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Circumnavigation of southern Europe in the summer [i] from Lake Boden to Iberia

Days: 15 days time: July

1 Frankfurt

4 Boden Lake

5 Boden Lake

9 slow tour to Barcelona

10 St. family Cathedral bartro's house Mira's house Guel Park

11 Rambla Boulevard bogelia market Barcelona Cathedral slow tour Barcelona Notre Dame of the sea Barcelona beach Magic Fountain

12 Madrid mayor Plaza Sun Gate Plaza San Miguel Madrid palace Spain Plaza Madrid slaughterhouse

13 Toledo Cathedral

14 Segovia Roman aqueduct Segovia Cathedral alcassa Castle Roman aqueduct

15 Prado Museum Madrid railway station

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Day 1


Route map of southern Europe tour plan in summer.

Route map of southern Europe tour plan in summer. The first one is from Boden Lake in Germany to Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and the two small cities around them: Toledo and Segovia.

Xiao Miao, a postcard writer in Frankfurt

After waiting for a long time, I finally got to the day when Xiao Miao came. Pick up at Frankfurt Airport at night, then return to Stuart the next day to prepare for the long planned tour of southern Europe in summer and wedding photography. Because of the plan to take wedding photos on the road, Xiao Miao rented a wedding dress, and I also updated my camera to record the unforgettable memory of this summer.

Five years of Nikon   D80 has accompanied me to many places in Europa in the past half year. Take a picture before retirement

Day 4


After a few days' rest in Stuart, Jan, a German Chinese photographer, was invited to take a wedding photo in Boden lake on July 18. Foreigners are in the habit of taking wedding photos on their wedding day. Passers-by come to wish us a happy Hochzeit, and some people want to take photos with the bride. It's absolutely fashionable for a meow to take the train before she can change her wedding dress:) she took photos all day and forgot to watch the train schedule. As a result, she missed the last train and was locked up in the forest road by the lake for one night.

Train in wedding dress   The return rate is absolutely high   ha-ha

A cat surrounded by onlookers

Thank you for letting us take photos on board and drinking champagne for your German uncle and aunt

Day 5


The next day, I bought a state ticket and stopped all the way to stu. Just try the new camera Canon   6D, after all, you need to be familiar with changing doors:)

It maintains the fine tradition of sending one card to each place~

Day 9


After another two days in and around stu, it's time to start the tour of southern Europe. The plane arrived in Barcelona in the evening. Finally, I came to the city that I wanted to come to last Christmas, a city with all kinds of beautiful stories and thief rumors, a city that belongs to Gaudi in a sense.

It's over nine o'clock in the evening to stay in the hotel near the railway station. Summer is the peak tourist season, and the hotel prices are not very cheap. Across the road is a Chinese restaurant, the owner is Qingtian people. Chinese food and Spanish food. I ordered the legendary Spanish paella with local beer. It was really good.

Day 10


I gave it to Gaudi on my first day in Barcelona. It's hard to say the style school of Gaudi's architectural works. Although they are classified in the category of new art, they are just to distinguish them from other major schools. His architecture takes shape from the nature, and often presents a curve dream shape and space experience. Master Gaudi left many works in Barcelona City, such as the holy family hall, Mira's house, bartro's house, guile Park and so on. These architectural works have also become an important part of the city symbol of Barcelona.

If you want to talk about Gaudi's most famous works, the holy family hall deserves it. Barcelona is a must.

It was built in 1882. After hundreds of years, this wonderful church is still slowly building

There are many people waiting in line in the morning. The team folded several times along the courtyard wall

Complete form model of church

front gate

Through the colored glass, the light creates a dreamy light and shadow effect in the church

Main altar dome

The exterior of the church is richly carved

Like other churches, the sculptures outside the church are all religious subjects. Jesus was born.

The Polaroid photos taken in Germany came in handy

Spiral staircase in church bell tower

The theme of the Batro house is the ocean.

The theme of the Batro house is the ocean. Whether it's the whirlpool like zenith, the water wave like balcony, the submarine like room, or the abyss like atrium covered with blue mosaic. All pull people into the dreamlike artistic natural world.

Whirlpool like lamps with grass like frills on the top of the hall

Light through the water like rippling glass projected on the log handrail, like the waves of the ocean

The roof of Dragon Ridge in color mosaic

Ocean atrium

The theme of Mira house is mountains.

