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Crazy Disney, Hong Kong Free Tour (2)

Published on 2014-06-14 09:53

(the first day of the tour: Crazy Disney, then) turn right by the big whale fountain and you will find the ticket office of Disneyland. At 10 o'clock, there are not many tourists at this time, and there are only 4-6 people waiting in line to change tickets. The procedure is very simple. We order tickets online. We directly take out the order printed after booking and handle it in the window. It will be finished in two or three minutes. The Internet is still awesome. Next to the ticket office, there is an area for network printing. You can print out relevant tickets with your mobile phone. This is life led by science and technology.

Before we get to the gate, there are small stalls selling Disney dolls and souvenirs. Experience tells us not to be greedy, but to travel first. Disney's products are all at the same price, and the purchase must be put on the last program.

In, according to Disney's convention, tourists are not allowed to bring in too much food and dangerous goods. So tourists have to open their bags to check. The inspection here is quite detailed. We need to see every layer of the bag. We brought some water. The inspectors saw it and didn't say anything. It seems that we can bring some water and food properly.

We ordered a two-day ticket. When the ticket inspector at the gate of Disney saw it, he would ask whether it was the first time or the second time to enter the park. And it's going to take fingerprints. Come back the next day, but you still need to bring tickets. Surprisingly, after entering the door, we also got a piece of chocolate marked by Disney. The round gold package looked like a gold coin. Ha ha, developed.

On the right side of the gate, there is a map for tourists to read. The map is very detailed. Tourists must take one. We have already taken it in the hotel. Now we have to consider where to go first. In a word, Hong Kong Disneyland and Japanese Disneyland are not quite the same. It seems that there are fewer buildings entering the gate. The background music I heard just entering the gate is all Chinese folk music. I feel that some of them do not match the theme of Disney.

However, it's a bit over the top. It's only when you turn the street that you can really enter the Disneyland. All the music here is Disney style music, which brings people into the happy atmosphere of the Disneyland.

The same Disney theme sculpture flower bed, the same shopping street. Some experienced people go to the paradise without delay. From a distance, we can see a typical Disney style castle. From the gate of the castle, we can see the carousel. Behind the castle is the direction of happiness.

Whose castle is this? People who have seen Disneyland think that the castle is a little short and different in appearance. Is it like sleeping beauty's castle?

Through the gate, you can see all kinds of amusement facilities. Just after the opening of the park, tourists have not flocked to the park. Although some people have already begun to line up in front of the facilities in the park, there will not be a long queue.

According to the good memory, we enter the door to the left is the "Mickey Fantasia" theater, oblique to the carousel. When I plunge into the theater, I feel that after entering the paradise, I have no time to take into account the previous research strategies. I can swim with my nature and find happiness by feeling. I remember that last time the Japanese Disney only played a few large-scale projects. This time I came to Hong Kong Disney to revenge. I must play all the projects.

Soon we entered the theater, although the waiting time was not boring, but the order of entering was really bad. People swarmed in, as if for fear that there would be no seats and no guides for tourists, they all rushed to the middle position. There was a lot of noise and complaints at the scene. It's really hard for people with bad feet and polite behavior. Let's talk about Disney in Japan. The seats in the theater there are guided by the guides row by row. The people who come in first will sit on the outermost side. They will sit down one by one. There is no vacant seat. The place you sit in line is there. No one will worry about there is no place to sit, and no one will complain.

Here comes Donald! Mickey's here! The show began. This is an interesting 5D effect animation, some scenes use a 360 degree screen. Donald Duck will lead you through the sky and earth, appreciate various scenes in Disney animation, and get to know various cartoon characters in Disney animation. In front of us, when delicious food appears, the fragrance will come; When water splashes, water drops will come face to face; When there is a strong wind, you will fly wildly... Aladdin in the flying carpet will fly in front of you, and Donald duck out of control will bump into the wall behind you. There are also beautiful mermaid, colorful candy, beating musical instruments, enviable gems available by tentacles, and various beautiful scenes. The story, the scene, the effect, the music, although the time is not long, it's really great. It's extraordinary“ Ah, there's water again Won't you drench us?

After the short-term project came out, I found that there were many more visitors in the park, which should be twice as much as before. The little flying elephant opposite the theater has begun to line up. In order to wait for the friends coming from Shenzhen, we need to play a project here. After watching the situation of little flying elephant queuing, we need to wait in line for 60 minutes. It seems that beautiful things need to wait, although sometimes happiness is very short

At this time, the weather is also bright and dark, and occasionally a few raindrops fall, which can not form real rain. I don't sweat, the air is very fresh, maybe this weather is the most suitable for playing. The number of tourists is still increasing, and the flow of people is constantly entering. Let's go deep into the park as soon as possible.

