16 day self help tour: Germany, France, Switzerland, Prague

Days: 16 days time: May per capita: 17000 yuan and who: parent child play: photography, free travel, humanities, money saving

1 Heidelberg, Frankfurt

2 little France Strasbourg church Strasbourg Freiburg

3 Zermatt

4 the dock where the ferry stops in tunspitz, Mirren

5 lucerne lucerne Ming ferry mount Reggie

6 lucerne Glacier Park Lucerne bubaki panoramic mural lucerne city wall Zurich

7 ninfenburg Palace

8 the monastery of ETA, lindhoff Palace

9 BMW Museum, royal palace, Munich

10 Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam square, Pergamon Museum, Capitol building, Federal Chancellery, Berlin

11 Dresden zwingne palace Dresden

12 night view of Dresden Elbe River Dresden Japan palace Dresden

13 night view of Prague Old City Square Prague Castle Prague castle church Vaclav Square Prague Old Railway Station

14 Charles bridge prague store

15 Airbus 380 cabin where we live and eat all the way

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Day 1


The self-help tour itinerary of Germany, France, Switzerland and Prague, which has been revised many times in half a year, has finally become such a route: Shanghai → Frankfurt → Heidelberg → Strasbourg → Freiburg → Basel → Bern → Interlaken → Lucerne → Zurich → Munich → Berlin → Prague → Shanghai. The advantage of this route is that it does not take a repeated route. The ticket was reserved by Ctrip three months before the trip, 5515 yuan per person, and the round trip was in Dubai. Hotels throughout the trip also need to be ordered through Ctrip before getting a visa. Swiss 4-day (1600 yuan / person) swisspass including train, car, cable car and ferry is also delivered to the door through Ctrip,. The train sleeper tickets from Munich to Berlin are also reserved in Shanghai through Ctrip and delivered to the door. The whole trip was very smooth, and the hard work of the strategy was not in vain. Frankfurt was the starting point of our trip. We arrived that night and left the next morning after a simple walk around.

Frankfurt station lights up, the time difference in Europe, the night is not completely dark down at 9 pm

The former residence of German poet Goethe is not far from the railway station

Frankfurt Street View

Euro, European Central Bank

Frankfurt on the main

It's not far from the town hall square. It's within walking distance

Frankfurt crossing

Heidelberg mountain cable car 5 Europe, Castle and Heidelberg city tour half a day is enough. From Frankfurt to Heidelberg and then to Strasbourg in France, we bought a mid week ticket of 60 euro for up to five people.

Heidelberg entrance

Heidelberg inner square

Under repair

Heidelberg exterior terrace

Heidelberg town below turret

View of Heidelberg

Overlooking the old bridge and church in Heidelberg

The cask king in the basement of the castle

There is also a viewing platform on the barrel

Castle simulation drugstore

Heidelberg bridgehead sculpture

From the bridge you can see the river bank and the castle

Heidelberg Street View

University Library Heidelberg

Heidelberg University Museum

Heidelberg Church

Believers practice singing in Heidelberg Church

Heidelberg busker's dog

Day 2


Europe's borders are not obvious. By car, we have inadvertently gone from Germany to France. It was still early to check into the hotel in Strasbourg, so we went to little France first.

Strasbourg is in France, but it is also called little France. Isn't it France?

What a beautiful reflection!

It must be different to drink coffee in this hydrophilic building


The little flower at the end of the bridge

There are people under the big trees to enjoy the cool

It's not a barn, is it?

Looking at the opposite bank from the top bridge

French style

The house is short of a window

Then draw one

It is said that due to lack of money, only one double tower was built, but now it has become a feature

The spire can only be photographed between the two rooms

Church gate

The side doors of the church are so complicated  , It means money!

Panoramic view of the church

Church altar

Sculptures on both sides

Both sides of the church

Earlier, the electric horse has not been played

Church side square

Strasbourg square

Old foyer's department store is indispensable in French cities

The French also occupy the streets

Street View of Strasbourg

I didn't learn it from Shanghai People's coal briquette truck, did I?

