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Xiao pansy's trip to Europe: self driving in France

Days: 13 days time: October per capita: 12000 yuan and who: play with friends: photography, self driving, food, petty bourgeoisie

1 Ctrip

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

4 Delhi Airport, Paris, India

5 Paris Louvre Museum Champs Elysees arch Paris Opera House Eiffel Tower Pedra Alta

6 elephant trunk mountain in Paris

7 Normandy cemetery at Gold Beach, Honfleur

8Office de Tourisme Mont Saint-Michel NormandieFiat车上Cafe Hotel du Theatre

9le BEC hellouin Monet garden, Giverny, France

10 Lion Rock, Waterloo, pee boy

11den Haag Windmill Village

12 Cologne Cathedral, University of Bonn

13 pertros Grand Canyon, Reims Cathedral, Reims, Notre Dame, Shakespeare bookstore, Paris, France

14 European cuisine

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Day 1


At the beginning of the year, I planned to travel to the United States by car on November 11, because the visa is still valid and I want to make full use of it.   Finally, because of the lobbying of friends, and considering a person driving in the United States, I felt a little adventurous, so I finally drove in France with my friends. The ticket is reserved by Ctrip in Shanghai, Paris and Delhi. Due to all kinds of hesitation before, it was already August when we decided to go to France, so the ticket was only reserved one month in advance, and the direct flight price was much higher than our budget, so we chose to transfer. In fact, transit is also very good ~ before travel, the longest preparation time for free travel is visa. As there are no friends around to learn from, most of the time through the various website strategy to prepare. It took a lot of time to sort out the itinerary for the visa officer. The main reason is that there was no car rental at that time. All means of transportation had to be provided, so they had to change to trains. In fact, compared with the actual trip, there was no big change.

Shanghai, Paris, Delhi. 5771 / person, including tax, plus insurance 120, 30 for each section. Due to the connecting flight, each person has to buy 4 sections of aviation insurance. Air fare: 5891. At that time, it was already mid August, and the ticket price would change at any time, so the direct ticket issue, mainly the refund fee of 600, was acceptable if the visa could not be issued.

This is the last real travel schedule

Background: three people, I have the United States, Japan, Thailand, one in the United States, one on the whiteboard. Visa materials: air tickets, hotels, overseas travel insurance orders: the English version of the confirmation email used by Ctrip, and the ticket has been issued, so there is a ticket itinerary list (E-ticket reimbursement voucher, Chinese and English in one, no translation). The hotel is all reserved on booking, print the confirmation form in English. Insurance is safe. After placing an order online, EMS will send it to you. You can hand in the visa form directly. Overall itinerary plan sheet: made by yourself in Excel, including all date, country, city, main scenic spots, transportation and hotel information. Property and other proof: printed the water bill of the salary card, the original is stamped with red seal, not A4 size, when copying, it is reduced, and then translated directly on the reduced copy, indicating the salary. Proof of service, with Ctrip online template, company letter paper printed and stamped with red seal. The company's business license needs to be photocopied, stamped with red seal, and then photocopied, as well as translated version, a total of three copies. Copy the household register, modify it according to the word template of the students, and print it after translation. Real estate car property certificate copy, according to the online template translation, not directly Baidu translation. Almost a whole day, weekend from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., in my classmate's company, while translating, while copying and printing. It's almost finished (this doesn't include air tickets, hotels and insurance, which were reserved on previous weekdays).

This is the itinerary for submitting the visa at that time. I live with my friends for 2 days. When I enter the customs, I'm afraid of being investigated.... At that time, the hotel order has been cancelled, because it is the first day and the second day. If it is not cancelled before departure, there will be expenses.

To prepare for self driving, the route work must be prepared in advance. The originally planned trip to South France was only four days, and the car mileage was limited. In the end, we had to give up and take the Normandy route instead. It turns out that even in Normandy, in the end, it exceeded a small number of kilometers.

After getting the visa, I got my passport on August 30, less than a month from my departure. The first thing is to help students change their tickets. It took them three days to finish... Second, apply for a credit card. My friends in Paris said that they used chip cards (they found that they could also use magnetic stripe when they got there). Because their credit cards were not chip cards, and they were all dual currencies of RMB and US dollars, they compared the multi currency credit cards of three banks, and finally chose Bank of China (but in the end, something very unpleasant happened in Paris, and their cards could not be used by UnionPay, However, visa also indicated that the amount of money was insufficient. After 40 minutes of international calls, the problem was still unsolved, and now the complaint is fruitless). On September 4, the application was processed, and numerous phone calls were made to urge the application. Finally, the card was obtained on September 23 (at this time, there are only five days left from the departure). Third, it's fair to apply for a driver's license. Do not have to account location, I deal with in Minhang, 7 days to get. The cost is 340200 fair fee and 140 translation fee. The fourth thing is the hotel's reconfirmation. Because a friend is in France, according to his experience, we have changed our hotels to local Chinese families   Hotel, 15-30 euro per day. As for hobi outside France, introduced by friends and colleagues, we signed up for a local travel agency and took part in a 4-day team tour of hobi Delu. We communicated with the travel agency because everyone was under 26, with a discount of 241 euro per capita, including 4-day transportation, hotel and breakfast. For this reason, the number of planned days in Paris is reduced.   What's left: preparation of all kinds of things, not very busy in the first two weeks of September~   After the Mid Autumn Festival in September, there was a turning point. Originally, we planned to drive in South France. Because of the Limited mileage of car rental, four days was not enough. We started from Paris, went to nice via Bordeaux, and then went back to Paris via annasse. Finally, after several discussions, it was confirmed that self driving took the Normandy route. Four day car rental plus insurance and gas charge, about 500 euro.