The feeling of Mira's house is mountain. The rugged chimneys and watchers on the roof look at the mountains around Barcelona.

Inner court

Most of the impressive things about Mira house are on the roof

hanging modell

It was originally supposed to be a high-grade residential area, but the development failed because it was too far away from the urban area. Finally, this piece of Gaudi's work is presented as a park.

At first, it was supposed to be a high-class residential area, but it failed because it was too far away from the urban area. Finally, this piece of Gaudi's work was presented to us as a park. It's time for the setting sun to come to this dreamland of color mosaic. However, in this Mediterranean lazy country, time is not the driving factor. The park is still full of leisure people. At seven or eight in the evening, it's still early for dinner.

Large square platform supported by a hundred column Hall

Rough materials and primitive natural modeling can always cause people's common aesthetic pleasure

The setting sun and the sun are warm, and the park and the people in it are caged in a languid atmosphere

There are many illegal vendors in the park. Just met the plain clothes police pretending to be running exercise, a group of traffickers scattered

A meow who flirts with his friends

Wavy color mosaic seats

There is a street artist playing a wooden instrument in the hundred pillars hall, and the young people on one side can't help dancing

Lizard, one of the symbols of Guel Park

Day 11


On the first day, I followed Gaudi's footprints, and on the second day I visited other cities in Barcelona. Take the subway to Rambla street in the morning and walk slowly towards the seaside.

In the morning, most of the crowds on Rambla street were tourists

Red fish swimming in the morning sun are swimming in the fish tank of a vendor kiosk on the street. Tiny white bubbles rolled merrily in the water.

Super happy super cool big market!

It's said that this is the largest vegetable market in Europe. Walk along Rambla street to the seaside, and you can see bogelia market on the right side of the street. After breakfast in a popular coffee shop at the entrance of the market, he entered the market from the back door and began to wander around. The content in this market is really beyond our original imagination. Fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, candy, juice, spices... All kinds of colorful, so happy!

All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables

There are also rows of sheep's heads in the glass freezers of some stalls, which are really creepy

Chocolate stand

Colorful fruit salt

From Rambla street to the East into the old city of Barcelona. Wandering in the old buildings of Goth District, Xiao Miao is also happy to walk around the shop and Taobao:) walking out of an alley, in front of Barcelona cathedral. Different from the single form of the previous church, the cathedral here also has two large yards. The Iberian summer sun passed through the tall trees in the courtyard, and the leaves fell into the corridor around the courtyard, swaying with light blue shadows.

Fluttering white wings swept through the gap between light and shadow in the stone yard. I can't help thinking of such a word as Baiju Guoqiao

The crossing by the Cathedral

Along the winding streets of the old city, you can find a restaurant named Senyor in the strategy   It's a very special shop in parellada, with exquisite interior decoration. Originally thought that such a delicate shop should be expensive, but the menu price is not high. We arrived at the gate of the shop at a quarter past twelve, but it didn't open until one o'clock in the afternoon. It's really the Mediterranean lazy country... Everything else is good, but his family's seafood rice is so salty

Interior and tableware color contrast is strong, but also can arouse people's appetite

Paella looks good, but I don't know why it's salty

A church not far from the Picasso Museum.

After lunch, I went to the Picasso Museum. After a long line, I finally got in. No photos are allowed in the museum, but it seems that Picasso's most famous works are not seen here. By chance in Google   Map found that on the way to the beach, there is a church that you want to see by name. Is Notre Dame of the sea the sea, Notre Dame and a cathedral? After arriving, I still don't know the specific connection between the ocean and the Virgin Mary. (maybe it's because of the relationship at the seaside that the word ocean appears?) But it's really good! The interior is very old and atmospheric. The dimly lit place on the stone dome with some cracks is suffused with deep color, as if it is the result of the moist breath of the sea, which has been transpiration for thousands of years.

The dimly lit place on the stone dome with some cracks is suffused with deep color, as if it is the result of the moist breath of the sea, which has been transpiration for thousands of years.

Finally, we got to the beach in Barcelona. Blue sea and blue sky. It's a pity that neither of us had swimsuits, so we had to carry our shoes around the beach.

Magic Fountain is magic! Strongly recommend!