In the morning, I was still in Strasbourg, France. In the afternoon, I came to Freiburg, Germany. In the evening, I lived in Basel, Switzerland, which is the border of France, Germany and Switzerland. Europe is so small. Choosing Basel accommodation is not because it is cheap, but because it is convenient to travel to Switzerland as early as possible the next morning, which can give full play to the function of Swiss pass.

Freiburg Town Hall

Freiburg universal joint

Festival flow

Church gate

Interior of Freiburg Church

Sculpture of Freiburg Church

Corridor sculpture

Food market and snacks. I wanted to find a place to have a rest and some food, but the result was disappointing. It was full of people and the air was cloudy, so I couldn't stay.

Freiburg sausages

Open channel on Freiburg Street

Pedestrian Street

Fort Freiburg Martin gate

Strange musical instruments

Day 3


We like traveling. By the way, we also like traveling TV programs such as "flower grandfather", "flowers and youth". Seeing the grandfathers of pattern go to mount Reggie and Zermatt in Switzerland, they feel very friendly. Our choices are the same. Starting from Basel, we went straight to Zermatt and went to the foot of Zermatt mountain to change the toothed train to go up the mountain. The tickets and tickets were 123 Swiss francs / 3 people. The mountain was covered with snow, but it didn't feel too cold. The elevation is 3100 meters, and there is no plateau feeling. Originally, we planned to get off on the way up the mountain to take the reflection of Matterhorn in the water. The conductor told us that the lake was frozen in this season (early June), so we suggested going up the mountain directly. Our luck is a little better than "pattern grandfather". We didn't encounter snow, but the clouds are always around the top of the mountain, and we didn't get a clean Matterhorn.

In the town where Zermatt train station is located, yellow car is an environmental protection car

Sitting in the front of the car, driving to the top of the mountain, is it a bit of Han Hongge's Tianlu?

Take photos of Matterhorn on the way up the mountain

Here we are!

Unlimited scenery in dangerous peak

Peak Station

Peak viewing platform, restaurant

Day 4


From Zermatt down in the afternoon on the way to play Bern, and then to stay in Interlaken. There are two railway stations in Interlaken. We ordered Gasthof   The shonegg family hotel is near the east station. It's a hilly area, so you need to go up and down the slope. It's too tired to walk with your luggage, so you have to take a bus. The bus to the hotel is No.102, which goes back and forth to the East and west railway station. The interval is one hour. For the convenience of travel, we took a bus schedule. Another thing to note is that the bus stops two times out of the city. There are few people there. It's a problem to ask for directions. Therefore, you have to figure out where to get off. It's better to have breakfast when you book a hotel, because there are no other shops nearby. Originally, I heard that there would be a discount for the hotel to pay cash, but I asked the landlady that there was no such discount. I noticed an interesting phenomenon when I was waiting for the bus. There was a supermarket opposite the bus stop. There were a lot of displayed goods on the road in front of the bus stop. The next morning we went to the station again. At this time, the supermarket had not opened yet, but the pile of displayed goods in front of the gate was still on the roadside. This shows the good security of Switzerland. In addition, the price of the 24 door supermarket next to the railway station is the same as that of the big supermarket. A bottle of Evian mineral water is 0.95 euro, which is also amazing.

From Interlaken to toon by train, then to Spitz, then to Millan, and then back to Interlaken by car is our plan for the day. Tuen celebrates the 750th anniversary of the founding of the city, and various activities are arranged on the square. Inflatable plastic houses are for children to play, straw fences are for wrestling performances, and celebratory flags are flying all over the street. The local people also warmly invited us to watch the performance in English at noon, but we didn't accept it because of the time. The temperature was more than 30 degrees that day. When we had a good time, toon and Spitz planned to return, they were already weak and unable to walk. Downhill to the lake, the return bus stop was not found, but saw the ferry to Interlaken. therefore  , We changed our plan and went back to Interlaken. This is the advantage of free travel, do as you please! The benefits of Swiss pass are also reflected.