Day 3


After the end of the whole trip, in fact, the impression of A3 airport was better than that of Paris~

Just arrived at the gate, has not entered, a unique smell of ah San, although made psychological preparation.

Day 4


The 11 hour waiting time at Delhi airport was much better than expected. Arrived at 2 a.m. local time, first for security check, then directly arrived at DFs in Delhi, super big~   Compared with the price, it's much cheaper than RISHANG. I regret buying it in RISHANG. I had a 2-hour break, because they were open 24 hours a day, and they were all indoors. I couldn't feel it was midnight. The rest of the time is spent on DFS. After eating curry and drinking coffee, the rest of the experience is spent on shopping. I bought "a San Shen oil" (Indian essential oil), sugar, chocolate, wine, etc. ~ 11 hours passed quickly... The only pity is that the airport WiFi can only use the Indian mobile phone number, because the password is sent through the mobile phone number ~ before traveling, I thought it would be very difficult. But when I go back, the connecting flight is only 2 hours, not enough~~   I want to buy some more magic oil!

Waiting for the transfer, 11 hours~~

The airport is full of pigeons walking~   I'm not afraid of people at all

Coffee in Indian Airports   Bean, I feel the price is cheaper than that in China

I tried Indian curry, but I didn't feel as good as Thai style. And it's too spicy

After 8 hours of flight, 11 hours of waiting, 6 hours of flight, 2 hours of train, finally arrived at the Paris students' accommodation. Tired ~ ~ many people say that the last subway ticket can be used for transfer within one hour in Paris subway. This is not the case in practice.   Every time I have a chance, I will take out my last ticket. Only once can I use it, but most of them can't. After consulting the local students, she said that she had argued with the staff of the subway station about this issue. In fact, most of the subway stations do not support it now, but if you can argue with the staff, they will let it go. Two days so many times by subway, encountered a ticket, encountered many times the local people to escape, they will stick to you and you enter the station.

Day 5


This is my classmate's dormitory. We stayed for 2 nights. The official itinerary starts today~~~~

The weather forecast is bad for the whole of France~   The first day is cloudy, but it's not just raining.

No artistic cells, to be honest, I really don't see any special beauty~

Interview: before you go in, talk about your mood~

Interview: before you go in, talk about your mood~

It's a lot of weight. It's delicious.

There are lots of seafood in Paris on the Internet. Three people ordered a seafood platter for two people, but they didn't finish it. They gave me a French fries and a seafood porridge. All the people here have French fries, and they are very strong.

Day 6


Self driving tour officially opened. Since China does not have an international driver's license, my driver's license has been fair in French at home, 340 RMB. Classmate's driver's license in Paris has been translated and fair, the cost is unknown. The car was picked up by my classmate. I didn't borrow it. I gave it a Fiat. Forgive me for thinking it was a domestic brand until I got there. The car is very easy to drive, but it's too tired to drive in the city.

Our scooter for the next four days~

The first beach, the weather is awesome, the sea is very blue.   According to the students who have been to nice, it is much better than nice, mainly because there are fewer people~

Lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine~

Day 7


A very famous town, their house is one of the characteristics. The hotel is a suite with two bedrooms and one living room and a kitchen. A big bed room, a single room, living room sofa turned down is also a big bed, up to 5 people. The room rate for one night is 75.00, and the family in Paris for one night   The price of hotel is almost the same, but the conditions are much better!

Kung Fu superstar~

Two rooms and one living room with kitchen, price and Paris family   Hotle's room is about the same.

The day before I went there, I was still talking about the U.S. government shut down   down。 I didn't expect that all the scenic spots in France were affected. The scenic spots that opened for more than an hour actually closed....

Day 8


It's almost 5:00 p.m. when we arrived, it's just the time of high tide. It's still very shocking. It's a pity that when we left, there was a heavy rain....

Heavy rain clouds... It feels like the sky is going to fall

Day 9


The last day of the self driving tour... Back to the city to the airport section of the road blocked for 2 hours, the foot clutch are stepping on the extraction....

The Japanese bridge is much smaller than expected.... It's still a master painter!

Day 10


From today on, I have reported a 4-day tour from the local travel agency in Paris, 241 euro per person. I started to get on the bus to sleep and get off the bus to take photos. I saw those scenic spots a few days ago, but I couldn't get up these four days. Is it the so-called aesthetic fatigue?!

The guide only gave me 20 minutes, but I didn't go up. Front is full of people, secretly detour behind the camera, the effect is good~

Day 11


The scenery of Windmill Village is really beautiful. It's like painting, but there are few places to eat there...

What a beautiful day~~

Day 12


Day 13


When I heard the name, I thought I would be shocked. In fact, I don't think it's a Grand Canyon...

Day 14


Allow me to add one more day to show the delicious food of several countries in Europe this time~   After that, it will be introduced separately on each photo.

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