Deep into the paradise, we come to the area of "anti fighter base". There is an extremely exciting remote-controlled vehicle, which is our ordinary sense of the pirate ship, but this straight up and down the front and back speed is not ordinary people can bear, listening to the people sitting on the top of the hoarse, we flinch. There are also "toy soldier parachute" and "turn spring dog". Spring dog is even a child's roller coaster. Sitting in a dog car chasing his tail, some sense of weightlessness up and down should be prepared for little friends. Parachute seems to be the project of the older children, which requires a height of more than 81 cm. At this time, the "toy parachute" project took 40 minutes to queue up, so we lined in.

In line, watching the parachute up and down in front of me, it's very imposing. In the barracks full of green eyes, soldiers all over green will suddenly appear, marching, saluting and posing. The surrounding guns and ammunition, lookout posts, and the command of the officer can't help but make people nervous - will the parachute make people throw their heart and lungs out?

The feeling of parachute up and down is very exciting. There is a slight sense of weightlessness in the process of parachute down. Children can fully accept it.

Waving goodbye to the toy soldiers, we went straight to the "confused mansion". It's said that it's similar to the haunted house of Disney in Japan. After reading the introduction, it seems that there is a horrible atmosphere. I'm not afraid. Go in and have a look.

The "maze mansion" project is really well done. Guided by a little monkey, our electromagnetic car passes through the manor of an archaeology doctor and appreciates the treasures collected by him. Naturally, there are many strange things in it. The magic color here is quite good. Sometimes some scenes are a little scary, but my daughter is scared at all and yells that she wants to play again.

I came out of the mansion, strolled around and looked at the "fantasy Manor", and entered the "grizzly Valley" within a few steps. Originally wanted to play the "Grizzly Bear Mountain speed harvester" need to line up for 60 minutes, think it's already noon, first solve the stomach problem. There is a fast food restaurant around, which is a kind of hot dog and French fries. Although the dining places are very small, you can still find a seat if you try to find it. So is the playground. If you use the restroom, the restroom in the park is very clean, but like all the busy attractions, women still have to wait in line.

There are many vivid fountains in grizzly Valley, some of which gush and disappear; There are fountains, sometimes a column of sky, and sometimes patter. Fooled a mouthful of food children, running among the fountains, the happiest is waiting for the sudden eruption of spring water from the sky. I took my daughter to the fountain with the most violent eruption. I was anxious to wait for the sudden violent eruption, waiting to dodge the spray on my body... And the big water guns that could spray each other in the two rooms. The result was that everyone's clothes were wet and happy.

"Grizzly mine on board" although waiting in line for an hour, we still have a good time. In the creeping team, we chatted, looked at the mine camp, rubbed the soles of our shoes, and then arrived at the boarding point. Get on the car must be stable, go out a sharp turn, we set foot on the speed journey. As you run fast, you can see the chaotic scenery in the mine and the dangerous scenes in the valley. Sometimes you turn left, sometimes you turn right, sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down. When the grizzly bear detonated the explosive, the mine car speed was more rapid, it was too fast, too exciting, too cool( In fact, it's nothing to be afraid of. It's no problem for children to ride on it.) one of them is climbing to the top of the mountain and driving backwards at top speed. It was an extraordinary experience when you saw the despair of no rail on the top of the mountain suddenly transformed into the weightlessness of the sinking and whirling of the original road( (highly recommended)

At last, the big bear spoke to us for a long time, but we didn't understand. We thought we would continue to fight. It turns out. Ha ha, the children are clamoring to play.

Unconsciously, it's four o'clock in the afternoon, and the Disney float tour begins. Beautiful floats, lovely cartoon characters, wonderful music, happy dance, the overall momentum is quite good. That is to say, the tour time is much shorter than that of Japanese Disneyland. Moreover, due to the small area of the park, the float show stays in place most of the time, which gives some discount to the viewing.

After the float tour, we came to the "adventure of Winnie the Pooh" in our daughter's dream "fantasy world". We had to wait for 60 minutes before we went through the hundred mu forest in the honeypot.

Winnie's adventure is really suitable for children to play. Sitting in the honeypot car, there are some cute cartoon characters, such as Winnie the Pooh, IL, Tigger, pig and so on. The children say it's fun, but the adults can't help talking.