Tuen railway station

Toon streetscape, we're early. We don't have many pedestrians

It coincides with the 750th anniversary of the founding of tu'en, and flags of celebration are flying everywhere

Walk to the small square

Under the castle

There is a Swiss pass to visit the castle for free. It may be earlier, it may be a rest day, and there are fewer visitors. The whole castle is just a few of us.

Castle wall

The ladder from the old street to the castle

The wooden structure of the castle

Small wooden ladder up stairs

Toon outside the castle window

Tuen Double Street

The river is clean

There are also covered bridges

The box is on the platform of the railway station and is easy to find

This is a medium charge

Spitz station

Spitz from the station

Outside the window of Spitz Castle

Spitz looked back at the railway station halfway up the hill

Spitz castle is also free for Swiss pass holders

The main entrance of the castle

Spring scenery of Lake in castle garden

Life scenes of the ancients

Display of ancient castle armor weapons

Window of the castle

Picturesque scenery

Beyond the castle window is the marina

We found the ferry back to Interlaken here

The ferry leaves Spitz

The ship entered the Interlaken river

Another stop on the way, melingen

Another stop "Neuhaus"

Beautiful scenery on the way

From Interlaken to laudbrunon (976 meters), take a cable car to grutschalp (1486 meters), change to Milun (1634 meters), walk through Milun Town, go down the mountain from Milun cableway, and then change to laudbrunon. It's a bit cumbersome to transfer all the way. Fortunately, you can get through with one vote, so you don't have to worry about buying tickets. Loudbruneng station is also the station on Jungfrau. Half a day is enough for you Millan.

Loudbrunen mountain ropeway

Snow mountain in the distance

There are people in the middle of the mountain. I'm really worried about their water use

It's a bit of Chinese painting,

Folk houses on the slope

Mirren's home and outdoor furnishings

Next to laudbrunon station

Day 5


From Interlaken to Lucerne, the train passes by with beautiful scenery. It's a pleasure to sit on the train and enjoy the scenery. When the train leaves Interlaken, you'd better choose a seat on the right for the view, because the beauty is at the right window. After changing buses, you should sit on the left. Similarly, the beautiful scenery at that time is on the left. When we get to Lucerne, we usually only visit the lion monument. With Swiss pass, we can visit the Glacier Park and Babuji panoramic Museum beside the lion for free. You can take the Ming ferry from lucerne lake to Ruiji mountain, take the cable car at the foot of the mountain, change the toothed train to the top of the mountain at the middle of the mountain, and take the blue train back to lucerne on the return journey. You can use the Swiss pass. Today's itinerary, together with those who went to toon, Spitz and Millan the day before, took the cableway by car and boat, and then went to Zurich. It's 1600 yuan per person. The value of the 4-day Swiss through ticket really seems to be a bit of value for money. The Kapel gallery bridge on Lake Lucerne is unforgettable. Under the bridge is a free market, mainly selling vegetables and fruits  、 Flowers, bread, cheese, etc. As it happens, visitors can enjoy free cheese and bread cheese hot pot there. By the lake, there is baoqilai, which sells famous Swiss watches. Visitors seem to have a free stainless steel coffee spoon on the third floor. People with time and physical strength can also climb the wall of lucerne, which is also a good choice to overlook Lucerne.

The idyllic scenery of Switzerland on Interlaken's way to Lucerne is really unspeakable

When we go out of the car, we can see the lawn, which is also the case in our park

Level as a mirror, good mountain and good water!

Luzern Bahnhof

By Lake Lucerne

Another view from the bridge


Lake View

Swan resting by the dock

Kapel Bridge

Swans also know where to eat

You can have a panoramic view of lakes and mountains by walking on the corridor bridge

You can enjoy it carefully when you have time

Bridge as frame

On the other side of the gallery bridge

There are performance artists by the bridge. They charge for taking photos with them!

