Experiencing Enterprise Rent-A-Car During COVID-19 Pandemic

Enterprise Rent-A-Car makes traveling during a pandemic even easier. In late August, I took a trip with my family to Michigan to see extended family.

At no point in the Atlanta or Detroit airports did I feel unsafe, and this carried over to the rental car experience with Enterprise at the Detroit airport.

On the transfer bus from the airport, seats were blocked off to increase social distancing between passengers and facial coverings are required by all customers and staff.

Upon entering the rental car office, there were clear social distancing markers for customers.

Facial coverings were still required, and a plexiglass divider separated staff from customers.

After checking in, customers were asked to wait outside for an agent to assist them in picking out their car.

From here, it seemed like a normal car rental experience with the exception that everyone is still required to wear a face mask.

We were able to choose our SUV and checkout via a handheld tablet that the Enterprise agent operated. She walked us around the vehicle, going over the checkout procedures and ensuring our vehicle was good to go.

The car even had a checklist of the new cleaning measures the company is taking for added peace of mind.

Upon returning, it was obvious that more people are starting to travel again - even if it’s just domestically. But the return process was even easier than the initial renting of the vehicle.

We just pulled into the return line, retrieved our luggage and an agent scanned our vehicle in all within five minutes.

Then we boarded the transfer bus to return to the airport terminal with plenty of time to spare. Once again, masks were required and the agent who checked us out waited until we were out of the car so that we could checkout while still being socially distant.

The whole process was quick, easy and efficient. But more importantly, I felt safe throughout the car rental experience.

A contactless approach to the entire process should ease the minds of anyone considering renting a car during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Blog Author

Xiangdong Lai