It seems that adults can't enjoy themselves, so we decided to take an exciting trip to "adventure world" and "forest river tour". The item on the map is marked with a yellow exclamation mark, which means that the facility may cause shock to children Hee hee... Asked the children, they said they were not afraid.

"Forest river tour" is really sensual. We drifted down the river in a small boat. After going through the tropical jungle and meeting hippopotamus elephants, they will probe to the water surface or simply eject a stream of water; As soon as the boat passed the Bay, we entered the cannibal tribe. There were dead heads hanging on the river fence, and the cannibal tribe would attack us on the shore... There were panic stricken explorers on the shore, huge spiders, ancient and dilapidated buildings, which made people feel mysterious. The most thrilling scene happened at the end: the boat was blocked and diverted into a torrential valley. Flames were burning in the skull shaped mountain on the right side. Suddenly... Fire... Roar... Water... Heat... Fog... I'd better experience it myself.

The project is really exciting. My daughter is determined to play again. However, at this time, the sky has gradually darkened, and the surrounding environment has gradually blurred. We decided to hurry up to the "Taishan tree house" while we could see some things.

At this time, the number of people who took the "raft to Taishan tree house" was much less, and they didn't queue up much. After a while, they came to the tree house on the other side“ The tree of "tree house in Mount Tai" is very tall. We have looked up to it during our journey of forest and river. The treehouse in Mount Tai is built on trees. There are several floors up and down. There are scenes of the story of Tarzan, such as the cradle of Tarzan, gorilla lecture hall, love cabin, etc. It's quite fresh for children to see. It's nothing exciting, just climbing trees. My daughter loves it so much. She took me up the tree for the second time. In front of the window of the room where the gorilla was holding the baby Taishan to watch TV, the daughter watched it quietly for a long time. She didn't know what the little girl was thinking?

When I heard the cry of Mount Tai in the tree house, my daughter asked me where Mount Tai was“ "Mount Tai?" I thought, "maybe it's in town."

After two turns around the tree house, it was already more than 7 o'clock in the evening. We should have been hungry, so we decided to take the train. Exactly, it should be called "Disneyland Railway". The name sounds so big!

Night came and the sky was dark. Sitting on the small train desk and chair facing the park, listening to the slow start of the small train, the lights are dim. At this time, there is no need for the train to wait in line. The two rows of tables and chairs in the car face the park. You can see all the buildings in the park. There are two small train stations, American Street station and fantasy world station. In the middle, you have to get off and transfer to encircle the park for a week. We choose to go back to the origin and continue to play.

The next task is to eat and wait for the famous Disney Fireworks Show.

Two simple meals, mixed sushi and Nicky sushi, cost 173 Hong Kong dollars. In Hong Kong and Disney, they are really more expensive. However, some of the styles in the simple meal fit the theme of Disney very well, and children like it when they see the appearance.

There is still time after the meal, we go to find the aftertaste of childhood --- carousel. However, we didn't have such a luxurious Trojan horse in our childhood. At this time, only 20 minutes in line to sit on the carousel, during the day that is one or two hours of effort.

At 9 p.m., the fireworks show started on time. Before the beginning, many people were wandering in small towns in the United States. There were souvenir shops everywhere. There was no time to stroll when they came in the morning. Now it seems that it is not the best chance to stroll. Casually bought a lighted marshmallow for her daughter, and ate it with a colorful light on her mouth. It's very interesting. I don't know if anyone has done it in China?

Disney's fireworks show at 9 p.m. is really worth seeing. The music matches the fireworks, and the lighting matches the night of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The gorgeous fireworks show can not be described in words, nor can it be perfectly recorded with camera lens.

To watch the fireworks show, you must come to the scene early and occupy a good position. It's better to face the Sleeping Princess Castle, because all the fireworks have the castle as the center. Standing in the skew place will lose the symmetrical beauty. We stand in the position of a big tree shelter, some effect did not see, some regret. However, to see such a beautiful fireworks show is also a worthwhile trip.

The crowd at the end of the fireworks show is very crowded. People who don't walk will be pushed by others. It is estimated that this will happen every time. We decided not to leave the garden first, but to hide in the shops on the street. There are a wide range of goods in the store, most of which are food, clothing, jewelry, gifts, toys and so on. There are all kinds of products that you can't think of and can't do. There are so many derivative products in just one Disney. How powerful!

At ten o'clock sharp, Disneyland is closed. We all walked out of the gate of the park at 10 o'clock, five minutes away. When we got back to the hotel by bus, we still had a lot of fun and talked about what we would like to play in the park tomorrow. It seems that Disney will continue tomorrow( Crazy Disney. (to be continued)


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