The house with a double onion roof is a church

The church is small but clean

Exquisite church murals

Local people eat vegetables everyday

It seems that there is no business license to set up a stall

It's not performance art, it's real sculpture

It is said that the hot weather in June, which has never happened in 50 years, was met by us. The sun is strong and the wind is strong on the ship. Foreigners like to bask in the sun, so we chose a cool place to sit down. It's nice to walk on the boat and see the scenery and people

This is really called "ship"!

Watching the engine start slowly, the crankshaft dancing up and down, smelling the smell of oil, as if time went back to the past.

Mammy rarely seen in the street

Boat scenery

Lake Lucerne

Cableway at the foot of Reggie mountain and on the edge of lucerne Lake

Up the mountain is red, down the mountain is blue

The small house on the side of the road is the platform ticket office, there is no conductor, and there is an emergency defibrillator in the room.

The small characters on the sphere are the place names where the telescope field of vision points to the ground

The top of Reggie overlooks Lake Lucerne

There are people on the hillside

The little yellow flower on the mountain should be planted on purpose

Steep cliff

Day 6


This is a lion sculpture taken in Glacier Park. It's just next to the park. If the general tourism team doesn't buy a Swiss pass, they can't enter the park for free.

Glacial remains

A view in the park

Swiss houses in Glacier Park

Swiss life scene

Beautiful Collage

The mirror labyrinth of Glacier Park is the place where Mr. ray bumps into the wall everywhere and then exits

The panoramic Pavilion is also next to the lion sculpture. Swiss tickets are free

Part of a panoramic movie


On the city wall

The city wall overlooks Lake Lucerne

You can see the small castle on the opposite side of the wall

Walls and towers

It seems that Lucerne is the cheapest place to buy watches. The consumption of other tourist cities is higher than that of Lucerne

Graffiti on the way from Zurich to ibis

Zurich Museum, Swiss pass is free

The car is right in front of the museum

Well preserved

Household products

Subject matter cannot be separated from religion

Cathedral of Notre Dame on the rimart River, Zurich

Gross Cathedral, Zurich

It's the mayor on horseback

Banhoff Street

Day 7


The hotel in Munich is near the railway station, about five minutes' walk. It feels messy around. It seems that there are people wandering in the Middle East. There is a concave bed in the middle of the room. It's uncomfortable to sleep. Anyway, I'm not satisfied with living here. But travel is convenient, there is also a supermarket opposite the station, shopping is also convenient. The postcards sent from the mailbox here have also been received. My family said that if I had to choose another one, I would not choose this one.

The ninfenburg palace in Munich is bigger than the meiquan palace in Austria, which is known as the second largest palace in Europe. Take photos here.

Main entrance of ningfenbao

What a big square in front of the palace


It's a bit like rain

It's better to shoot than to see

A little Royal

Red and green

Entrance hall of ningfenbao

Ceiling of entrance hall of ningfenbao

Incomplete panorama

The decorative murals imported from China are very friendly

Queen's bedroom birthplace of Ludwig II

Splendid carriage exhibition hall

Royal Horse Racing

Mount specimen of Ludwig II

Day 8


Starting from Munich, we went to Linderhof palace. The place where we changed buses happened to be ETA monastery. We made money again. The bus to Linderhof palace repeatedly introduces the scenery along the way in German, claiming that it is the most beautiful scenery in Germany. Indeed, the scenery is really good.

The abbey of ETA

Courtyard and entrance building in front of the monastery

Abbey altar

The small lecture room next to the church hall


Around the church

The bus is not full

Lindhoff palace is not allowed to take photos. There are all kinds of text introductions for each person. Of course, there are Chinese ones. The palace is small and exquisite.

The entrance hall is a statue of Ludwig

A palace built on the mountain

View of lindhoff Palace


I've done my best

Sculpture fountain

Cupid's water sword

Golden shell boat

A platform for the Royal Theatre

Day 9


There are many scenic spots in Munich. We didn't choose the time for the beer festival. We missed the excitement and the crowd. This is our goal. But tasting beer and   Roast pig hands are a must. Residenz, Munich   It's worth taking half a day to taste. BMW exhibition hall is free, BMW Museum is charged, 8 euro. The museum doesn't seem to be worth it. I also took some pictures of the car, so I don't upload them to people for free advertising.