On the last night in Basse, I wanted to take a panoramic view of the city on Mount Montague. When I pass the Catalonia Art Museum on a tripod, I find a large number of people gathered here. A huge fountain is dancing with music. So I stopped to look. This stop stopped until night fell. Although the plan to shoot the night scene of the city failed, we may regret missing the grand water show.

Day 12


Get on the high-speed train in the morning, cross the Spanish plateau in the morning mist, and go to Madrid at the speed of 300km / h

In Madrid, stay in a hotel near the railway station. After settling down, I sat down in the open seat of a small cafe under the roadside tree and ordered croissants and two small Spanish fried dough sticks for breakfast. The flavor of fried dough sticks is similar to that of domestic ones, but they are not so oily. The first time to drink coffee while eating fried dough sticks   Ha ha: D: after breakfast, take the subway to the downtown near the sun gate.

Downtown Madrid

At noon, we arrived at mayor square. It is said to be the Grand Central Square of Madrid. This is a space surrounded by Baroque facades. In the center of the square stands a horse riding statue of Philip III. In summer, the bright sun dazzles the eyes. Only a few people stop to take photos in front of the statue in such a big square. The rest of the people hide under the sun umbrellas, whistling and spraying water vapor. After two rounds under the building corridor surrounding the square, a restaurant was finally selected. Here, a meow met her first favorite Sangria.

Sangria sparkling wine is said to represent bullfighting and paella. No matter what the symbols are, the sweet taste of orange, the slight drunkenness of wine and the comfort of steam are really irresistible.

A path leading to mayor square

The legendary city center. But it's so cold!

Madrid city mark on Sun Gate Square. Bear and raspberry.

Food gathering place

The house in the back that looks a little Southeast Asian is San   Miguel market. There are all kinds of food in it. I think I should come here to eat at noon!

Walk along the path to the palace

Finally, I came to the palace. Two days ago, the Spanish train had a major derailment accident, and the national flag on the top of the palace was lowered by half.

There are no pictures in the palace. It's really luxurious inside.

The church opposite the palace

Not far north from the palace is the Spanish Square. I thought that the square named after the name of the country should be in its mouth. As a result, the space is not big. It's just a huge stone tablet standing in the pool. There are some stalls on the side of the garden road around the stone tablet, with little business.

Madrid slaughterhouse. As the name suggests, it's a slaughterhouse. But now it is no longer a slaughterhouse, but a place similar to 798 that has been transformed into an art community.

Madrid slaughterhouse. As the name suggests, it's a slaughterhouse. But now it is no longer a slaughterhouse, but a place similar to 798 that has been transformed into an art community. In the past, I often saw this transformation case on the design website, so I came to the field to have a look. It's smaller and colder than I thought. Maybe it's because I'm late. There is a subway station just outside the gate.

Out of the subway station, you can find the entrance to the slaughterhouse by looking for the big water tower

In a slaughterhouse

In the courtyard

Day 13


It is 70 kilometers south of Madrid. From the beginning of Rome B.C., it experienced the rule of Goths and Arabs, and was finally recovered as the capital. In 1561, Felipe II moved his capital to Madrid, which declined gradually.

There are several historic towns near Madrid worth visiting. TOLEDO is 70 kilometers south of Madrid. From the beginning of Rome B.C., it experienced the rule of Goths and Arabs, and was finally recovered as the capital. In 1561, Felipe II moved his capital to Madrid, which declined gradually. The kingdom of Spain flourished in Toledo. It is said that since moving its capital to Madrid, Spain's national destiny has also begun to decline.

Walking up the mountain road into the city, Rafael appears   Toledo Conference Center designed by Moneo. In the shape, scale, color and texture, it is consistent with the surrounding traditional buildings.

The weather is not good, scattered with a little rain, the mountain city also seems a little cold. I went into a coffee shop on the street and ordered coffee, Spanish fried dough sticks and a special kind of egg potato bread for breakfast. I watched the live broadcast of F1 on TV while eating until the weather gradually cleared up.

When we got to the top of the mountain, it was already blue sky and white clouds.

The city of lettodo is perched on a hill, with desert vegetation dotted on the rocky hillside. Under the platform in front of the palace is a cliff. The undulating Spanish landscape spreads out from under the nose towards the horizon.

