue was so happy that she couldn't close her mouth. She took the flatbed truck to say hello to everyone she met in the town. She also called "Taila Feng". When she went back, she hoped she would take it again.

D4: Mount Jungfrau in the thick fog

Itinerary: Weng Wengen Jungfraujoch Weng Wengen

There is only one plan for today: to climb Jungfraujoch

Bad luck and good luck in travel

From Wenggen to Jungfrau peak, I only need to change the bus once, and then go all the way to the peak, because there are many train lines at the foot of the mountain, so I can see different scenery. Originally, my plan was to go to Jungfrau peak from Wenggen in the morning, and then choose another line to go down the mountain and visit the beautiful town Grindelwald for half a day, Go back to Wenggen in the evening and have a rest. The planned route is: Wengen Wengen Kleine Scheidegg to red train - Jungfraujoch (Jungfraujoch, 2 hours tour) - Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald zweilutschinen Wengen. It takes about 1.5 hours from Wengen Wengen to shaonvfeng and about 2 hours from Jungfraujoch to Grindelwald, It should be said that everything was planned compactly and perfectly.

However, the plan couldn't keep up with the change, because I was tired two days ago. As a result, I dawdled and got up late. In a hurry, I temporarily decided to change my backpack and go up the mountain to install thick clothes. However, I forgot to put in my precious Swiss travel pass. As a result, I found that I didn't bring it when I got to the station to buy the ticket, There is no discount for buying a Swiss travel pass ticket without showing it. My sister, who is selling the ticket, calculated it for me. It's too expensive to buy a ticket directly. Even she doesn't think it's worth it. She suggested that I go back to the hotel to get it. This time, coupled with the ticket queue, we just took one train, and the next one was very unfortunately full, so we had to wait another hour to get on. So far, before I set out, I was exhausted and my interest was greatly reduced. In addition, it was too late to go to Grindelwald. I simply bought a ticket for Wenggen to and from Jungfrau peak. I could come back early in the afternoon and have a rest. Here's also a reminder. Swiss travel pass must be taken with you. You can take the bus and buy free or preferential tickets to scenic spots even when you don't take the train.

Wenggen's little train is yellow green. It looks more like our childhood toys than the red train.

It was cloudy early in the morning, and occasionally the sun would show a small face. My sister at the front desk of the hotel said that it might be worse the next day, and we predicted rain, so we went up the mountain with a glimmer of hope, but the more we went up, the more gloomy the day became.

Half an hour later, we will arrive at Kleine Scheidegg, where we will change to the classic red train, which I believe you have seen many times in various Swiss posters and postcards.

After arriving at the summit of the maiden peak, the train goes directly into the main building complex through the tunnel. The coffee shop is on the right side of the station. We can see through the viewing window of the coffee shop. At this time, our surroundings are completely covered with clouds and fog, and there is no possibility of viewing.

Xiaoyue doesn't care about this. The first thing she does when she arrives at the viewing platform of Jungfrau peak is to find a stamp and stamp on Jungfrau peak's passport. Here we are at the roof of Europe! When you buy a ticket at Wenggen railway station, you can get a very good Jungfrau passport. It introduces the long and arduous construction process of Jungfrau railway from scratch, as well as the detailed introduction of entertainment facilities at the summit. There are also many hiking routes recommended. You can get a Chinese version of the passport from the staff when you buy a ticket.

From the viewing platform to the sign, you can see a 4-minute 360 degree panoramic movie. Standing in front of the giant screen, you can see the snow mountain nearby, which is quite shocking.

Then take the fastest elevator in Switzerland, less than half a minute to the Sphinx viewing platform. When the weather is fine, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Alec glacier. It is said that you can even see the Vosges Mountains in France and the black forest in Germany. It's a pity that there is only a vast expanse of white in front of us!

Baoyue tip: in the snow mountain must bring sunglasses, otherwise easy to fall snow blind.

Through the long mural corridor, in the alpine shock experience hall, Xiaoyue is attracted by the huge dream iron crystal ball, which contains the great railway construction concept of Jungfrau in guyesena.

Through the corridor of time and space, you enter the ice palace of Jungfrau peak. There are many wonderful ice sculptures in it. It is said that some parts of the ice palace are moving all the time. The fastest moving place is as high as 15 cm per year. Xiaoyue asked me: next time we come back, will the ice palace be moved away? Ha ha, silly boy, how can we come back so many years later?