Some parts of the bronze lion on the outer wall of Munich palace have been touched

Palace garden gate

Royal Palace English Garden

The main entrance of the palace

Square outside the exit of the Palace Museum

The reason for the blurring in the upper part of the picture is the appearance of the wire fence

Munich palace hall

Another view of the hall

The hall looked back at the entrance

Real crown

Audience room

Atrium fountain patio

Queen Caroline

Queen Josephine

Glass hall

Reception hall

Prince's room

Stone Hall

Partially rebuilt King's Hall

Plaza beside Munich Palace

The Munich subway passage is just like Shanghai's shops

BMW exhibition hall is free of charge, BMW Museum charges 9 euro

There are people waiting in line to take the car of 50 years ago to go around the field

Vision of BMW exhibition hall

Street View near BMW Museum

Museum toll

BMW Museum revolving exhibition hall

The coffee bar snacks in the exhibition hall are very attractive

The Church of teretina is under repair

The main altar of the Church of teretina

Sculpture details on the church corner

There are pictures everywhere

On the left is the exterior wall of the palace

It is also a tourist attraction

Chinese musical instruments are rare in the church

Maria Plaza Munich

On the hour playing and puppet spinning always attract people to stop and watch

Altes Rathaus

Around Maria square

There are a lot of tourists in Maria square in the evening

The other side of the old town hall

The copper breasts beside the old town hall attract women to touch them

There are many kinds of cheese shops around the square

Another street view next to Maria square

The open-air stall business is very good!

I don't know what this pole is for. Maybe it's an advertisement

This church is also near Maria square, which is easy to miss

The church has a bad facade but a wonderful interior

Munich Royal brewery, not far from Maria square

Munich railway station

Day 10


From Munich to Berlin, you take the night sleeper. The carriage and berth are confirmed in advance. It should not be forgotten that the credit card used for domestic payment must be brought, otherwise, the ticket cannot be confirmed in Germany. The train started at 11 p.m. and arrived in Berlin the next morning. This saves both time and a day's hotel expenses. Unfortunately, the companion's berth is not in the same carriage. After getting on the train, the conductor who checks the ticket said hello, and the passengers can exchange without restriction.

This church is a landmark of Berlin

It's a nice day, but it's a little too hot

This is our double decker bus as a tour bus, sitting in the first row of the upper floor

The Brandenburg gate is like the people's Square in Shanghai. The landmark of Berlin will arrive at once

Looking down at the square from the Brandenburg Gate

Bicycles for many people and electric wheels for single person are also available for rent

Marilyn Monroe at the door of the wax museum

In June, advertisements in Potsdam square create the atmosphere of the world cup

The remains of the Berlin Wall in Potsdam square

The graffiti on the remnant wall and the review of that period of history in the middle can always keep visitors

The name plate under the Berlin Wall shows the location of the original wall

A private museum -- the pegamon Museum

Babylon Ishtar   Gate

The light ones are old ones, and the deep ones are imitation ones

Pergamon Altar

Pegamon altar model

Islamic style exhibits

The opposite wall of the palace of halivan Ali Walid II

I wanted to visit the Capitol, but it was too hot and there were too many people in line, so I gave up

Bicycles are very popular

The presidential palace by bus

Berlin Museum next to the pegamon Museum

It's not sculpture, it's a performance artist

It is said that the emperor's Church destroyed in World War II is not going to be completely restored

Humboldt University in Berlin

There are gay marches in front of the police on the streets of Berlin

In early June, we caught up with the heat wave in Europe. The glass roof of the station didn't block the sun. When we got off in Berlin in the morning, we felt muggy. The train to Berlin stops on the fourth floor of the top floor. There is no slope and self-propelled elevator to go downstairs. You can find the elevator at both ends of the platform. Otherwise, it will be too tired to drag large luggage up and down.