On the opposite mountain stands a group of buildings similar to colleges. It seems very close in the photo, but there is a deep valley in the middle.

Follow a deserted path to the bridge at the foot of the mountain. On the opposite hill, an old castle is hidden behind the thick green trees.

After crossing the bridge, there was a long and winding ramp. When I came to the castle, I found that the castle was a youth brigade. I can't help sighing that the youth brigade is really invincible. Go in and ask. The price is very cheap. Man, you can't speak English. Google it   The last two days are summer camp, there are no empty rooms.

On the terrace in front of the castle, the ancient city of Toledo on the opposite mountain stands in silence under the thick gray clouds. Only the majestic sound of water passing through the Tahoe Valley at the foot of the mountain faintly comes.

6D mobile phone remote shooting function is very practical, the camera placed on the opposite stone can take a self portrait.

After five days in Spain, the time of work, rest, food and drink has become the rhythm of lazy country. Back to the opposite Toledo City wall, I found a restaurant at 2:30 p.m., had a snack and began to stroll in the afternoon.

Once the largest church in Spain.

I think the most attractive part. The light from the round daylighting window illuminates the ceiling murals and the grand sculpture group. All the characters seem to float towards the dazzling light in the light.

There are also exquisite murals painted in the daylighting windows, and all kinds of religious figures are sitting around the circular outline. So gorgeous!

It is an invincible and gorgeous central altar made of various precious materials. It's a little bit of a dense phobia.

The appearance of the church. I was in a hurry to get back to the bus station, but I didn't get to the tower.

Day 14


It is a world cultural heritage medieval town with grand landscape, magnificent architecture and fragrant suckling pig. It's 100 kilometers northwest of Madrid.

On the way to Segovia. At 10:30 in the morning, there is a faint moon wheel hanging in the sky.

The elevated canal 2000 years ago!

Last night, my classmates were still wondering whether to go to Segovia or outlets on the edge of Madrid? After searching the photos of Segovia's elevated canal, I decided to come to Segovia first. When I arrived at this magnificent artificial structure, I couldn't help sighing: it's not in vain!

There is a kind of architecture called time travel

The last Gothic church built in Spain.

A cat found a bakery on the street not far from the cathedral. It's delicious and cheap. In the cool day with the rising mountain wind, holding two cakes, I basked in the sun on the square in front of the church. It turned out to be a big cat  : )

Spent spent spent spent spent spent meow

It is said to be the prototype of the castle in the Disney Snow White cartoon. Compared with this allusion, what fascinates me more is the magnificent feeling of standing on the castle and looking around at the surrounding landscape and city.

From the terrace outside the castle. Roads, villages and chapels growing in the landscape.

Glass painting in the castle

Many rooms in the fortress display weapons and armour

The top of the castle overlooks Segovia

Go to the aqueduct again before you leave

Back in Madrid, I went to outlets. It's all boring out of season. It was there that I saw a huge gap in the clouds, shining thousands of hectares of light.

Day 15


The largest art gallery in Spain. Students are free.

Today's original plan was to visit the Prado Art Museum in the morning, and then after lunch, I went to Li Chi park to get some sunshine. As a result, I was in a hurry. On the way to Prado, I saw the Museum designed by Herzog de moron across the street. I didn't have time to go back and have a close look, let alone the pool in the afternoon. I have to comfort myself with very common reasons. I'm sorry to come back next time

The sun on the side of Prado and the church on the top

A railway station like a greenhouse

Get on the train going south to Andalusia at the plant greenhouse like Madrid railway station. It is said that the land deeply influenced by the moors, the castle palace full of Islamic exotic customs; Passionate flamenco dance was born here, is also the origin of traditional snacks tapas, and the impression has always been the end of the world like gibraltarian

Looking at the scorching sun of southern Europe in summer sinking from the mid air, the Yellow plain mountains, rocks and large tracts of sparse forest swept by the window. Until the setting sun goes down to the west, all the landscapes are covered with a thick and hazy warm color, and then they are covered by the dark blue night fog, leaving only the fields, and the mountains in the distance are still bright pink. It's a five hour train. Finally, I set foot on this land in the south of Iberian Peninsula.

The sun had set, and the mountains far away from the fields were still bright pink.

To be continued

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