Baoyue tip: there is no anti-skid mat on the ground of Ice Palace in Jungfrau. Some places are very slippery. You must pay attention to the safety of your feet, especially children. Don't run around on the ice.

When we arrived at the last viewing platform, it was snowing and windy outside. Xiaoyue said to me dejectedly: Mom, our luck is really bad this time. We didn't see anything in such bad weather.

Although my heart is somewhat disappointed, at this time, I hope Xiaoyue can learn how to adjust her mind in the face of change, so I pretended to be relaxed and said, "what a big thing, how can everything be as good as you want in the journey? I didn't see it this time. I'm preparing for the next time. Don't you always want to play in the town playground? It's a bad day today. We don't have any other plans. Why don't we go down the mountain and play on the swing now, and then find a Chinese restaurant for dinner? " After listening to this, Xiaoyue's eyes shine. The amusement park and Chinese restaurant are absolutely attractive to Xiaoyue, and her face turns overcast and clear immediately.

In the playground at the foot of the mountain, Xiaoyue said to me while playing on the swing, "Mom, it seems that bad luck has turned into good luck. If it wasn't for the bad weather, we would still be wandering around the scenic spots. How could we have time to play here?"

What parents do determines how children will face the storm in their future life.

D5: parent child day tour in Brienz

Itinerary of the day: Brienz Barenberg Swiss open air museum Ballenberg view of Rothorn Lott peak on the steam train Brienz Brienz

Baoyue parent-child route recommendation: one day parent-child tour to Lake ungen Brienz

The whole line is a full day's journey.

We have always been thinking about the day we took the golden pass express, when we first saw the pure blue of Lake Brienz. At that time, we firmly remember this place and agreed to come to the lake for a day. So on the second day of living in ungen, we gave up Mirren Town, gave up greendelwald, gave up hiking in the mountains and went straight to Lake Brienz.

There are also many places around Lake Brienz that are suitable for parent-child travel, just to make up a one-day tour. Ballenberg outdoor museum preserves the rural life of ancient Switzerland, which is especially suitable for parents and children to travel and deeply understand the original life of Switzerland( In the morning, we took a bus from Brienz railway station to the east gate of Ballenberg open air museum in Barenberg. After visiting the huge open air museum for at least 4 or 5 hours, we came out from the west gate and took the same bus back to Lake Brienz, Then take one of the few old steam trains left in Switzerland to mount Lotte to enjoy the scenery. It takes at least two or three hours to go back and forth. After going down the mountain, you can seize the time to visit the lake at sunset or find a lake view restaurant by the lake to enjoy the scenery and food. After sunset, return to Wenggen town for lodging.

A sweet memory

It's a fine day today. The waiters in the hotel are in a very good mood early in the morning. The seats by the window of the restaurant are always very tight. If the director with big beard is in the restaurant, he will arrange such a seat for three or four people. We can only sit at the small table for two people in the middle. Today, fortunately, the young waiters take us to the seat where we can see the snow mountain by the window, Squeeze eyes at Xiaoyue: "have a good breakfast" and walk away with a smile.

Accompanied by beautiful scenery, Xiaoyue is very happy. When she goes to pick up the meal, she thanks the waiter repeatedly. As a result, when we are almost done eating, the waiter comes over and quietly puts down some heart-shaped chocolates. Xiaoyue is surprised and happy, and thanks quickly. But I shake my head repeatedly, hoping Xiaoyue can refuse. During this time in Switzerland, we really eat too much chocolate. Xiaoyue hesitated. The waiter bent down and said to her, "this is the Swiss lotus chocolate on Jungfrau peak. It will be a sweet memory." Xiaoyue suddenly got the inspiration to persuade me. She looked at me with expectant eyes and said, "Mom, do you hear me? He said it's a sweet memory. "Well, it's really hard to refuse. I think the chocolate on the girl peak and the warm heart of the waiter will bring Xiaoyue the sweetest memory.

Old Switzerland in the open air museum

When Switzerland began to build new buildings decades ago, ancient buildings were demolished stone by stone. Craftsmen and farmers used traditional tools to rebuild and restore 100 ancient buildings in the original form of residential and agricultural buildings in the Ballenberg open-air museum. Here, plants are cultivated, poultry and livestock are raised in the most primitive way. There are many theme exhibitions and interactive activities of the old Swiss cultural tradition in the building.

The old steam train

Across from Brienz railway station is the first railway in Switzerland to use steam locomotives. This railway has a history of more than 100 years. When most of the trains in Switzerland were completely electrified, this sect

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