Berlin station

Berlin station is big enough, up and down four floors

There are many shops in the station

Photos of subway stations record the moment when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989

The photos freeze the history

Day 11


Dresden zwingne palace gate

Panorama after entering the door

Zwingne palace, right

Carelessness is a panoramic view of zwingne Palace

Zwingne palace, right

Looking at the clock tower from the fountain

Fountain courtyard behind zwingne Palace

Zwingne palace moat

Dresden palace and Hofburg Palace

A dedicated violinist at the gate of the city. Sometimes there are sopranos and tenors performing here. The dome of the city gate seems to be a good speaker. We are too shy to stay for a long time to listen. After listening, we leave in a hurry.

Two days after passing through the gate hole, I happened to see the female player

The corridor connecting the king's palace and the house where the king's mistress lived is called the lover's gallery

The palace, the green dome museum is inside. The ancient treasure of Augustus the mighty king is opened in the dome in the ground floor of the West Palace of Dresden palace.

Day 12


Berlin → Dresden → Prague, in which Dresden did not expect to have so many tourist attractions before we knew that our choice was right. The green dome museum is worth seeing. Auguste left many good things, but he can't take photos. The night scene on the river Elbe must not be missed, and the zwingne palace must not be abandoned. In short, Dresden is worth staying.

Reflection in the pool in the evening

Unfinished remains of Dresden excavation

Night view of the square

Architecture and sculpture

Buluer platform on the river bridge of Yibei

Turning back on the Yibei River Bridge

The king's painting wall at night

Night view of Yibei River

On the other side of the Yibei River

Yibei river landscape in the daytime

River and Bridge

the river front

There are boats by the river

Can't see Japanese characteristics

King portrait scroll

At the end of the portrait is the painter himself

The golden statue of Augustine II on the other side of the Elbe River

The building materials of different colors are the difference between the old and the new

The horse gallery is so artistic

Viewing platform of buluer in the daytime

Sightseeing buses and ticket trolleys on the street

Day 13


Dresden goes to Prague by train. Prague is really a tourist city with many tourists and concentrated scenic spots. In addition to taking a bus to Prague Castle, the rest are on foot. As the hotel we stayed in was not convenient for us to take the bus, we went to Prague Airport to do our homework in advance and chose the through bus. It's not convenient to take your luggage with you. In order not to delay the departure time, we also went to the railway station to confirm the specific location of the bus stop in advance, so as to save the time and look everywhere. The airport bus stop is just outside the old Prague railway station. The cost from the railway station to the airport is 60 kronor / person, and there is a stop in the middle, which takes about an hour.

Night view of the bridgehead of Charlie Bridge

There are also good decorations in the gateway of the bridgehead

How popular!

prague castle

Look at the voltava River from Charlie Bridge

The River Vltava

Charlie Bridge

The other end of Charlie Bridge

Old town square

Kafka's former residence

Old town square

Prague square Twin Towers

Astronomical clock in old city square

Prague Square

Performers and audience in the square

There are so many patterns in walls and windows

The road in the middle of the old city square leads to the Slav square

Astronomical clock details

Prague Castle is on the other side of the Elbe. You can take No.5 bus to the foot of the mountain on the other side of the old city. There are no self-service ticket vending machines in Germany, France and Switzerland at Prague bus station, and there are no ticket sellers on the bus. We did not find a shop selling tickets after looking around. Later, we went to the shop near the bus station to find someone to help us, and then we pointed out a grocery store selling tickets, and finally bought tickets. This may be the difference between Eastern European countries and Western European countries. No.5 bus arrived at the station, we walked up the mountain, first played Lolita treasure house, and then to the castle. At the castle, I waited until the hour to watch the guard changing ceremony.

