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The resting place of the soul -- the north and South temples in Helan Mountain

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Published at 09:51, October 2, 2015

When it comes to Tibetan Buddhism, most people only think of Tibet and Qinghai. In fact, Tibetan Buddhism began to spread to Inner Mongolia in the late 13th century. It once became the main religion of the court nobility and was sought after by the rulers.

By the middle of the 17th century, with the support of the Qing government and the Mongolian nobles, it reached an unprecedented peak. Fuyin temple was founded by the son of King Alxa after he converted to the sixth Panchen Lama. Fuyin temple is located in Muren gaolesumu of Alxa Left Banner, about 25 kilometers away from BAYANHOT Town, and on the south side of Wuba highway. It took three years to complete the project. Emperor Jiaqing gave it the name of "Fuyin Temple" and four kinds of Jinbian written in Tibetan, Mongolian, Han and Manchu.

The architecture of Fuyin temple is based on the typical Tibetan style, with pavilions, halls and pavilions, and some Mongolian and Han elements. Fuyin Temple Square: Fuyin Temple Square effectively utilizes the construction of roads, ornamental steps, green vegetation, etc., harmoniously handles the relationship between mountain terrain, buildings and various functional areas, and provides tourists with collecting and distributing, appreciating various Buddhist activities and performances. Fuyin Temple Square is divided into functional areas such as Sutra square, sun Buddha square, white tower square, Mandala square, distribution square, with a construction area of more than 9000 square meters.

The most eye-catching is the White Tower Square. The lotus gathering tower, Sidi tower, Xizheng tower, Bodhi tower, Shenbian tower, Jiangfan tower, Shengli tower and nirvana tower commemorate the eight merits of Sakyamuni's life, also known as the eight towers of good death.

The mural painting in the square of Fuyin Temple fully shows the art of Tibetan murals, drawing a giant Buddha standing or sitting upright with huge space. The extremely gorgeous and exquisite decoration embellishes the scene of huge portrait activities, and the rich and colorful murals are full of artistic appeal and show strong national characteristics. At the same time, they are also image teaching materials for religious art, historical culture and traditional moral education.

Fuyin temple not only has a long history and profound cultural heritage, but also attracts many believers because of its beautiful scenery. Helan Mountain Park, a national first-class nature reserve, is surrounded by Fuyin temple, just like a pearl, inlaid in the vast forest. In the early morning, the fog shrouded the valley, just like a fairyland, and the temple also had a little more fairyland. After the sun breaks through the clouds and slowly rises, the first sunlight shines in the Fuyin temple, just like a Buddha light, protecting the Fuyin temple.

At the foot of the mountain, there is a five-star Tibetan Buddhist Hotel, the Vatican hotel of Fuyin temple in Alxa League. The perfect combination of the luxurious decoration style of the hotel and Buddhist Zen can not only enjoy the luxury brought by high-end hotels, but also experience the inner peace brought by Buddhism.

Fuyin temple is also called "North Temple", and its corresponding "South Temple" is also called Guangzong temple. It is 77 km from Yinchuan and 23 km from BAYANHOT. The disappearance of the Sixth Dalai Lama Cangyangjiacuo is a mystery in history, but the answer lies in Guangzong temple.

These two Tibetan Buddhist temples are the most prosperous in western Inner Mongolia. When they visit the Buddha, they relax both physically and mentally. Even if they travel a long distance, they will feel very worthwhile.

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