Lolita treasure house, 130 CZK is not worth much

Square in front of the castle

Schwarzberg palace near Prague Castle Square

Castle gate

A lot of people took pictures with the guards

There are steep steps in the castle. We choose a gentle ramp down the hill

A panoramic view of Prague

The Cathedral of Saint Victor behind the castle

A panoramic view of the Cathedral of Saint Victor

Inside the window glass of the Archdiocese of St. Victor, the color is colorful, and outside, the color is colorless

Panoramic view of the church

Wenceslas Square

The square is a pedestrian street

The building opposite is the museum

On the other side of the square

Performing Arts in the square

Shopping malls near Vaclav square

Old advertisements seen in the square

Buddhists also march

Interior of the old railway station

Day 14


Charlie Bridge

Sculpture on the bridge

Bridgehead and distant Castle

There are not many visitors in the morning

The voltava river at the foot of the bridge

The street under Charlie bridge is narrow enough


Glass seems to be the strength of tourist souvenirs in Prague. There are many such shops

Art shop in pedestrian street

Puppet shop

Chocolate candy store

Day 15


The first criterion for us to choose a hotel is that it is convenient to travel, so all the hotels we choose are close to the railway station. It's already 7:00 p.m. local time for Shanghai to fly to faraway. It's getting dark in Shanghai at this time. I'm afraid I can't find a hotel in my unfamiliar place. Fortunately, it's late in Europe and it's still on at nine. I didn't find a self-service subway ticket vending machine at the airport, so I directly queued up at the manual ticket office to buy tickets. At the same time, I could ask where I got off at the railway station. The staff could speak English and German, and the service was very good. I wrote down the station platform and other information for us on paper. Out of the train station, the hotel is just across the road, Frankfurt   Hostel  ( Address:   Kaiserstr.   74)   Ctrip, in the house on the left in the photo, a room for three, 78 euro, including a simple buffet in the morning. You need to press the intercom at the door to tell the front desk to open the door. We stayed in four ibis hotels, Strasbourg, lucerne, Zurich and Dresden. Except Dresden, the rooms of Ibis in the other three places are similar, with upper and lower bunks for three people. The room of Ibis in Dresden is larger than a three person room with upper and lower bunks. And the ISBS hotel in Dresden is also the hotel with the most rooms, with three buildings side by side along the street. The next day, I stayed at Ibis in Strasbourg. Opposite the railway station, there were three independent IBIS Hotels with different grades of red, green and blue signs. We live in blue standard. Room price 69.98 euro, no breakfast. On the third day, stay in YMCA, Basel, Switzerland   Hostel(Address:Gempenstrasse   64,   Basel,   4053,   Schweiz)  , It is an apartment hotel with a large room, four beds, Kitchenware and cooker, 129 Swiss francs. On the fourth and fifth days, stay in Gasthof Hotel, innig Inn, Interlaken   Schönegg   B&B(Hauptstrasse   2,   3805, goldswil), three beds, two days, 305 Swiss francs, breakfast. The environment of the hotel is full of Swiss rural flavor. Buses must be made from the railway station to the hotel. Buses run every hour. The sixth day in ibis   budget   Lucerne City Hotel (original)   ETAP   Kellerstrasse   4/6/8   six thousand and five  , CHF 88.5. You can take bus No.4 at the gate of the railway station. Day 7 live in ibis, Zurich   budget   Technoparkstrasse Zurich City West Hotel   two   eight thousand and five  , 90 Swiss francs. You also need to take the bus four stops to the railway station. On the eighth and ninth days, stay at Jaeger's   Munich   Hotel / hostel) is near the railway station, about five minutes' walk. It feels messy around, as if there are people from the Middle East wandering around. There are four beds in the room, upper and lower bunks. The lower bunk of one bed is concave in the middle. It's very uncomfortable to sleep. Anyway, I'm not satisfied with living here. But travel is convenient, there is also a supermarket opposite the station, shopping is also convenient. The postcards sent from the mailbox here have also been received. My family said that if I had to choose another one, I would not choose this one. After checking out, the hotel can leave the luggage in the iron cabinet in the yard, 2 euro a day, which is cheaper than outside. Room rate 120 euro, excluding breakfast. On the tenth day, I stayed at the central Hoff Center Hotel  ( Hotel   Central   Inn   am   Hauptbahnhof(Alt-Moabit   126), about 10 minutes' drive from the railway station, the front desk is also upstairs, and you need to call the front desk to open the door through intercom. There are four beds in the room. 95 euro / day. On the 11th and 12th day, stay at Royal Hotel   Residence   Ungelt  , Address:   Tyn   10,   Prague,   In the pedestrian street of the old city, there is no bus. It takes about 15 minutes for the railway station to come. It's really convenient to travel to the scenic spots. It's only a few steps to Prague square. The front desk is in a small alley, separate from the room. The door of the room is open on the street outside. In order to get tips, the young man at the front desk didn't take the elevator when leading the way upstairs, which made us have to carry our luggage up the stairs with him. It's a bit ridiculous. There are five beds in the room. There is one price for four people. There is an increase for five people. The room charge for two days is more than 1700 RMB, equivalent to 85 euro, excluding breakfast. I don't pay much attention to the problem of food. How is it good for sightseeing. I've tasted German beer, pig's paw and sausage. In fact, I can't think of anything better than Chinese food. All the way to buy water to drink has become a routine, Yiyun water is not much more expensive than other drinking water, it's a luxury. It's just a matter of muddling through.

Opposite Frankfurt railway station

The entrance corridor of the small hotel opposite Frankfurt station.

The hotel room is not big and clean

Youth Hostel in Basel, YMCA   Hostel(Address:Gempenstrasse   64,   Basel,   4053,   Schweiz)  , Four beds, a kitchen, an apartment hotel. 129 Swiss francs.

Home items are complete, allow yourself to burn

The Interlaken hotel should be a family hotel

The hotel is on the small staircase of our room. If your luggage size is large, it's a little difficult to move it up.

The bathroom is shared by two families on the same floor

Corner of the restaurant on the ground floor

Inside the restaurant is the front desk

There is also a dining table on the balcony

It's a pleasure to have breakfast on the balcony!

Ibis Lucerne   budget  ( primary   ETAP   Kellerstrasse   4/6/8,6005   Lucerne, Switzerland

front desk

Munich Hotel Room

Hotel Central Inn (Alt-Moabit 126)

There are two cots in the side room

The largest Ibis Hotel I've ever seen, three buildings

Ibis Hotel in the evening

Hot air balloon outside the hotel window in the morning

The hotel is the largest, about 10 minutes' drive from the railway station, close to the city center, almost no need to take a bus to go out to play.

There are three beds in the room

External corridor of Prague guest room

The Prague Hotel has the largest room, and it also has a microwave oven, which can heat aluminum foil frozen food. And the coffee machine.

On the other side of the room, there is a carpet in the middle and a sofa for three

Hamburgers in Frankfurt also reflect prices

Strasbourg bought macarons, cheaper than domestic

This is quick-frozen food sold in Basel and raw eggs. It's very easy to make it yourself

Cherries are also cheaper than domestic, less than 500 grams of 4 Swiss francs

I saw roast chicken on the streets of Zurich. It's 6.9 euro and tastes good.

Banhoff street is known as the most delicious chocolate cake. It looks like a peaked house and tastes good. It's 22 Euro each.


I can't forget to taste all kinds of authentic Swiss chocolates. The prices of all kinds of chocolates are different. I didn't feel too amazing after eating them

Sausages on the streets of Munich, 3 Euro

The prices of restaurants on Prague Street are not cheap.

Popular drinks in Switzerland

Czech coins

Tickets are set out three months before the United Arab Emirates Airlines through Ctrip. Frankfurt in, Prague out, midway in Dubai transfer, back and forth are like this. What's convenient is that the official website of Emirates airlines can also choose seats and food online in advance. The most gratifying thing is that UAE has upgraded our flight from Dubai to Shanghai to business class for free, which is like winning a prize. So, we will take UAE in the future!!!

Airbus 380 economy class

Next to the bar of Airbus 380 business class

380 business class seats

380 bar

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